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Rosie Won't Bid Adieu to "The View"

12/8/2006 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell shot down any speculation yesterday that she might be leaving "The View."

"Don't anybody worry where Rosie's going – she's right here," said O'Donnell, rumored to be leaving after her contract ended in the summer. Reports swirled that she might bolt to join the cast of FX's drama "Nip/Tuck," on which she's had a starring role. But Rosie pointed out she could shoot her episodes of "Nip/Tuck" while "The View" is on hiatus during the summer.

Sources have suggested that Rosie's had a tough time fitting in at "The View," but there's no doubt that she's been ratings gold for the show – last month it had its biggest November audience ever.

Dolly Pardons Jessica for "9 to 5" Flub

Dolly Parton told Jessica Simpson not to worry about her shaky performance at the Kennedy Center Honors, saying that Jessica is "so talented and that she'd be "honored" to return the favor someday.

Parton released a statement in which she waved off Simpson's nerve-wracked rendition of "9 to 5." "Jessica is so talented that I'm sure that someday they will be paying tribute to her and I would be honored to perform for her," said Parton. "But I'll probably be so nervous that I'll forget my wig!"

Jay-Z and Beyonce: Still Not Married

Beyonce ambushed her Jiggaman with a stunningly expensive three-day birthday party – but it didn't turn into the nuptials that had been rumored. As Rush & Molloy report, the supposed "wedding," which was meant to be happening this weekend, isn't, and the couple and their lucky pals are already back from the birthday party. Still, what a party it was: The couple and 20 of their closest pals boarded two chartered 757s Monday night (one had a 20-seat movie theater), boarded a 270-foot yacht in St. Martin, then swam, snorkeled, and even submarined into the depths of the ocean for two days. An R&M source estimates that the sybaritic shindig cost $1 million per day.

Lindsay's Mysterious "LR" Revealed

In the bizarre email uncovered yesterday by Page Six, Lindsay Lohan mentioned that she might sue a certain "LR" for tattling on her to the tabloids. That "LR," says the Post, is her former assistant, Lindsay Ratowsky. The two Lindsays have had a famously rocky relationship ever since Ratowsky ditched Lohan to work for Jessica Biel, and she fumed when Ratowsky showed up to an event last week with Biel. Meanwhile, as TMZ reported yesterday, Al Gore doesn't know anything about helping La Lohan do an image makeover, nor do the Clintons, either, as the freckled phenom had suggested in her missive.

Party Favors: Tori's Yard Sale Starts in Four Short Hours! ... Heather Mills Taking Her Own Counsel ... Richard Hatch Appeals Conviction

Tori Spelling is selling her stuff today in Studio City, so get there early (it starts at 9 AM PT) and sharpen those elbows. She tells People, "I wanted to get organized before the baby arrives, so this seemed the perfect time to clean house." You can snap up her "90210" memorabilia and "jeans that [her] preggers butt can't fit into anymore." ... Heather Mills has fired Anthony Julius of London law firm Mishcon de Reya and will be representing herself in her divorce proceedings because, according to her rep, she can't afford a lawyer ... Original "Survivor" winner Richard Hatch is appealing his conviction on tax-evasion charges, saying that he had agreed with the show's producers that his tax burden would be shouldered by them, which they deny. Hatch is serving a four-year prison sentence.

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No Avatar


Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, your a freakin' cow. We're all tired of your high school level chit chat.

2843 days ago


Good grief! Lindsay Lohan is one pathetic little fool!

2843 days ago


Why do a lot of people talk bad about Rosie.?? It seems that she is more disliked than liked yet she is doing well. I like her. I think that she is funny. Do we have to all look like Paris or Britney to be accepted in Hollywood. Yet people say they are sluts. Man, can anyone win with respect in Hollywood?? I think people like to bitch, bitch bitch. Whoever reads this, please mention who you respect in Hollywood and why.

2843 days ago


Donna Martin oops! I mean Tori Spelling must be really hard up for cash if she is selling her old crap not donating it to charity.

2843 days ago


Heather Mills will try anything to try and gain sympathy - now she can't even afford a lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on - Paul is giving you enough money to have a lawyer. I will be so glad when this divorce is final and we have no more need to hear about Heather and all her many problems.

Rosie staying with the View - Will wonders never cease!!!!!!!!

2843 days ago


Tori should donate things, not sell them.

2843 days ago

All American Girl    

Lindsay Lohan needs drug rehab and A.A.....

2843 days ago


Heather Mills is a dumb a$$......what is that saying? A person who represents themself in court has a fool for an attorney? Seems fitting.

Jessica is a no talent hack.......when will others catch on? Dolly is just backing her cuz she wants her to invest $$ in her Dollyworld amusement park.

Lindsay Blohan is coming off the rails.....come down is a be-atch. She is so pretty and a good actress....I hope she gets some help. I don't want to read her obituary.
It is so sad how she is falling apart.....Doesn't she have anyone to turn to? So very sad.

2843 days ago


Is there ever a picture of Rosie without her mouth hanging open. All that woman does is yack, yack, yack and eat, eat, eat. Lindsay needs a firm spank on her spoiled behind and a year of rehab.

2843 days ago


Hey Goldigger Heather Mills, here's a tip while you're trying to play the 'i'm so poor I can't afford a lawyer' bit that absolutely no one is falling for. Maybe next time you should ACCEPT the muti-million dollar payout Paul offered at the outset for your 2-3 yrs service as a whore. Then you wouldn't have to afford a lawyer!

I guess its back to blowing Saudi arms dealers for a living now... LOL!!!

2843 days ago


Drat! I was hoping the rumors were true and Rosie was going to hop the next icecream truck off the show and take that twit hasselbitch with her!

2843 days ago


I thought Lohan said she wanted to go visit the troops in Iraq? Dosen't this self-absorbed out of touch with reality idiot think that Al Gore has better things to do with his time ( like help the troops) then to waste it with her? PATHETIC. The more she spews out nonsense the more she is sinking her "career".

2843 days ago


Forget my wig? Dolly is hinting that Skankson is a worthless wig peddler, not a singer, and she's not pardoning her, get a clue...

2843 days ago


how could that guy leave his wife for tori spelling, there is not hing she can to to look pretty. a garage sale you have to be kidding me.

2843 days ago


When I read Jessica missed practice and hadn't learned the lyrics, that did it for me. I was a fan, but if she can't bother -- neither can I. What a shame.

2843 days ago
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