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Britney: I Have a Nice Ass, Just Look!

12/4/2006 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Briney Gets Cheeky -- Click to WatchIn case the world hasn't seen enough of Britney Spears' private parts, the pop star went out of her way to show off her junk again -- but this time, it was definitely intentional.

After arriving in a skintight dress (that barely covered her nether region) for her 25th birthday party, Britney and a few pals settled in at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills -- right next to a giant glass window. Before she even sat down, Britney played to the salivating shutterbugs -- shaking her booty, and even bending over to give the crowd one hell of a view.

Britney returned to the window several times during the party, dancing, waving and making every effort to guarantee that the crowd noticed her butt.


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I can't believe that just a few weeks ago I didn't really think anything of her...I even felt a little sorry for her. Now I think she's DISGUSTING. Nobody is as dumb as she's acting. She calls herself REBELLING and flipping society the bird, but what she is doing is showing how desperate, low-class and immature she is.

I just feel bad for her sons who will have to look back at their mom acting like an ASS in public because she doesn't want to grow up.

2825 days ago


Okay Brittney you made your point. Now sit the hell down. I'm tired of seeing you!

2825 days ago


What Exactly is this woman's talent, besides getting herself Media Exposure? No pun intended. Why is Britney famous and is she going to start doing strip tease to remain in the spotlight, and will anyone really care by then?.........What Exactly is her talent? It seems to elude me. She's pretty, but then again so are a lot of women. Don't most of you know someone who can Actually sing, dance, or act-Maybe even Very Good at it. Brit has been Marketed to death, just like Coca Cola. I think it's sad that someone with so little actual talent can make it this far. It must be Very depressing to people who actually are talented and want to break into show business. Wish we'd hear or read more about people who have an actual talent.

2825 days ago


Im beginning to think K-Fed may just deserve custody.

2825 days ago


She went and got pregnant because she was jealous of Kevin's other kids. But she had no idea what it takes to be a mother. It's OK to have a good time and take a break esp. on your birthday but she is going out of her way to grab all the attention by acting like a low class tramp. I know that that interview she did with Matt Laue was fake. She craves attention and the spot light. Further more, some people are suggesting that she was in seclusion while she was pregnant. This is so false. Every magazine you opened she ws in it and when she wasn't pregnant she partied a lot. Bottom line, she is not ready for motherhood. How convenient that after she is blasted for being a poor example of a mother she shows up with her son? Everything she does is well calculated and that's why she of all people should not complain about the media glare.

2824 days ago


i dont know what anyone is talking about. i didnt see any ass. all i saw was her turn around and do a goofy dance. i thought flashing required lifting up your skirt. honestly people are just trying to make something out of nothing. normally i dont like commenting on these things, but some of you people are so pathetic, i had to. get home to your kids you say? if you guys actually spent more time doing something productive and less time searching the internet and thinking of new ways to post negative messages on sh*t like this, maybe you'd almost be as successfull as her!!!

2824 days ago


I can understand that she is a young woman and just newly separated so she wants to go out and have a good time...but she is now a mother of two boys and she has to show some responsibility and least for her boys.

2824 days ago

Mom of Twins    

From looking at all these comments, I don't know what is more disturbing to me...The fact that she completely exposed herself to the public or the fact that most people only seem to care that she exposed a less-than-perfect stomach et al post-TWO C-sections (No she doesn't look perfect but she could look ALOT worse...)...So people, please...enough of the catty coments about what her stuff looks like and please let's all remember the REAL issue here...That thanks to sl-tbuckets like Britney and the time my 20-month-old twins are teens, standards will have sunk so low that by then...I will (seriously!) have to explain to my kids why open-air ----ing out in public is not acceptable...I will have to insist to my daughter that she wear panties to school and that her skirt be longer than a belt (even if no one else is by then). There are plenty of 25-year-olds who drink, party (nothing wrong with that), etc. without making it a porno event. Thank you :)

2824 days ago


Celebrities bitch about how the paparazzi never leave them alone, about having no privacy etc well maybe if these celebrities behaved like 'normal' people ie raised their children, wore underwear, didn't have marriages that lasted 55hrs etc just MAYBE people wouldn't be interested enough in their lives to talk about them or follow them. As for the birthday thing- I dont EVER want to hear britney spears complaining again that she's getting a bad rap as a parent or that photographers won't leave her alone. If she didn't want the attention, she would have sat down, shut the F*** UP, and eaten her bday cake instead of ass- humping the window. WHAT A F***ING IDIOT..and how pathetic

2824 days ago


how do any of you low-lifes know that she isn't a good mother... you pathetic losers... the only pictures the paparazzi take of her is her "partying" and "showing her cooch", or "driving with her baby without the seatbelt on" ... come on are you people so stupid to know that THE MEDIA IS ONLY INTERESTED IN THE BAD SIDE OF CELEBRITIES.. it makes more news... and makes PEOPLE LIKE YOU interested to read about it and buy the f***ing magazine....
shes f***ing 25 with 2 kids... nobody takes pictures of her at home with her kids or takes videos of her alone time with her kids... grow the f*** up losers......... I know moms that are 20-23 that still smokes weed/drinks/parties all the time... ARE THEY BAD MOTHERS? go f*** yourselves....
none of your moms get drunk sometimes? none of ur moms smoke cigarettes? you don't think your mom would love to f***ing party if she could AFFORD A NANNY....
Britney has all the f***ing money in the world to do watever she wants..... nobody wants to be with their kids 24/7 .... have you been around babies or 2 year olds before? They will f***ing make you go crazy lemme tell u.. even if you are their mother... people need a break from their motherhood & home life...
oh and for you people that call her fat & ugly.... shes a f***ing human being for christs's sakes... shes not going to be 120 pounds with rock hard abs the rest of her life.... but she is in great shape after HAVING 2 KIDS YOU RETARDS.... TWO... remmeber... funny how people call her fat and stumpy .... oh wait.. maybe your idea of beauty is paris hilton, nicole richie, and lindsay lohan... the girls that have NO TITS NO ASS & NO FIGURE..........
HAVING MEAT ON YOUR BODY IS NORMAL you silly retards.... oh and maybe post some of your own pictures and let us see how beautiful, in shape, and gorgeous you little low lifes are.. haha

2824 days ago


I agree with whoever said she better not cry about the photographers leaving her alone again because she brought this on herself. Yes it was her birthday and shes grown she has every right to do whatever she wants but more importantly she is a mother whos filed for divorce and custoday of her two children and that and the other parts shes flashed the world is not going to cut it with any judge in thier right mind. Come one Britney you cant tell a judge oops I forgot to wear any panties or forgot to pull my dress down as I was doing a dance for the Cameras in front of a really big GLASS SEE THROUGH WINDOW. You might not think its wrong but when youre sitting in front of a judge fighting for your boys Youll realize what people are saying when he/she says Ms. Spears thats unacceptable and will not be tolerated you lose your children. Keep it up and you will because your acting immature. I am a mother of two girls 10 year old stepdaughter and 18 month old girl and would rip the heart out of anyone or anything if they ever tried to take away my kids and you need to act like a grown woman instead of your new buddy Paris. Im not saying dont have fun and every mother/father does need a break but dont flash your ass and Vagina all over the world. A lot of people in this world use to respect you for the person you were including myself especially when they were coming down on you in the beginning about the driving incident and falling out of high chair and you know the rest. I sat and watched your tearfull little interview about LEAVE ME ALONE. Well its a little to late now. My daughter whos ten loves you and anything about you. Hopefully you will read all this averyones saying about you ang go buy some panties that have a crotch and ass, pull your skirts down, be a lady and stay away from the worst excuse for a role model who hops from one guy to the nest Paris Hilton

2824 days ago


Seriously? Britney is what? 26 years old and recently filed for divorce. It was her birthday and she was having a good time! She's made some bad choices over the past few years, but she is still young, hot and having fun! Just because she has children does not mean that she cannot go out and have fun every once in a while! Also, she has responsible nannies @ home and people that help her. She is lucky that she is trying to fix her mistakes. She is a beautiful young woman and she was and will be a great pop artist!

2824 days ago

angeli grace    

for me, the reason she's doing all these immorality is to put herself in huge headlines and take that popularity back again. well brit, now you got that popularity but in the negative side. i wish you could at least do something that would make all your fans (like me) proud. your actions are antonyms of you're pretty innocent face. so sad. i didn't expect you'd turn out this way.

2823 days ago

Luce Stuhl    

BRITNEY SPEARS IS GOD! LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT, MIDDLE AMERICA! (Are these comments being edited against Britney? Read'em over and think about it...)

2822 days ago


i am really dissapointed in her. she was so respectable. how does she ever expect to find a good guy who will love her and her kids. those kids do need a father figure and k fed is not gonna be much of a father. i know she never really partied b/c she was under her moms control but she is just going wild. there are many people who party without going nuts. its normal she didnt get much of a chance to do it before but this is crazy. she was a sexy icon now she will be just a whore. i hope she settles down and gets this out of her system quick b/c if she doesnt her sons will need a lot of therapy when they grow up.

2822 days ago
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