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Lance: Breakup Rumors Out of Sync

12/6/2006 7:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reichen & LanceJen & Vince may have split for good, but things are looking up for Lance & Reichen.

Just a day after Bass' rep told TMZ that the couple had broken up, Lance took to his MySpace page to set the record, er, straight; "Reichen and I have gone through a few rough days ... I have no doubt things will work out. We are very mature and deal with things the right way."

Responding to rumors that the couple has an "open relationship," Bass writes, "What the hell does that mean anyway? I mean I think I know what that means ... and if it is .. then the answer is def NO!"

Tearin' up my heart!


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Kevin Keckeisen    

lol Just stay away from Lane Garrison's MySpace, R. ;-)

2844 days ago


Please be careful Lance. If the manwhore dumped his partner after winning The Amazing Race and taking his half of the winnings, imagine what he'll do to you.

2844 days ago


Has anyone else noticed that both of these people are guys?

2844 days ago


Lance knows exactly what an open relationship is....and for any of you who were in Provincetown over 4th of July weekend you know what I mean. These two are NOTORIOUS for threesomes! Lance, we all thought you realized you were being used.....seriously dude, you just look foolish now. WAKE UP!

2844 days ago


Stupid private profiles!! Why bother having a profile on myspace if others can't see it? So retarded!!!

2844 days ago


Great. Now we're reporting on fag break ups??

2844 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Dare I say it...the Homosexual lifestyle is based on free-wheeling sexual exploration. Those guy fellars do "it" like bunny rabbits. Don't belive it? How do you think the AIDS virus spread so far and so fast? I know, I comes the backlash. Sorry fellars but its true, you like to have sex with as many different men as you can fit onto your dance cards.

2844 days ago

We, are not amused.    

...not that there's anything wrong with it!

2844 days ago


@ #4 ... I'm homophobic. I have a dear friend who is gay. He fits the description you described to a "T". He lives with a guy and is looking ... cheating ....

But I work with a guy who has had the same partner for 25 years and they love each other. Now ... I find it all grose. But ... I believe you're wrong in your assumption.

That's like saying all men are skirt chasers. While 99.9% of them surely are, that small percentage is faithful! LOL

2844 days ago


"I could be wrong"

Honey, you're an a**hole.

2844 days ago


I agree that the gay man likes to bag as many dudes as possible but isn't the heterosexual man "lifestyle" based on bagging as much cooch as possible?

2844 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Why Lola why??
If he's an "a**hole", then you are an ignorant c**t.

2844 days ago

John C jackson    

#4, as a straight man, I can also say most STRAIGHT men ( and women these days) try to sleep with as many people as possible, too. Just as with gays, not everyone is promiscuous, but many are.

2844 days ago


I agree with the comment about now we're reporting on fags? Who gives a shit about Lance and his butt hole friends...let them go suck their d---- in private and I hope they choke on a big one. Next they'll be reporting the two butt boys want to have a baby together. Di-- suckers are repulsive...and like the other guy comes the backlash. You know what...who cares...say what you want then go corn hole your buddy...that is what really makes you feel better. The guy was was Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve.

2844 days ago

Mike V.    

Who cares about these two peter puffers. TMZ shouldn't waste time writing about these two pillow biters.

2843 days ago
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