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Gore Keeps Distance

From Lohan

12/7/2006 3:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

lindsay_gore_getty_240-1Former Veep Al Gore seems to take issue with reports that he'll help Lindsay Lohan fight the media and clean up her image. The New York Post reported Lohan's proclamation, "Al Gore will help me. He came up to me last night and said he would be very happy to have a conversation with me."

According to Page Six, Lohan sent an e-mail to her friends and lawyers after a GQ magazine party, claiming Gore would come to her aid. TMZ contacted Gore's P.R. rep today who said, "I can confirm for you that Mr. Gore has only met Ms. Lohan once, very briefly, at the GQ Men of the Year dinner last week. There were hundreds of other guests." Not exactly what La Lohan told her buds. Slate printed what they say is a copy of the email.

Lohan, who has taken a beating in the press for her hard-partying ways, reportedly said in her e-mail, "Hilary (sic) Clinton, Bill Clinton....would be willing, if we just ask. If we just ASK." Well, TMZ asked the Ex Prez and the woman who wants to be the next Prez if they would offer Lindsay help, but their reps were mum on the subject of Lindsay.

Barack ObamaSo we then took it to Senator Barack Obama. We wondered if the senator, who may go head-to-head with Hillary in a White House run in 2008, had any advice as to whether Hillary should help Lindsay. The response: "I don't think we have any comment on that." When pressed, Obama's flack said "We're going to take a pass." Barack, we thought you weren't afraid to confront the tough issues!


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She's nuuuuts.

2840 days ago

Colonel Angus    

Al Gore is cleaning the environment, starting with Linsday Lohan?

2840 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is a rat, and a disgrace to educated and well-mannered people everywhere. This little piece of trash is out partying underage, trying to be political and philosophical (hence her trying to nose her way into an important piece, "Bobby", and trying to link herself with influential politicians like th Clintons' and Gore). She contributes nothing but low-class, flop movies to society, and she gets fame for this? Why was it that Justin Timberlake was ridiculed for reminding the world of the war in Iraq (when asked his thoughts on Britney Spears' break-up), and yet this little mutant contributes nothing of value, and she is on every headline? Frankly, I am sick of her ugly spray tan, freckle-face, uneducated self. Let's get a real role model to concentrate on, and leave this rat in the gutter where she belongs.

2840 days ago


Come to bed? yum yum

2840 days ago


as if these people of importance want anything to do with that skank ho. they have better things to do like say, figure out who is going to defeat the republicans during the next election?!?

2840 days ago


Oh Please! The fact that senator Obama refused to acknowledge crazy Lohan only makes me respect the man that much more.

2840 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

Barack Obama smokes CIGARETTES!!! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, Obama, bad!

FireCrotch (Lohan) needs to keep her panties on.

2840 days ago


Lohan's acting talent isn't worth us all having to tolerate her NONSENSE. She is a moronic little girl who needs grow the hell up. I'm going to ask the next Prez to have her deported.

2840 days ago


She has gone off the deep end.

What kind of help is she asking for ?

2840 days ago


Good one, Colonel Angus. Al Gore should be so witty with his platform. Although I doubt that's what he was thinking. He and CLinton probably had other plans until Hilary found out!

2840 days ago


How wonderful that these public figures choose NOT to acknowledge or help this young woman who is obviously in serious need. They are really interested in the state of our young people today, aren't they? Maybe if she gave to the campaign or stumped for them? Pitiful!

2840 days ago


Sounds like the end of a cocaine filled night to me. Guess she got bored and decided to send out an email...

2840 days ago


Like ANYONE in politics wants this cokehead anywhere near them. Anyone think the Republicans put her up to it? LOL

2840 days ago

C T    

Wasn't she hammered at this party?? That's probably what she actually thinks he said to her!!

2840 days ago


I never post, but I feel like I want to throw in my two cents.
I can't tell if I am disgusted or sad that Lindsay thinks people care about her and her quality of life that much. I mean, sometimes I think these celebrities are somewhat grounded, but wow. Alcohol apparently isn't her only issue here, we have some delusion as well. I am sure Al Gore cares more about the world and the people in it that making sure Lindsay Lohan can go get drunk at a posh nightclub while underage dressed in a designer outfit and drive away drunk in an expensive car without getting her picture taken. Poor baby. I know she has had a rough time with a bad dad and a stupid mom, but I can't feel sorry for her because SO MANY have it worse and are more compassionate than her.
Lindsay: People look at paparazzi pictures and gossip articles because you have been very blessed with money and fame. It is intreguing to people. You get the amazing deal of getting paid for what you love to do and all we ever see is shopping, eating at fancy restaurants, and going to fancy parties in fancy dresses with fancy people.
The majority of us work to live, not live to work, and usually, people do not get paid what they deserve. Face it, you get paid MORE than you deserve.
It is really hard to see someone take all of what you have been blessed with for granted. The success, the fame, the money: it all has a price. That price is public opinion and paparazzi.
Trust me, there will be a day when the paparazzi stop earning money for your photo. It is the way it goes. Either get grounded and see it all for what it is, or get out. You can do community theater somewhere in middle America and there will be no more paparazzi and you can still act. Or you can go to a cubicle with the rest of the world with a punch card (which I honeslty don't think you could even handle) and don't think for a second that there is not someone else reading the interenet blog at work who can't do your job just as good as you b/c there is. You got lucky.
If you don't want them to take your picuture coming out of a nightclub on a Tuesday, don't go. Save it for the weekends like the rest of us. And wait until you are of legal age to go to the clubs like the rest of us. Geez, you wonder why people don't like you, you take all of this for granted, crap on it, and then expect people to feel sorry for you.
Be grateful and get over yourself, and you may finally be happy.
And honestly, do these rich A******s need money for a freaking TAXI?? Oh, I am sorry, you just don't care about the public enough to spare them their lives so you can all go get drunk and drive off in your hot cars. Let's all go see a movie and buy a CD so we can get killed by their arrogant inconsiderate lifestyle.

2840 days ago
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