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Bindi Irwin: Wild Child

12/8/2006 2:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just three months since the death of her father, Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter's eight-year-old daughter, Bindi, says she's "...doing pretty good. We're battlin' on."

In an interview with "Good Morning America," the ever-adorable Bindi, with mom Terri at her side, revealed that snakes are her favorite animal. "They're really nice creatures once you get to know them." We'll take your word for it, Bin.

As for critics who think that Bindi is too young to be around wildlife, Terri says that the pigtailed princess would rather ride elephants than be cooped up in suburbia. The thought of living in an apartment with a goldfish made Bindi chime in, "I don't think I could cope." No Nemo fan, she.

Bindi, who called Steve "the best dad in the world," is continuing her father's work by bringing her animal-loving tour to the U.S. next month. Hannah Montana, watch out!


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I think Bindi is well spoken, sweet and cute. Terri and Steve did a great job with her. They should be very proud.

2841 days ago


God bless that family.We should make this forum a tribite instead of a bash column.How can you be Steves child and NOT get excited by what he does at an early age? I would rather be killed by a wild animal in the outdoors doing something that I love then to be cooped up inside and die of an overdose or a heart attack.Everyone dies one way or another...Its nice to see a family that really appreciates life and wants to live it. Steve will never be forgotten by me and his family will always be in my prayers. Go get em Bindi ! Robert will be following in your footsteps...Hang in there Terri:) You are awesome.

2841 days ago


Hey Teeks, Lets see your picture. I will be very objective, I promise

2841 days ago


I have never written to one of these sites before...but I am really surprised at how unkind and cruel it is to talk about anyone being ugly, especially this little girl. Why is it necessary to say these things. There, but for the grace...go anyone of us. Please, use all of your efforts to do some good in the world.

2841 days ago


I saw Bindy & Mom on Today,
I wish the Best to Bindi & the rest of the Irwin Family Keep up the Good work
God Bless You and the family.. :O)

2841 days ago

We, are not amused.    

"The continual death threats against this little girl forced them to remove her from normal school." (Mike Franks #34)
Just goes to show you, Australia was founded as a penal colony, I guess it must be in their genes.

2841 days ago


Leave the girl alone. She is a young girl who has lost her precious Dad. Please show her some sympathy. You people who ridicule her are showing your immaturity. She seems more mature than you! The world would be a better place if more people showed compassion and empathy instead of ignorance.
She is a child with a pleasant personality and seemingly bright. I am sure Terry is very proud of her and her dedication to carry on her father's work. You go Bindi!

2841 days ago


Teek is just bitter cause he wants some crocodile dick and can't get none. The poor bastard

2841 days ago


Teeks, If you keep your mouth shut you'll come across as a smarter person. Just thank god he gave you and your family all the good looks. I guess you either get good looks or brains. According to what you said, you must of got the looks because that was a pretty stupid thing to say.

2841 days ago


i think people like a few that has comminted on this little girl should keep your dirty mouths shut.if you cant say something good about a child that has lost her father .,just because she ws brought up in the right way and taught how to respect others (not like some on here) should let her family and her know that she had a great dad and that he cared for more than just what some dream about.i hope her dad is watching over her and you know what?if he is i hope theres such as coming back as a spirit and he comes after some of you so called goody two shoes and oh!yes have some of you looked in the mirror lately and saw a monkey looking back at you? if you have how do you like how you look.

2841 days ago


I admire the Irwin family. My thoughts go out to Mrs. Irwin, Bindi, and Bob. What an enthusiastic, good-hearted, loving, well-rounded family. It's very sad that Steve's children have lost their father, and Terri lost her husband; however, it's a peaceful feeling to know that they are moving on without forgetting him and his passion for wildlife. I'm a supporter of all wildlife, and I love animals. I breed Veiled Chameleons, I have a bearded dragon, also two Ball Python snakes, fish, a Boxer dog, and my favorite of all - a sweetheart German Shepherd. Like many other people also feel, my animals are like my kids to me. :o) Steve Irwin will be missed, and he will continued to be admired by me and many others I know.

2841 days ago


You ignorant morons. Who gives a flying f*ck what you think the kid looks like? When was the last time your ugly face was on the cover of GQ? Somebody should beat the crap out of you and teach you some maners. You all sound like you are nothing but a bunch of crude stupid rednecks.

2841 days ago


God bless the irwin family. I feel their loss. It's a hard battle losing someone so close to you that meant so much and in such a tragedy, but i'm so glad that they're battling on through life, trying to make the best of everything and carrying on steve's memory. Thats the most important thing, one thing death can not take away is the memory they've shared or the legacy he's left behind. god bless them, please know steve is looking down on your family!

2841 days ago

asthma patient    

Hey teeks, Try to realize that children's faces change as they grow older and grow into their faces. Bindi is a much prettier little girl in person. In photos, she looks exactly like her father, which I personally do not think is an insult to the child. He was not a handsome man, but he was cute. Bindi is cute. Her little personality adds to that cuteness. How can you be so cruel as to attack her? Would it make you feel good if a little girl read your hurtful comments? How sad and pathetic you are.

2841 days ago


Bindi is a VERY SMART and wonderful little person. You can tell that her parents taught her all there is to know about the animals that they live around. That is what they are suppose to do. It's their world so let them live in peace and DO NOT knock how a person looks. It might come back to haunt you. I wish them all the luck and GOD bless them all.

2841 days ago
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