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Steve-O to Stephen:

Bring It, Little Man!

12/4/2006 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steve-OSteve-O thought he might get his ass smoked by Stephen Dorff at the Playboy Mansion, so he decided to take a smoke break in front of TMZ's cameras to gird himself for the possible onslaught.

No fists flew at Hef's house on Saturday night, as far as we know. But Steve-O says he's still looking over his shoulder for the diminutive Dorff because of a death threat he claims the "Feardotcom" star left on an answering machine last month, presumably related to Steve-O's involvement with Dorff's ex-girlfriend, model May Anderson. The cackle-happy "Jackass" mainstay suggested to our eyes and ears that the other Steve was on the prowl, standing "ten feet away" from him all night long.

On his website,, the erstwhile Mr. Steven Glover posted a recording of the phone message, in which a man who Steve-O claims is Dorff says, "I'm gonna have you, have you all f***in' killed." Steve-O alleges that Dorff has "lost a movie" as a result of his posting.

When contacted by TMZ, Dorff's rep had no comment on the alleged threat or its professional consequences.


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Just get a job with TMZ Steve-o....
Marijuana is so cool, you really know how to party!

Now can TMZ please give me an update on the Wendy's " Where's the Beef " Lady, I need someone just as timely as Steve-o.

2848 days ago


I hope you get your quirky little ass beat by this guy.....your web site says your off drugs, this photo says you please enjoy this phase of your life, because at the rate you have lived it thus far and apparently still are, you aint gonna be around for the next phase....

2848 days ago


This A**HOLE is such a LOSER, eww. What "celebs" get away with make me so sick !, DUI, molestations, public nudity (brit n company), Murder, Public intoxication, and now public drug use !! Errr, It makes me so pissed cause for us 'real" people, we would be thrown in the slammer so quick it would make our heads spin!!!. This sh*t gott STOP !.

2848 days ago

A**hole SHILLS @ TMZ & Loser Steve-O    

I hope this dipsh*t just drops off the face of the planet and DIES, DIES, DIES. Go dive into a dumpster, Steve-O, w/ all your prostitution. I don't think much of your pimp (TMZ), either.

2848 days ago


Steve the police will be after you when they get done with Snop Dog. Trust that!

2848 days ago


I think Darwin should be Steveo's biggest death worry, not Dorff.

2848 days ago


L O S E R.

2848 days ago


This guy makes me sad for the human race. I hope he never reproduces.

2848 days ago

duh...totally !    

yah, way to go TMZ.....

here's an not cover idiots !!!....oh wait, you wouldn't be able to have any good stories of Paris, Lindsay , Steve-O, Brit, K-Fed.....all those wonderful people with such great things to offer society..............

2848 days ago


HAHAHAHA, You rock, Steve-O...I'd be doing it too if I were you... ;-)

2848 days ago


This guy looks OLD.......real old. Smoking face old. No talent and unattractive. YUCK!

2847 days ago


Damn, since when is marijuana bad? ^You haters shouldn't be talking about things you know nothing about.

Yeah, Steve-O is off drugs--the harder, way more hazardous, make-you-go-crazy drugs. Weed doesn't qualify.

Go Steve-O! It's awesome to see public toking of the ganj lately. And Kendra rules, glad she was in the video too.

- Peace -

2847 days ago


I just want to say that Steve-o you are a complete DUMBASS! Have you ever seen yourself on tv? You need to cause even you would want to do something more than stapple your balls to yourself, other than starring in movies like Stephen Dorff!!! He's the real MAN!


2824 days ago

Tisha Delffs    

I think Steveo is the bomb baby!!!!!!!!Who he is,is what makes him great.He does what he wants and he's his own person.Most importantly,he does it and doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks.U could come eat an ice cream sandwhich out of my ass....If u seen me u would 2.Steveo,u r the sh*t.Love&Lust,Tish!

2792 days ago

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