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Rosie to Asians: Get Over It

12/9/2006 12:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'DonnellShe may not have used the N-word, but that doesn't mean Rosie O'Donnell is in the clear when it comes to race relations.

According to Page 6, Asian-Americans are fuming at "The View" host for saying that Danny DeVito's drunken antics made headlines in China that read: 'Ching chong, ching ching chong, Danny DeVito!"

"The use of the distorted phrases is insulting to the Chinese and Chinese-Americans, and gives the impression that they are a group that is substandard to English-speaking people," says the Asian-American Journalists Association. But Rosie's rep thinks they just don't get it: "I certainly hope that one day they will be able to grasp her humor."

Madonna and BritneyMadonna Gave Brit Kiss of Death?

When exactly did Britney Spears jump the shark? Writer Camille Paglia says it was when she kissed Madonna on the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. Paglia told US that, in a sense, Madonna was saying, "'I'm passing the torch to you.' It was a fabulous moment. Britney looked toned, in control of her career. Literally from that kiss, from that moment onward, Britney has spiraled out of control." Thanks a lot, Madge.

Mariah CareyMariah to Porn Star: Back Off My Name, Bitch

Pop diva Mariah Carey is trying to stop porn star Mary Carey from trademarking her name, claiming that fans might get confused. Entertainment Weekly reports that Mary Carey, who has starred in films like "Double Air Bags" and "Boobsville Sorority Girls," finds the whole thing "silly." We're guessing Mariah just doesn't want anything distracting from her dynamic duo.

Party Favors: Brad and Angelina Back in the States ... George Clooney to Pair With John Grisham ... Kid Rock Parties With Ex

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are back in the good ol' U.S. of A. To celebrate Brad's upcoming birthday, Hollywood's hottest couple visited Fallingwater, an architectural wonderland built by Frank Lloyd Wright, near Pittsburgh. Then the pretty pair headed to New York so Angie could promote her new movie, "The Good Shepherd" ... George Clooney is working on a deal to produce a movie based on John Grisham's first nonfiction book, "The Innocent Man." Right now, though, Clooney has no plans to star in or direct it ... Kid Rock, who moved back to Detroit after his split with Pam Anderson, has been seen with his ex, Conchita Leeflang. He even flew to L.A. to go to Leeflang's birthday party at rapper Eddie Mayhem's crib.

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No Avatar

Allred Tree    

Rosie O'Donnell has become nothing but a repulsive laughingstock. I really pity her "partners" parents. They sound like lovely people and I really feel sorry for them having to put up with Rosie so they can maintain a relationship with their daughter and granddaughter. I for one would think any casting director, producer, director, etc. would consider her nothing but a LIABILITY in every way and never offer her a gig of any kind. The pig has enough; let her eat a big dose of CROW with CHOPSTICKS!

2837 days ago


No matter what you say, it will always offend someone. I've seen Rosie do the fake Chinese thing numerous times when she had her own show. People really need to lighten up, she was merely commenting on the fact that the stupid DeVito crap made it's way around the world.

2837 days ago


#13 and #23: you said it all, right on! If Rosie even suspects that someone is being anti-gay, homophobic, whatever the hell you wanna call it, she's ready to blow a gasket. Yet she can insult a whole entire nationality of people. People who probably think we speak funny too, by the way. I think that everyone really needs to just lighten up. I am so tired of things being called "offensive."
As for the Mariah Carey thing, why should she care if a porn star has a name similar to hers--didn't she start to strip-tease or something on TRL a couple years ago?

2837 days ago


Rosie O'Donnell's "ching chong" implies that Asians can speak only pidgin English--which, of course, is untrue and, therefore, racist. Her insensitivity toward Asian sensibilities stands in sharp contrast to her hyper-sensitivity about perceived gay insults. What a hypocrite and narcissist.

2837 days ago


I wonder if that f***ing hypocrite of a dyke will get over it next time someone says something that'll get her nickers in a twist.

Oh and Ros(ie) O'Donnell isn't a (fat) cow. No, she's a bull... as in bull dyke.

2837 days ago


Mariah should not be showing all the skin and let's face it,
she has a little bit more than most, it does not make her look sexy.
If she covered up more she would look sexier. Those tiny mini skirts
on her look ridiculous.

2837 days ago

george vieto    

Rosie needs to go the Miguelangel Landa School of Humor. Britney kissing Madonna would be the kiss of death since both females better get the message which is wallow in poop and people will get tired of you faster than the Flash can return a kickoff return in a high school football game.

2837 days ago


Rosie, you are way past due for your shut the F-UP pills!!! I think you need to OD on them!!!

How can you say this, right after you jump Kelly's $hi+ about being a homophobe? It's okay to say or do things that are offensive about anyone BUT GAYS?!!! WTF? What makes you guys so damn special?? You want equal rights, but special treament? What gives, bi+c#?!!! Can't have it both ways!!!

Personally, what Danny did was far more offensive then Kelly said to Clay, cause she DIDN'T KNOW where his hands had you know how many germs are on the average human hand? This is from a Penn State study on germs: "The kinds of germs that you get by touching things with your hands and then touching your face or the food going into your mouth are even grosser." I think that says a whole lot. Danny ended up looking like a stooopid f-ing drunk! Not one bit funny & makes me glad I've stopped drinking to excess. So Rosie, SHUT UP & GO THE HELL AWAY!!!!

2836 days ago

Allred Tree    

Ditto Glynee64. Rosie, quit crossing your legs like a man when you are sitting on the couch on "The View". I for one hope the rumors you are leaving that show are TRUE and the sooner the better. We are sick of hearing about your lesbo crap, your menopause, your "wife Kelly" and your adopted kids. You are not the mother of the year and you should be doing the one thing you obviously relish as you so boldy blab about is GO HOME, EAT YOUR DAMN WARM COOKIES and CHOCOLATE and then polish that off by swilling down a case of that BEER that you snort up your snout every chance you can. MY GOD, that's why your so OBESE. Then you brag like it is cute right on t.v. What a ROTTEN example you are to any child, especially one with a weight issue. I hope RICHARD SIMMONS makes a lenghtly appearance on "THE VIEW" STAT!

2836 days ago


If you had the wealth and riches that Rosie has, you may say whatever you want.

2836 days ago

AD Jones    

Ugh, Rosie needs to shut her pastry filled mouth. If someone told her to "get over" Clay she would've spazzed out and stabbed someone with a chicken bone.

2836 days ago


Ever since Rosie O Donnell has cohosted the View, the VIEW is now Rosie Hour. She wont shut her big mouth. Shes a fat idiot lesbian who will get upset over Kelly Ripa but yet makes fun of Asians. I hope she gets made of fun being who she is- and gets offended by it.

2836 days ago


LOL........some of you people are funny.

2836 days ago


Rosie is SUCH a hypocrite. She is hypersensitive to anything that could possibly be not PC regarding homosexuals but everyone else is free to be mocked. Gosh, I never post on these sites but that just infuriates me.

2836 days ago

Allred Tree    

I know the reason Rosie will leave "The View" (I HOPE!). TRANS FAT is being banished in NEW YORK and the GLUTTON won't be able to stand it, let alone ENJOY IT as she is so grossly saying all the time. She should team up with that other hideous freak Rachel Ray. OMG can't you all just imagine the ratings that would get "Rachel and Rosie" - UGH, UGH, UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2836 days ago
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