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Stabbing at Home of "Trainer to the Stars"

12/7/2006 7:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned a man was stabbed last night at the Beverly Hills home of Gunnar Peterson, Hollywood's most famous personal trainer, and the man who was stabbed was allegedly stalking Gunnar's estranged wife, Janet Crown Peterson.

Sources say 23-year-old Nicholas Marino, the stabbing victim, was romantically involved with the 43-year-old Janet, after she separated from Gunnar. We're told Janet ended the relationship but Marino would not accept it. Janet, an heiress to a $4 billion family fortune, went to court and obtained a restraining order against Marino. Gunnar obtained the restraining order along with Janet because the former couple was concerned for the safety of their three children.

Marino was stabbed by a security guard at the Peterson home. He was taken to a Los Angeles hospital and was arrested for making criminal threats, stalking and burglary. Marino allegedly broke into the house. He is currently in intensive care.

Peterson, who helped sculpt the bodies of Matthew McConaughey, Nick Lachey and Jennifer Lopez, was not at the home during the incident.


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Of course he was not home at the time of the incident, he was out making his eyes more beady and evil.

2844 days ago


Note to TMZ. This is not celebrity news. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2844 days ago


What kind of security guard STABS someone?

2844 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Marino...White guy?

2844 days ago


Yeah what's this doing on TMZ? Gunnar's a hack...maybe if he weren't out butt kissing celebrities, she'd've stayed home.

2844 days ago


PS-If she's worth $4 billion and married "Hollywood's most famous personal trainer" (what press release CRAP), she should look better than a Celine Dion wannabe. Those poor kids.

2844 days ago


if i'm banging 4 billion, a knife would wouldn't even slow me down.

2844 days ago


If Jessica is such a HUGE Dolly fan as she says then why the heck didn't she know the words to the song? Why wasn't she practicing her ass off before the show? She thinks she can get by on her looks that's why. Wait till she ages........

2844 days ago


wow, hope the nick guy is ok.....cause her husband looks really creepy, i would cast him as the murdering husband closet homo in any life time for women movie...... i am sure hes just sitting waiting for his payout...what a geek

2843 days ago


This is not a great pic of Gunnar, who's a very good looking guy. He's always worked hard at his career, and maintaining a celebrity clientele is what you do around West Hollywood / Beverly Hills. The ex was dating a pretty young guy. And they have 3 kids together, regardless of being divorced so of course it's a family matter. Hard to have a lot of sympathy for stalkers. I'll never have $4B (or $4m), but stalkers for ANYONE are not fun, as many of us know. Marino "freak-BF" will learn from this.

2843 days ago


Nick is adorable. I have been through a few things with him. Yes, he is a trouble maker but when he isn't on the drugs he can be your best friend. Then again even when he is on the drugs he can still be an amazing guy. He has tried so many times to get his life right but let this be a perfect example of someone who just can't say no. I worry about his future and what it has in store for him. As to what i think of nick, gotta love him regardless. I want the best for him and wish i could help him out in any way. Then again we probably aren't good for one another... Yes, what he did was wrong but i will continue to be here for him!

2840 days ago


Its very sad to hear that unfortunatley this incident took place . Im shocked to see this on the internet im a close family friend of Nick Marino and have been for years almost all my life infact nick has been a brother to me we even lived together with my family for awhile for years he's had some horrific things happen in his life but some how with the love and support from those who care for him and through God he kept trying to better himself often failing but kept trying i do not commend what hes done at all in fact im very disapointed that he couldnt of reached out in this time of need to somehow prevent this tragedy from occuring but it is a lesson to let those who use as i myself have learned to know just how easy it is to lose control and reality of your life Nick has always been a brother to me and will continue to be no matter what its very sad to see him go down like this especially involving Janet whom i had the pleasure of meeting shes a very polite and succesfully social individual with a great sprit about her much like Nick has when hes not using I would like to forward my love and support to both parties and my hopes that as a friend that this can finally end smoothly for all who were involved in this traggic ordeal .

2838 days ago


I promise this is true. obviously none of you idiots would know. I watched it from my bedroom window.

1395 days ago

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