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Stavros Is Checking Back In To the Paris Hilton

12/8/2006 8:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton seems to think sex with an ex is better.

Sources tell TMZ that Paris and Stavros Niarchos, spotted this week in NYC, are jetting off to an impromptu weekend getaway in Miami. Que caliente!

The two are back on the road to coupledom, and according to our source, they're very happy and quite possibly -- in love!

Maybe love is better the second time around.

As for the supposed engagement ring Miss Hilton was supposedly sporting, not so says Paris' uber-rep Elliot Mintz.

According to Mintz, Paris wears rings on both hands from time to time. And as for rumors that these baubles are bogus, forget it. They're real, says Mintz, and they're spectacular.


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Neither Paris nor Stavros have any moral integrity whatsoever; they will be onto newer greener std's by next week. She is such an idiot I don't understand why anyone would care.
They probably wouldn't if the blogs didn't feature her so prominently.

2812 days ago


It's all about the money honey. Not much to do with love.


2812 days ago


BLOWS MY MIND....the guy is a billionaire, why does he want to drive a beat up old hag like paris hilton, he could have a giselle or bascially any other of the whores in hollywood, with these guys its like who is the hottest, i am young and rich, look at leo, and the others, so why this guy with more money and looks than all of them wastes his time on this girl who every one with a penis has driven, well, it blows my mind, must not have a good dad relationship, cause his father would tell him to travel in class not trash

2812 days ago


Maybe he is supposed to be the Daddy to the 4 kids she wants to have soon----it will be OK remember how good she says she is with pets.
Run, dude, as fast as you can
She is such a waste of skin...

2812 days ago


Starvos looks like an idiot!! Can you say dduuuuuhhh!!! Man what is with all these trust fund babies. Its like the more money you have the lest common sense they possess. I'd respect them if they earned their own money!

2812 days ago


Spud: The answer is simple. He is a billionaire and the Hilton's are equally as rich. When you have that kind of money you cannot just date anyone or you always wonder if they aren't after your money. In this case neither party has to worry about that. We may not be able to relate to that but that's just how it is...good or bad.

2812 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

The Hitlons do NOT have the BILLIONS that Stavros's family has, and yes Paris would go after someone who has MORE money that her family, just like she did with the boy Paris....

Paris is a skank for dating him when one of her friends was going out with him "MARY KATE"...

I sort of like Paris but I don't like how she will screw her friends men... Someone needs to give her a good bear down so that she doesn't do it again.

2812 days ago


Paris Hilton = No good dirty tramp nuff said

2812 days ago

All American Girl    

She wants four children? i bet if she ever has one, she will adopt the other three! Poor future children and fathers!!!!

2812 days ago


Life is so NOT fair ! Somehow, i couldn't get over the fact that one or two past boyfriends left me for no reason when all was going great.

Here u have a Class A bed-hopping princess, scandolous freakshow, whose famous for a sex tape, and there goes the same guy she drop like 1week garbage2 years ago, now He's worshipping her feet again in public.???

What does Paris has, that all the ladies don't ??? I say a name called HILTON???

2812 days ago


HILTONS ARE BILLIONAIRES??? HA..... thats like saying gary coleman is one of the trump heirs..........ha....where are you from, kansas.........listen, i live 3blks from ms hilton, the money is not there, she lives on kings road in a house she bought for just under 3,000,000 its a small little pit with no view and on the street, if the hiltons were so rich they would not be doing that stupid show her mother was on, its all smoke and mirrors just like greasy bear, read vanity fair, his grandfather spent all the kids trust funds, ...hiltons have some cash, but its not even in the many millions, maybe 10 or 20 million, thats not billionaires and in los ang and new york, thats not even rich.... they just do alot of "show" which is easy to do on that money, but its not big money...they are white trash,

2812 days ago


These posters are right. Get the new book out on the Hiltons. They are NOT rich. Paris most certainly has to work for a living.

2812 days ago

Rena Hamrick    

Paris boughther own house.
Why do you guys bash her?
Did you see her running around with no underware with Britany?
Was she not nicely dressed andpolite.....not throwing cig.butts out the window..

She's worked and ade her own spending money....

You talk like she's screwed with every guy she's ever been seen with...and none of you know that!
You jst don't get it............

2812 days ago


I must give Stavros a well deserved pimp of the year award cause he is running hoes like it ain't nothing man. I mean Lindsay HoeHan, Paris and the Twin chics. This dude is a beast, plus they all know about each other and don't give a f***. Next will be the 3 way wit' him Paris and Britney. What makes it even cooler is that he has more money that both of them put 2gether and he still sticks Paris with the bill most the time.

2812 days ago

J Doe    

it seems paris is desperatly clinging to stavros to stay in that lifestyle

Stavros's parents hate her, as do paris lastis folks, no way is he going to marry this woonky eyed hooked nose herpes infected dog with her blue contact lenses to cover up her brown eyes. His parnets will have none of it. paris lastis uncle threatened to ban the wedding, he nor none of his children would have went, if her married her. Paris lastis mom, snubbed the whores parents, queen plastic whore kathy, when they came to Greece to meet them. Mrs. Lastis said her son would never marry an "innkeepers daughter," and stayed out on her yacht until the Hilton's left Greece

2812 days ago
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