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Did Uranus Kill Vaughniston?

12/6/2006 9:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vaughniston are Ovah!With news that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are nothing more than friends, the world is picking up the pieces and trying to figure out just went wrong.

According to AOL Horoscopes, Jen's "Saturn is moving through her 10th House of Career" and may have led her drive to become an A-list film actress override a "desire to build security through deep intimacy." Once you've done Brad Pitt, does it matter? To hell with Brad and Vince, this gal wants Oscar!

Likewise, Vince's stars indicate he "needs to move toward expressing his imagination through film, and Uranus is stimulating his desire to grow in this direction." Stimulating Uranus creates a desire to grow? We did not know that.

For Jen and Vince, being stars appears to be more important than love, and their inevitable "Break-Up" was the only thing in the stars.


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You are right oonsie16. The girl who lives next door to me is gorgeous. Jennifer is a plain jane, who looks like a man. I was married for 8yrs, and I am totally over him. Jennifer doesn't care about Brad, she is just mad. She lost the sexiest man alive to a beautiful woman. Pitt and Aniston's marriage was long over before Jolie. I am happy for Brad and Angelina. Jennifer brought this all on herself. All the lies she told Brad about having a family.

2842 days ago


Sick of brangelinas idiots. Your post is the worst on the thread. If you are sick of them..................then shut up, and dont read. It is people like you who start havoc on these threads.
I hate to tell you, but yes Vince did dump Jen. He has been dating other women the entire time. Vince just did Jen a favor. Now he is sick of her, just like the rest of us. Havent you heard, Vince has a new girlfriend now. She looks like a lady not a man, like JA.

2842 days ago


I'm SO glad Vince dumped JA!!! She's ugly anyway! Brad and Angelina ROCK!! JA is selfish and never wanted to be a real wife & mother---did she seriously think that being on Friends could make her into a Hollywood actress???? At best, she's a mediocre sitcom actress who will NEVER be nominated for anything on the big screen!!! Great for Brad that he found himself a real woman who truly is capable of being a great mom & actress. Don't cry for JA --- she brought this all on herself!!!

2841 days ago


Why all the cruelty?
Jen is beautiful, and far from looking like a man. What is wrong with you people? But it's beyond the superficial aspect of who is more gorgeous than the other. Lets look into the true character of an individual. Infidelity is wrong, period. Cheating on your spouse is not acceptable, and shouldn't be acceptable. If problems are there and cannot be worked out, then divorce and figure yourself out alone.

I don't celebrate Brad and Jolie for obvious reasons. Brad is an ultimate coward as a man, and Jolie doesn't believe in the "sisterhood."

Jennifer has many girlfriends that truly love and support her. They trust in her. She would be a true friend. She has shown much more decency and class than many actresses out there. And last time I checked, Vince wasn't a married man when they hooked up!

Jen, if you're reading this...I wish we were friends, you'd be the type to cover a sister's back. Good for you!!!

2838 days ago


I think Jen has handled herself graciously and with a ton of class since her split with Brad and now this with Vince Vaughn. She and her family should be very proud :)

2833 days ago


jen and brad are the best but he lost a good thing went to ugly angie that has diffrent colored kids like shes the best mother wake up brade smell the air

2827 days ago


lucy? are you blind? angie looks 100% better than Jen. yes, brad got sick of her selfish ways, and dumped her. get over it, its been over 2yrs now. vince was smart to run, and brad was lucky to find angie.

2820 days ago


It is pretty easy for people sitting on the sidelines to comment on others lives. Truth is no one, other than Brad & Jen know what went wrong and when. However, the time line would suggest that Brad & Angie lied about their involvement with one another, and even if they didn't do the dirty until after Brad & Jen publicly split, their involvement was definitely a factor. And so what if Angie is better looking, and a better actress, those are not qualities that make her someone worth knowing. And talk about publisity stunts, adopting needy children certainly hasn't hurt her tarnished , reputation. Just because she has a pretty face, she can do as she pleases and having any morales or descretion or integrity are immaterial.........I think not. My vote goes to Jen, who has not come between anyone's marriage and then flaunt it.

2820 days ago



Of course sitcom stars go on to better things! Look at Tom Hanks. And Demi Moore worked on a soap (GH). Tim Allen is in movies, but I don't know why. : )
Geez, George Clooney. Will Smith, Fresh Prince.

If Jen gets more roles like The Good Girl, she'll do fine. Her other recent roles simply weren't very good. She's still a good comedienne and can bring feeling to sad scenes. (Rent the Good Girl.)


2814 days ago


They made a cute couple. I've heard both, Jen broke up with Vince & Vince broke up with Jen. It really doesn't matter because it didn't work out so give it a rest.
Jen, ugly? Alot of us would like to be that ugly.

2808 days ago
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