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Comic: I'm Guessing Andy Was on Drugs

12/7/2006 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Comedian Ian Bagg, the comic whose set was interrupted when Andy Dick jumped the Improv stage and called the audience "a bunch of 'n-words'," has started baggin' on Andy, saying that Dick may not have been sober that night. What a surprise.
Andy Dick audio

Recreating the scene for the "Tommy & Rumble Morning Show" on WNOR FM99 in Norfolk this morning, Bagg said, "Andy is an idiot, he was obviously out of his mind, I'm guessing he was on some sort of drug -- there was a meth lab dragging behind him when he ran up on stage."

Despite reports, Bagg claims his act wasn't ruined by Andy's interruption. "That didn't happen. I did great. I did another 15 minutes of comedy." We believe him. He actually sounds pretty funny.


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nikki reed    

....The audio is has been slowed down a bit. Sounds sluggish. thanks

2876 days ago

Colonel Angus    

Well, after all, Mr. Dick is best known for hisinfamous line, "Ladies grab your vegitables."

2876 days ago


Um, "drugs", no? Unless the DRUG is a pathetic need to capitalize on a horrible incident by repeating. Loser Dick.

2876 days ago


More Drunk Andy Dick video, he sings Happy B-day to a young punk rocker

2876 days ago

The Quackpit    

The reports that Andy is not on drugs!!...

ITS JUST ANDY and he's a DICK! ANDY DICK!!! Hello!!

The says this "racial" name thingy is getting similar to the Janet Jackson nipple slip???

2876 days ago


Um Andy Dickhead you got your share of publicity now please fade back into the woodwork where you belong. Thank you.

2876 days ago

Is Andy Dick ever funny? Whenever I see him he is just being an a**hole. And not a funny a**hole.

2876 days ago


Andy Dick RULES!!!! The whole Michael Richards thing was so blown out of proportion. It's about time someone made fun of it. We've gotten so friggin' politically correct in this country it makes me sick. EVERYONE...GET A FRIGGIN' SENSE OF HUMOR.

2876 days ago


I can't even remember what it was that got Andy Dick famous in the first place. Seems like every entry on him is about some stupid stunt like this. Can we PLEASE kill this degenerate chunk of bilge now?

2876 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Wanting to jump on the n-word publicity bandwagon, Mr. Dick knew it was over and was flattened when only 7 comments appeared on TMZ...

2876 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

...and that's when he realized he'd have to flash his private bits after all to get noticed again...

2876 days ago


Ian Bagg sounds funny? He is definitly the funniest comedian I have ever he's HOT!

2876 days ago

Bob Johnson    

N*gga Please!!! Y'all are crazy. First of all, Andy Dick is not capitalizing and trying to ride on Kramer's coat-tails...he's been using the word "n*gger" long before all this...check the broadcast where Andy appeared on Howard Stern's Sirius show, and Andy expressed his intent to restore the word "n*gger" to prominence, wanting to make it equal to the term "cracker."

2876 days ago


It's really pathetic that people are resorting to these very low tactics for a little publicity...

2876 days ago

Gail Goodwin    

Someone shoot Andy Dick and put him out of OUR misery!

2876 days ago
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