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Mel Gets Assist From Clooney, DeVito

12/8/2006 1:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney has Paris and Lindsay, Mel has George and Danny.

Last night on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," Gibson claimed Hollywood's most famous drinking buddies are helping him stay off the booze, saying "If I ever feel like clutching for the turpentine, DeVito and Clooney just talk me through it."

Gibson's attempts at humor came while he was stuffing his face full of food. "The security guard told me that if I walked a straight line I could get a cookie," Gibson said.

Mel also revealed that he's been sober for about four and a half months, saying, "It's kind of a gradual thing. It doesn't happen overnight. And it takes a little time, that's all. The lights might come on." And then there was light.

Mel's latest film "Apocalypto," with dialog in various Mayan dialects, opens in theaters today, if you care.


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Tmz is lame    

Keep up the good work Mel!
All though some people would love to keep you down, the rest of the thinking population understands that mistakes are made by everyone.

2883 days ago


I"m not sure if the Jewish ownership of this site has anything to do with the final line of this post but the fact is Mel Gibson is a brilliant film maker. That maybe lost on folks who feel news is Britney's snatch being exposed night after night. I just thought I would give my opinion on Mel. I still feel at the end of the day no matter how you feel about his personal beleifs he is a brilliant filmmaker.

2883 days ago


I do care about Mel's new movie!!! I love Mel! I hope it does well.

I hope Mel does well too!!!

2883 days ago


"Gibson's attempts at humor came while he was stuffing his face full of food."

Your own personal bias is showing with this line, Harvey. You're a journalist. Keep it objective.

2883 days ago


Fantastic movie. Good going Mel.

2883 days ago

Black Sheep    

Mel depends on Clooney and Devito - who goes on a show with a massive hangover after a night of binging - to keep him OFF the sauce?

2883 days ago


Why does the media hang on to this hatred of Mel Gibson so much? Jeez....judgemental bastards. Must be cool to be so perfect and never have made any stupid mistakes in your lives.

I for one, will be going to see this movie on Sunday, am expecting nothing less than the perfection that Mel Gibson has always provided in his movies.

2883 days ago


Keep up the good work Mel, you still have plenty of fans out there. I'm looking forward to your new movie. God bless you.

2883 days ago


Good for Mel!!! Here's one person who hopes he works out his demons. I suspect some will never forgive him. They hate him for making The Passion of Christ

2883 days ago


I seems to me that Mel Gibson has always worked hard at his craft, and while his recent escapade/mistake was a serious blunder on his part, I'm glad he's back out there. I, too, think he is a brilliant film maker, and when he leaves the booze alone a pretty decent man.

I hope he survives and prospers. Wish you well, Mel.

2883 days ago


isn't it sad that mel needs to stay off the booze to avoid being racist?

2883 days ago


I hope all of these supporters of Mel are equally as supportive of a black or Jewish film maker when they say they hate whites and whites suck. Let's see how many white Mel fans will turn the other cheek, as they prescribe other do.

2883 days ago


If you watched him on the show you could totally tell he was on coke or some sort of drug like that. Sniffing his nose throughout the interview and acting all figidy...
Reminded me kinda of Robin Williams.
I still like him and his movies but it bothers me he is on drugs.

2883 days ago


F***in' Christians! HEY #9 WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT WHEN YOU SAY THEY! JEWS! You reveal much about yourself FUNDIE!

2883 days ago

barbara ann    

george clooney can do so much better than mel. and no i dont care that his new movie opens today.

2883 days ago
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