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Jessica's Mom Steamed Over '9 to 5' Flub

12/7/2006 7:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica and Tina SimpsonJessica Simpson's mother gave Jess a verbal smack-down after her "embarrassing" rendition of "9 to 5" in front of Dolly Parton and President Bush at the Kennedy Center Honors last weekend, telling her that she should get out of the business if she doesn't want to put in the work.

Sources tell TMZ that Tina Simpson was furious with Jess after she flubbed lyrics, stood statue-still on stage while trying to hold her dress up, and then awkwardly hurried off with a few mumbled words to Parton. Tina told her daughter that the performance was "embarrassing" and "unprofessional," and mom was further incensed because Jessica had missed a dress rehearsal and hadn't adequately learned lyrics to the song -- which necessitated cue cards at the front of the stage. Jessica can be clearly seen reading from the cards during her performance.

Curiously, Jessica's dad, Joe, wasn't undone by the snafu, according to Planet Gossip's Marc Malkin. Joe didn't feel there was any need to reshoot the performance, calling it "cute," but show producers, reports Malkin, begged Joe to have Jess do it again, without anyone in the audience. "We almost cut her out of the [CBS] show," says a source.

Jessica's rep has blamed the mishap on nerves, and tells TMZ, "There is no problem with Tina [and Jessica] whatsoever."Train Wreck gallery: Click to launch


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Tazz Devil    

As with the rest of her family, Jessica Simpson is a NO TALENT! How could you screw up a tribute to someone when they are sitting in the audience? Didn't she rehearse? What a washed up, has been, piece of work. She can't sing; act; or keep a marriage together and her father, well, that's another story in and of itself.

2884 days ago


she's having a mental breakdown, Her 15 minutes was over after Dukes of Hazzard flopped

2884 days ago


Jessica is NOT a singer. Period. I saw a show her and Nick did, like a Christmas special with singing and NO, the girl has NO voice, she looks like she's having a damn seizure, her neck looks like it's about to fall off, the only thing opne is her mouth (as usual). Joe has used the girl and convinced her she can be a star by coming across as a "dumb blonde", he was right, it worked for all you idiots that bought into that. Joe CREATED Jessica and Ashley, put them on MTV and you dumb asses that fell for it - YOUV'E BEEN HAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!

Tina rode the coattails too. I can't stand that family. The only one with an ounce of talent - NICK LACHEY.

KARMA is kicking the sh*t out of that family for the way they did him.

2883 days ago


Geez, 12 year old Bianca Ryan or Carrie Underwood, could have done better. Has anyone noticed that on YOUTUBE.COM that all of the comments have mysteriously been deleted? Except for a few good supporting comments on Jessica. I noticed it on several of the different videos, showing her messing up. Jessica is a pretty girl...she should go into modeling. I personally don't think she is that great of a singer to make it big in the music industry (wouldn't say she is the worst either). But if your going to be a professional and pay tribute to someone...learn the words to the song!! Dolly deserved more.

2883 days ago


This is no big deal, because she never had any talent anyway!!...she's just another dumb blonde!

2883 days ago


Goes to show who was professional and who was a damn overrated circus act who makes an alley cat's screech sound like Mozart. That's what they get for hiring a hack.

2883 days ago


Come on, she made a mistake. Aren't we all human? This is over the top... All you negative posters must be perfect. Wow!

2883 days ago

duh...totally !    

say no to drugs girls.....

2883 days ago



Listen to your Mom, she knows what she is talking about and be glad to have a close friendship with her; your Mom is telling you the truth!!!!!!!
As far as your Dad goes, it was not "CUTE".
Stop letting your Daddy pimp you out for the money!!!!
He is not going to tell you the truth like your Mom, because he is afraid you will do what a lot of entertainers have done, "FIRE HIM".
Next we'll be seeing you in court in a few years suing because your Daddy mishandled your money. I know it's going to be hard on you. However, it could be the best move you will ever make. He has taken you as far as he can,
now it seems as if he is only looking out for himself (that's called a pimp).
Because you are so young and naive. You are going to have to cut the strings sometime & do your own thing. it's just maturity that's all.
You should have done it a while back.
There is an old saying it's crude but true, so here it goes:
You don't sh*t where you eat!!!!!!!
Just give it some thought.
I know when you get up there to sing you are nervous, that's pretty typical.
Except for the fact that the nerves should not also be from your family.
You have had a hard couple of years. You have talent;use it.
Just think about it OK???
Talk to your Dr. about ant-anxiety medication just to get you through the rough parts don't get hooked on it, and don't take too much; because then we will all be saying "What is she on?" The right dosage will not do that to you.
Like I said, only use it for a back-up and for heaven's sake don't take it all the time!!! & DO NOT TAKE IT WITH ALCOHOL OR ANY ANTIHISTMINES.
You can do anything Jess, GOOD LUCK!!!!

2883 days ago


First ashley, now her mom......what is up with her facelift!! Jessica needs to fix the ass on her chin and slope on her face already......

2883 days ago


Joe Simpson pimped Jessica out on MTV and boom! A star is born! Her singing never got her to were she is today it was her private life. She's probably a nice kid she just can't sing! Neither can her sister.

2883 days ago


Every single kennedy must be turning in their graves. I could have thought of several people to honor dolly parton. Jessica Simpson? Thank common sense Nick dumped her sorry but. Jessica go play with your daisy dukes. Dolly should have shot her.

2883 days ago

Susan Easley    

Do you stupid Simpson freaks understand that these bimbos get paid millions of dollars for torturing Americans with their terrible singing !

These two talentless whores are the reason why American idol is so big !

The kids that get signed from America idol are talented and .... attractive !

Kelly Clarkson is very talented ! as is Katherine ( the last runner up to Taylor Hicks ) These Simpson girls are a total studio creation and not attractive at all .

The Simpson girls can't even dance -

2883 days ago


At least someone in the family is calling Jessica on the carpet. She didn't rehearse, didn't learn the words, so damn straight she was nervous on show night. Do you want to be a celebrity or an artist? Two different things, people! Tina was right to be pissed and if that were my daughter, I would have read the riot act too! As for Dolly...say what you want about her that she hasn't already said about herself, but she is all class AND talent.

2883 days ago


I'm glad Tina is standing up to Jessica. About time. Daddy dearest is not going to do it. Bunch of idiots.

2883 days ago
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