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What Garrison Did

Before Fatal Crash

12/5/2006 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lane GarrisonTMZ has learned that "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison has hired powerhouse defense attorney Harland Braun in connection with last Saturday's fatal car accident.

Lane was at the wheel in his Land Rover on Saturday night when it crossed a median in Beverly Hills and crashed into a tree. A 17-year-old boy sitting in the backseat was killed and two 15-year-olds were injured.

Braun tells TMZ that Garrison had never met the three teenagers before the night of the accident. Braun says Garrison was at a local supermarket earlier in the evening when the trio recognized him in the checkout line and asked him if he wanted to go to a party. Braun says Garrison went to the party and had one drink. Braun says Garrison also had one margarita at a Mexican restaurant that night, but that was the extent of his alcohol consumption. Braun tells TMZ that as Garrison was leaving the party to meet a woman at his apartment, the three teens asked to accompany him. According to sources, the boy was an only child and was extremely well liked by his peers.

Braun says Garrison has no recollection of the accident, which Braun says rendered him unconscious. In fact, Braun claims Garrison's first memory was waking up at the Century City Hospital emergency room with a taxi coupon on his lap that had been given to him by hospital staff so he could get home. Braun says he was not told by hospital personnel that someone had died. He learned of the death later from a friend, Braun says, and was "totally despondent."

Braun says a sample of Garrison's blood was taken at the hospital, but it could take several weeks before the results are in. Braun says he doubts Garrison was intoxicated, but also says, "Who knows if someone put something in his drink at the party."

Braun also says Garrison's Land Rover had been experiencing alignment issues as of late and had been pulling to one side, and added that the SUV had brake problems. Braun says he is forwarding repair receipts to the police.

According to Braun, "Nobody knows what happened, it's a mystery."


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Anger Managment    

Nobody thinks the teenagers were pulled into that car against their will, and you don't think the parents of the boy will imagine and try to replay that moment for the rest of their lives?

I am terrified at the lack of awareness about what teenagers do that their parents don't know about. And they don't only do it on Saturday night. The way home from school is the most dangerous, truly.

Stop judging and stop hating.

Just take comfort in the fact that your own teenagers will never do that stuff! Your teenagers will be managed by you, you will be present at all of their social events, movies, sleepovers, band camp, etc.

Your teenagers will never do drugs or drink or have sex.

You won't even have to monitor them, because you will have done such a stellar job raising them with the morals and good spelling you display in your daily lives, you will be able to just trust that they are out feeding the poor and sewing tea cozies with old ladies. You will be good parents. Sleep well with those thoughts; ignorance makes the softest pillow.

2800 days ago

Anger Managment    

The vitriol in Cindy's post is alarming. I hope she is not the parent of a teenager for a long time (read: get therapy first) to come. There are flaws in logic I cannot begin to address here. I'm guessing she is a teenager herself (I can only hope, because then she has plenty of developing to do and won't necessarily be so horrid at producing an argument).

I could speculate that her bitterness comes from the fact that these kids are from Beverly Hills (Know what a stereotype is? Not everyone in BH has money, is spoiled, etc. and even if someone is, does he or she deserve to DIE? Grow up).

Perhaps she has a mad crush on the actor himself and can't separate reality from television and celebrity magazines. Poor Lane! I’ll write him every day! Who knows?

I could presume she had problems like Lane Garrison, and had to be shipped off to family friends, so they could "minister" to her, so she is sensitive to the problems of teenagers...oh, wait, she isn't sensitive to the problems of "rich" Beverly Hills teenagers...oh, wait, Lane Garrison was a rich teenager, with a powerful father for a lawyer...oh, IS more taxing to look at things from many angles, and it is always easier to find someone to blame (ask my five year old who ate all the cookies).

I can assume a lot of things about Cindy, but they could VERY EASILY be wrong, which is something she may consider next time she tries to develop a smart, incisive commentary. When you throw junk in, you really lose the value of the whole argument. I can make an amazing recipe (to replace the cookies) and use the best ingredients, but if I add even the finest balsamic vinegar, the cookies will be “sh*t” (to use her eloquent descriptor).

Loved ones of the boy who died are allowed to hate this actor because losing someone you love can naturally make you irrational. I hope they will work through to a place without hate, because that is a bad place to live. One may end up like Cindy.

I am allowed to wish the boy who died hadn’t been there, because even if the kids were making bad choices, maybe that didn’t have to be his last night on earth.

I can simultaneously be angry (at the kids themselves) and sad and wish that the kids hadn't made the stupid choice to get in that car, hadn't been clouded by celebrity or anything else, and ALSO be angry and sad that the actor (based on reports, not on speculation) did not successfully manage his own issues, whether the outward manifestation of his problems or whatever the underlying emotional pain was.

We have room to have lots and lots of thoughts and feelings at the same time. It is more messy and can be painful, but the bug on your windshield didn't even have the option, so take advantage of your gifts.

2800 days ago


Oh come on......all this "the truth will come out" sir it won't. If he's got enough money, the truth will stay right where it is : COVERED UP IN BULLSH*T.

Sorry, he was up to no good, there were definitely drugs involved and unless he drives an old ass Rover, it was not that mechanically deficient and I doubt with the cash he pulls in from that TV show he was driving some old ass Rover.

Nope...we won't ever know the truth, but he does.

And come're gonna blame the parents? And I guess you control every waking moment of your children OR if you're a kid saying this then are you controlled by your parents every moment in a day? Doubtful. Don't cast blame on the parents. Anyway, those kids, were/are all quite old enough to know the difference between right and wrong.

2797 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

He was drunk. It will probably came out that he was not. His attorney will see that the records are sealed and the proper people are taken care of. This delinquent will be out on the streets and propably driving again. Money clears everything in Hollywood and the USA.

2796 days ago

j.p. schilling    

I must agree with just about everything that JS and what most of the others are espousing on this entire tragedy. The one glaring observation that is really the tell-tale-sign:

This clown, Garrison, never even tries to take any attribution (blame) for any of the crimes he committed. "All I that I woke up in the hospital..." is just a little to conveinent for me. I have always had problems with folks who, ahhhh, just for justice sake have problems remembering crossing over a raised median in the middle of the street; or, losing control of a vehicle and why.

My only contention is this: Unlike JS, I do believe that the parents of the teens involved are one way or another should shoulder some of the blame, albeit, quite latently. You see, in the end, parents are responsible for EVERYTHING their kids do--good and bad--by the mere way they raise their children. Any deviation from this in nothing more than enabling or empowering their children to do what they want and when they want too.

No 15 to 17 year old male or female belongs running with a wannabe celeb. PERIOD. It's what we don't know about the celeb wannabes that kills us.

Sir Paulo

2796 days ago


it's terrible what lane did. the report wasn't even on fox news channel! as for the the parents of the dead boy, they should've sent a police officer to their church, and barred lane from the boy's funeral! after what they found out "who killed their son" they should,ve kept him out, whether he is a celebrity or not! and how was wentworth miller taking this?

2794 days ago

Mad Balls    

he will get off . This punk bastard needs never to work in hollywood again . Sad thing is that he'll be working again before " Kramer " . How many people were killed by Richards Rant ? Just another day in the freakish logic of Hollyweird . Dickheads .

2794 days ago

robin g    

#s 12 & 14, Ken Lamb & Jay Z, respectively, seem to have the most sane grasp of the situation re: initial responsibility stems from upbringing for celebs always getting away with murder, wasn't that also the case with sarah jessica parker's little weasel husband? i don't think HE saw one single day of jail time!

2790 days ago

robin g    

David #63: look up "petifile" in dictionary, dork
Angela #67: "appaulled"???
Is English the native language of either of you?

2790 days ago

robin g    

I'm in total agreement with Foofie, #231, as well as the ever-thoughtful & eloquent Sir Paulo, #227. Unless you're mentally impaired, you'll see that they see the WHOLE situation in a very UNBIASED way, unlike everyone who believes that the effete actor is solely to blame. Don't the little tramps have morals or common sense, either?

2790 days ago

frank p.    

what a shame that this perverted scumbag celebrity will NOT be held accountable for his moronic, illegal behavior. we all know he will have his high profile, high paid attorney fabricate an outrageous lie to keep yet another irresponsible, mental midget, celebrity out of prison. when are the little people of this country going to stand up and demand an end to the double standards of law enforcement in this country. the message is clear... if you are a celebrity or a wealthy person YOU CAN COMMIT ANY CRIME WITHOUT BEING HELD RESPONSIBLE. wake up people.!!

2790 days ago
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