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Bindi Irwin: Wild Child

12/8/2006 2:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just three months since the death of her father, Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter's eight-year-old daughter, Bindi, says she's "...doing pretty good. We're battlin' on."

In an interview with "Good Morning America," the ever-adorable Bindi, with mom Terri at her side, revealed that snakes are her favorite animal. "They're really nice creatures once you get to know them." We'll take your word for it, Bin.

As for critics who think that Bindi is too young to be around wildlife, Terri says that the pigtailed princess would rather ride elephants than be cooped up in suburbia. The thought of living in an apartment with a goldfish made Bindi chime in, "I don't think I could cope." No Nemo fan, she.

Bindi, who called Steve "the best dad in the world," is continuing her father's work by bringing her animal-loving tour to the U.S. next month. Hannah Montana, watch out!


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God Bless Bindi and Terri. No one wants to lose their Dad but especially at such an early age.
Bindi has a lot to over come and she seems to be doing it very well.

2842 days ago


#41 Debbie you know who Benny is?

2842 days ago


It's really sad when people make comments so rude and nasty concerning a little girl. Maybe these people should look inside of themselfs and see how ugly and shallow they are. Its people like this that give the human race a bad name. Bindi is a young girl who is trying to share her love for animals and people just as her father did. She should be encouraged just as we should encourage all of our youth to share their talent and kindness with those around them.

2842 days ago


I love watch the crocodile hunter. Though I have to resort to watching re-runs. Bindi will carry on her fathers name proudly. She's adorable. She's going to beautiful when she gets older. Terri must be so proud of her daughter. I'm sure she and Bindi and Bob will hold their heads up high and sing Steve's praises.

As for everyone putting her down.........................what's up with that?? I Guess working at Wal-Mart has you all in a bad mood.

2842 days ago


1969 Corvette're an idiott!

2842 days ago

happy mom    

I think she is an adorable girl. I hope the best for her and her family. she is doing what her dad would have wanted!!!!

2842 days ago


i think the people that are saying bad things about this poor little girl are very sick why dont you go talk about your own kids why arent they on tv getting their own show maybe they arent rich enough or pretty enough way to go Bindi

2842 days ago


Wow, "teeks" you are proving yourself to be nothing but SHALLOW! She is an adorable little sympathetic towards her situation...why would you even say ANYTHING negative about this family after what they have been through...have a heart.

2842 days ago


she is an inspiration to all they way she is handling the death of her father most kids dont have half the heart she does and will never be half the person she will turn out just fine and carry on in her fathers foot steps .... Terry ,Bindi and Bob not only did you lose yor husband and father the world lost a great conservationist my prayers go out to you keep up the good job the animals and world need more people with your strength............ teeks get alife you piece of sh*t

2842 days ago


this child looks incredibly like her father. i think she's adorable. besides, it's whats on the inside that counts and this child has heart, intelligence, kindness, and a passion for something. i believe that if more people in this world were as blessed as she, we would have a better world.

2842 days ago

Vinyl Cat    

Some of you are absolute sociopathic nuts...cruel, sadistic and in need of some severe voltage charges up your arses.

Bindi is adorable, intelligent, inquisitive, sensitive and NOT being whored out to the media. There were plans for her own show in the works way before her father was killed, and they've been scaled back so she and her family have some time to grieve properly. So what if they're featured on a talk show? They're discussing some POSITIVE ELEMENTS OF LIFE...animal welfare, conservation efforts and all of Steve's excellent work.

They're not exactly Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan, total idiots who contribute nothing to society -- for f***'s sake, people! Grow the hell up and get a life, you naysaying a**holes.

2842 days ago

Jennifer Mardis    

Steve Irwin made a huge change in people's way of thinking about wildlife. I know he totally changed my ideas. He was a great man , and should be remembered as such. I was devastated to learn of his death, as were my children. Everyone who keeps criticizing Bindi for being "ugly" should be ashamed! They need to remember that this is still a young child who has lost her father, the love of her life! She is a beautiful little girl and I think it's great that she wants to continue her father's legacy. People need to back off and respect that, and keep in mind that she is just a little girl that lost the father that she loved and admired who was a great man! Hooray for her for her courage!!!!

2842 days ago


It is shameful that we as Americans feel the need to attack a 10 year old child for being who she is. She is beatiful and very intelligent Leave her alone adn take a look at yourself

2842 days ago


It is disguisting how commercialized they are making Bindi... let the kid be a kid and have some pets, but don't make $$ and put the kid in front of the public

2842 days ago


I am constantly amazed by this remarkable little girl. She's confident, articulate, and smart as a whip. I'm sure her daddy is looking down and smiling.

As for the shallow comments about her appearance...okay, maybe this isn't the most flattering photo of her, but I think she's cute as a button.

2842 days ago
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