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K-Fed & The Dumbest Press Release Ever

12/6/2006 12:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In one of the the most ridiculous displays of shameless self-promotion ever, a spokesman for a lawyer repesenting Kevin Federline issued a press release yesterday to promote a dinner "event" featuring Federleezy stuffing his face. Wait -- K-Fed's lawyer has a publicist?!

Several media outlets were invited to cover the "event," to ask Federleezy hard-hitting questions like, "Where do you see yourself in a year?" Kevin smiled and responded, "Making movies!" This is one case where we actually encourage K-Fed to follow his rap dreams instead.

The power-packed press release also said that Federline has forgone his "signature gold chains that he wore around his neck" in place of "a fabulous well-stated sport jacket with open collar shirt." Stop the presses!!!

Buried below the "important" stuff, the release also mentioned that Kevin would like full legal and physical custody of his sons. Who's going to watch 'em when he's out scoring his Oscar?!

The publicist represents Mark Vincent Kaplan, Federline's divorce lawyer. No word on whether he'll also rep Sean Preston in the custody battle.The Press Release -- Click to Launch


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Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Now KFED is trying to milk the Britney partying cow for all she's worth. WHile she's getting all the negative press he throws on a sports coat and takes off the "wife beater" and Men Capri's and that's supposed to make us all become fans... Gimme a break. Kevin needs to just focus on trying to have a career of his own, maybe he can earn some respect that way, especially if he becomes GREAT at acting and or musically. The key for Kevin is to keep Britney's name out of his mouth for about an entire year, this will show that he isn't trying to ride her gravy train to success...

2880 days ago


You know that any would who would get asked out by a rich famous star would say yes and marry them. So what makes him different?? If he were a female who is a nobody marrying a rich famous guy, it would probably be different. DOUBLE STANDARD>

2880 days ago


I find it funny that he thinks were all a bunch of idiots! He really believes that if he puts on a suit and acts like a good guy that everyone will forget that he's a deadbeat dad and a looser! I mean Britt is not helping any by running around town like she does not have any kids but that does not mean Kevin has turned into a hard worker and a good father!

2880 days ago

blah blah blah    

He's not fooling anyone!
He can front this 90% fake turn all he wants. But the fact of the matter remains, that his is still a K-F*k up. He always seems to trip himself along the way where ever he goes. The clock is ticking out time time before he makes another ass of himself as he always has done in the past while milking the bread maker. He is nothing but an opportunist.
Not that I am a Spears fan by any means!!!!!

2880 days ago


Holy Baloney! He really thinks he's going to have an acting career?
His best move in my opinion, would be to quietly go away

2880 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    


2880 days ago


I don't like him, but at least if we have to look at him he can dress properly. That's a step up.

2880 days ago


his publicist is the cable guy, which would explain alot.

2880 days ago


Okay if he wants the kids give them to him..but also don't give him any money and make him support those kids all on his own. You will see how fast he gives them back...because he won't be able to have the lifestyle he wants. Kids are alot of hard work. He'd have them a week, tops!

2880 days ago

We, are not amused.    

"Mr. Federline...I have a question for you...Mr. Federline?? Over here, sir...Mr. Federline, Kevin...dude, what was it like to tap that sweet ol' booty, do you think you'll EVER get so lucky again??"

2880 days ago


Tee hee that guy is so delusional when it comes to his ''career''.

2880 days ago


why is the "tmz" logo covering the press release leaving me un able to view??

2880 days ago


I can't figure out if he is dumb enough to actually believe he has a future in entertainment, be it rap or movies.

I still think that Shar has her hand in this somewhere. She IS smart enough to finagle things to their best advantage. And, he has to have a plan for who would take care of the kids once he got full custody. She hates Brit enough to take the kids away from her. And, once he is divorced from Brit, Shar will either marry him, or get some kind of contract insurance that she will manage their future, including the money. I really think she is able to see a future with him that will optimize what little he has to offer, and optimize the income.

But, Kevin alone?!! Never would he be able to succeed in entertainment, even with his lawyers help. Never! He alone, is a joke! Even with Shar, she has a huge job on her hands. Because, he will always do something to ruin what hard work she puts into him and f...k things up!

Kevin's cajones are so big only because that is where all of his brains are kept!

2880 days ago


GAG! I can't wait for this loser to disappear. He doesn't want those kids... He wants the money. We all know it. Scumbag!!! Honestly, those children would be better off if they were given up for adoption than leaving them with their parents. He's just a greedy scrub and she can barely take care of herself.

2880 days ago


This guy is a total IDIOT and LOSER!!! "oh, and by the way, even though you haven't EVER seen me with Sean or Jayden or Kori OR Kaleb, I want full legal and physical custody of my kids!!!"
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha What a stupid JERK!!! Please stop giving this idiot press!! He can't act, can't sing and isn't a dad....Why do people care about this JOKE??? KEVIN,,,,,, GO AWAY!!!

2880 days ago
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