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Bindi Irwin: Wild Child

12/8/2006 2:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just three months since the death of her father, Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter's eight-year-old daughter, Bindi, says she's "...doing pretty good. We're battlin' on."

In an interview with "Good Morning America," the ever-adorable Bindi, with mom Terri at her side, revealed that snakes are her favorite animal. "They're really nice creatures once you get to know them." We'll take your word for it, Bin.

As for critics who think that Bindi is too young to be around wildlife, Terri says that the pigtailed princess would rather ride elephants than be cooped up in suburbia. The thought of living in an apartment with a goldfish made Bindi chime in, "I don't think I could cope." No Nemo fan, she.

Bindi, who called Steve "the best dad in the world," is continuing her father's work by bringing her animal-loving tour to the U.S. next month. Hannah Montana, watch out!


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blah blah blah    

I want to be like rjwise when I grow up. Narrow minded, child bashing, egotistic, smothered in high class moral, above everybody else.
Yeah Right. When Hell Freezes Over.
RJWISE, get yourself a new profound image for you stink and I myself don't like the smell of shi-ot. And you compare yourself with a child. HAA HAA TOO FUNNY

2841 days ago

Aussie Angie    

How long has it been since Steve died? It must have been a whole week of greiving before Australia Zoo/Bindi Irwin where taking advatage of the press coverage to promote the latest Christmas specials. The child is nothing but a puppet and has been all along (Baby Bob nearly put on strings to dangle infront of a croc for the crowds entertainment and horror). She's going to grow up one messed up kid having her childhood taken away and thrust into the spotlight. Haven't we learnt anything from the Jacksons?

2816 days ago


Hey Jenny #34 - Thanks for your post. I agree with you. And to all the others who understand that this lovely child is still growing. How does one feel better by bullying an 8 year old little girl and saying she is ugly? She is a wonderful human being who was raised to love the planet Earth and its inhabitants by a man who did the same. If more parents raised their children with the same respect and education as Bindi has been (and I'm sure is continuing to be) this world would be far better for it. What a shame that some see through such distorted and jaded eyes. One can only imagine what happened in their lives to make them so vicious toward a little girl. Cowards!

In my estimation she could teach us all a little about compassion, love and understanding. Thank you Bindi. Good luck with the new show. And stay clear of the ignorance as exhibited by some on this board.

2813 days ago


Haha, you're all a bunch of sad no-lifers. What I like is, that even though you have no connection to Irwin, you rush to her aid even when I point out the blatant obvious.

OH WOW, I'M A DEPRESSIVE S***HOLE. Way to try and comment on somebody you don't even know, morons! I'm a lost soul with no friends or money? Not likely, I have a job at McDonalds, I'm 16 years of age, and I have more friends than you. I have a sense of direction, in fact, I'm aiming to be a high school teacher in English, Religion, and SOSE. I'm also writing a novel. Hell, why don't you check my myspace while you're at it:

Or even my website:

I flame the god-damn obvious, you unintelligent dolt. I'm willing to bet you're a fat, fourty year old housewife who sits at home day-in and day-out, reading every gossip magazine you can get your fat hands on, and contemplate, WHEN exactly your life started to suck, but then again, this is but a mere guess, for I wouldn't be so stupid to try and judge somebody they do not know.

Way to own yourself, dumbasses.

Sure, I have a warped mind, but judging by the idiodicy of all your posting, I'm a lot more intelligent than you brain-dead dolts.

Want to take this further? Add me to MSN!

Hell, here's my number, why not call me and complain directly to me:

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Or better yet, give me your PayPal details, I'll send you fifty-cents so you can call someone that gives a sh*t: MORONS.

2799 days ago
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