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What Garrison Did

Before Fatal Crash

12/5/2006 2:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lane GarrisonTMZ has learned that "Prison Break" star Lane Garrison has hired powerhouse defense attorney Harland Braun in connection with last Saturday's fatal car accident.

Lane was at the wheel in his Land Rover on Saturday night when it crossed a median in Beverly Hills and crashed into a tree. A 17-year-old boy sitting in the backseat was killed and two 15-year-olds were injured.

Braun tells TMZ that Garrison had never met the three teenagers before the night of the accident. Braun says Garrison was at a local supermarket earlier in the evening when the trio recognized him in the checkout line and asked him if he wanted to go to a party. Braun says Garrison went to the party and had one drink. Braun says Garrison also had one margarita at a Mexican restaurant that night, but that was the extent of his alcohol consumption. Braun tells TMZ that as Garrison was leaving the party to meet a woman at his apartment, the three teens asked to accompany him. According to sources, the boy was an only child and was extremely well liked by his peers.

Braun says Garrison has no recollection of the accident, which Braun says rendered him unconscious. In fact, Braun claims Garrison's first memory was waking up at the Century City Hospital emergency room with a taxi coupon on his lap that had been given to him by hospital staff so he could get home. Braun says he was not told by hospital personnel that someone had died. He learned of the death later from a friend, Braun says, and was "totally despondent."

Braun says a sample of Garrison's blood was taken at the hospital, but it could take several weeks before the results are in. Braun says he doubts Garrison was intoxicated, but also says, "Who knows if someone put something in his drink at the party."

Braun also says Garrison's Land Rover had been experiencing alignment issues as of late and had been pulling to one side, and added that the SUV had brake problems. Braun says he is forwarding repair receipts to the police.

According to Braun, "Nobody knows what happened, it's a mystery."


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Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

haha a person using tv mobster name is actually calling me a moron LOL!

you don't have to believe in karma, karma believes in you.

2886 days ago


oh, he will get out, wake up, he is on a hit show....celebrity, and thats why these kids got into a car with him drunk, because he is a celebrity,,,,and thats all that matters in this town, its sad, but its the fact.... its clouds over everything, now if his show was tanking he would go to jail, but as long as its being watched, he will be fine............its all about the dollars...the parents will grieve till millions are waved in front of their faces and then they will rationalize taking big bucks for their sons death , spend a few thousand on a memorial and then go on..........happens everyday

2886 days ago


I wonder how he's gonna be able to explain why a 26 yr old would follow a couple of under age kids to a party?!

2886 days ago


Come on! What a crock of shit! What 26 year old guy would go to a party with 3 kids he meets in a grocery store??? Let alone someone high profile like him...... unless the guy is some kind of child perv or something. Of course 3 kids seeing someone famous would ask him to a party, they would be the most popular kids at school come Monday! But for him to actually go???? That's just plain weird!

And as for the memory loss, car troubles and going home to a woman??? Nice try but I'm not buying and I don't think a jury will either. I hope those families nail him to the cross. He's got no hope in hell of a cover up when the two girls start talking. And since when do guys get the "date rape" drug dropped in their drinks??

2886 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

What bothers me besides the facts "LIES" that Garrison's lawyer was giving the public, is that the hospital didn't notify the police, and actually had a taxi ready for his intoxicated A double S to get home... WTF... A person died and twomother minors were injured, one critically... There is no excuse or reason that a grown man close to the age of thirty was driving around with teenagers that he didn't know. And yes it's hard to believe that he had a hot DATE waiting at home for him, yet the "TEENS" wanted to go home with him, so he thought that was a good idea so he was going to bring them along... UNBELIEVABLE!

I don't blame the parents of the teens, we all know how it is to say we are going to a party, the parents have to give you some trust, it is up to us/or teens to make the right decisions and not to consume alcohol...

2886 days ago


Here we go again with the hokey pokey Hollywood Justice. Mel Gibson gets arrested for drunk driving, the arresting officer is now being investigated. Starvos Nicarchos crashes his car after leaving "Element" all caught on tape, he gets driven home by a friend. How many chances did Robert Downey Jr. get that no one else would've gotten? Oh, and who can forget Paris Hilton's DUI? Whatever happened to her punishment for that?! We need a Federal Prosecutor to come here to LA and investigate why some laws apply to "some people" and other laws to celebrities. I'm sick and tired of it and watching it.

2886 days ago

Jo Blo    

but i still think it was the kid's fault. i'm going to read my bible, brb.

2886 days ago

duh...totally !    

it was a JOKE !!! dipsh*t !

Gloria Allred reps about anyone out those 2 black "dudes" not dykes

2886 days ago

Jo Blo    

Yes, I called you a moron. And now I will call you a bible-banging bitch.


2886 days ago


I think it's really sad how vile and hateful people are being. This is a tragedy, for the kids in the car, their families, and even Lane. Yes he made a bad choice. But how many of us have gotten behind the wheel after having a couple of drinks?

Everyone who knows Lane knows a few things:

1) He would NEVER drive drunk (esp with other people in the car). There is no doubt in my mind that the blood tests will reveal that he was NOT intoxicated.

2) He is an extremely generous and kind individual. Lane has a history of reaching out to fans--returning personal emails, sending autographed photos, etc. Lane dates Calvin Klein models. He was NOT trying to pick up these 15 year old girls. They recognized him and he thought he'd make their day (and maybe pump up his ego a little bit) by chilling with them for a minute.

3) Contrary to popular belief, Lane is not rich. Yes he is an actor. Yes he had a running gig on a popular tv show. But, if you do the math, this barely pulls him above water (esp after struggling at the game for almost five years). Lane comes from humble beginnings and worked his ASS OFF to get where he is. Even WITHOUT lawsuits, this incident is going to absolutely level him financially.

I am confident that, once the evidence is sorted out, Lane will be vindicated of any wrong-doing. He is obviously going to be scarred by this incident for life. And the families may NEVER heal. In the meantime, everyone needs to back off and stop hating. Let the courts sort out the evidence. And, most importantly, let these people grieve in peace.

2886 days ago

Jo Blo    

So Dan, does Lane have a girlfriend?

2886 days ago

Jo Blo    

Lane isn't on Prison Break anymore, idiot.

2886 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Poster #74 "William", you are utterly reprehensible, racist, heartless, and ignorant. This tragic accident has taken a life, all life is precious. To state that this young man deserved to die, and in the manner he did, because of his immigration status and ethnicity is atrocious to say the least. I do not understand why you are posting on this message board to spout your HATE.

If the person you are calling "colored" is of an ethnicity or race other than your own, "SO FREAKING WHAT"? You give the human race a bad name, and I wouldn't even wish this on you or your family. You are a disgusting person who obviously has no self love, though you would rant and rave about how much pride you have, it's all a bunch of BS!

2886 days ago

Jo Blo    

Honestly, I would probably hump him too. He's HOT.

2886 days ago


Post #57: Cindy, please get your facts RIGHT! READ READ READ!
The idea that kids came up to him is the lawyer's story, not the fact. So go back a few pages and keep reading. Come back and comment when you're done.

2886 days ago
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