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Stars with Crappy Cars

12/9/2006 2:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood might be the most materialistic place on earth, but some celebs manage to avoid conformity by driving around in a hoopty that doesn't fit their cash status.
Stars and their crappy cars gallery: Click to launch
From the Vince Vaughn to Clint Eastwood, these famous faces are not riding in style -- and by Tinseltown standards, can even be considered slumming it. Whether it's more affordable, or a ruse to elude the paparazzi, or simply for comfort -- it's still strange to see your favorite actor in a beater.Celebrity car crashes gallery: Click to launch gallery

Check out TMZ's gallery stars with the most un-pimped-out rides in Hollywood.


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lisa nichols    

A big F YOU goes out to the people behind this site. Most people that come on this heinous site are here because we are on a lower finacial rung than these celebrities. ..and we have nohting better to do to take our minds of stupid Iraq then reaidng baout people having more fun than we are having. When you call their normal cars "junk"--you are calling us JUNK too. Agian F you.. I felt saying it twice is appropriate in this case.. (anybody out there with me on this?)

2845 days ago

sinorita lizz    

So who the hell cares if there cars a a pice of crap!! They're still famous and the make millions, they'd probably like to spend there money else were like on houses. i aggree with alot of people you guys blow this crap out of proportion. Oh and by the way Brit did do the pantyless thing purpously, she's got a movie comin out and i hear that it's titled something like " pink taco "
so get over it

2845 days ago


I just wish that "celebrities" like P. Diddy, J.Lo, Jay Z, and all the other money wasters would buy sensible cars. Who the heck really needs a car that costs $100,000 plus....????? They all get you from point A to point B. I'll take my $35,000 Honda Odyssey mini-van anyday!! ha!

2845 days ago

Jean Coughlin    

Talk about shallow...these people have a right to drive whatever they choose without having to answer to the public. Some of the cars look like gas guzzlers (not so good) but at least they aren't driving Hummers.

I admire anyone in Hollywood who doesn't have to be all style and no substance. They probably have more money in the bank than the stylers too.

2844 days ago


#14, a "real man" doesn't have to boast about his 2006 Lexus. Methinks you're compensating for something here. When your wheels get repo'd, you'll probably be wishing you'd kept that 1994 Toyota Tercel, while you're waiting for the #47 bus back to Loserville.

2843 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

I'm with you Lisa...F***'em @ TMZ

2843 days ago


This is interesting to see people with lots of money driving cars just like the rest of us. Too bad you didn't put up a pic of Conan driving his 1992 Ford Taurus SHO in a lovely shade of forest green ;)

On another note, as nice as it was to see the pics, your bylines are downright insulting. Lighten up.

2843 days ago


With the exception of Ivana Trump's interesting little car, none of the other vehicles qualify as "junk." Okay, they might be dirty or a bit older, but they were all in great shape. What was wrong with Clint's Jimmy? Or with Teri's VW? Or with Vince Vaughn's Firebird, for that matter? Just because their cars aren't prohibitively expensive and/or brand new doesn't make them junk by any definition of the term.

2842 days ago

Bill Liebrich    

What in the world is wrong with Vince's Firebird ??? And the rest aren't even that bad, especially the vintage ones. Normal cars help them lay low.

2837 days ago


Crappy cars of the stars?!?!?!? I think this should be labeled "Ignorance of the media" namely you folks. Obviously you dont know crap about cars and perhaps not even the difference of your ass from your elbow.
Ivanna's car is a classic Fiat 500 (probably from the 60's or 70's), The rest of use would probably remember the car as "Luigi" from the movie "Cars". I bet she paid a pretty penny to find one in such nice condition, or have one restored, not to mention the cost to ship the car over from Italy, where they originated and are predominately located. My Cousin back in Italy used to have one and I myself would love to import one to the states for the coolness factor like the original Mini Coopers. Teri's VW bus, and Jeremy's Brono again look to be in great shape and are considered classics. Clint Eastwood is driving a 92 or 93 GMC Typhoon (It's not a regular S-10 Blazer) these were only made for 2 years (3 if you include the pickup version called the Syclone) and produced in small numbers. These are high performance trucks (Turbo'd & intercooled 4.3L) that in the day could beat many high dollar sports cars, including models from Porsche and the almighty Vette. Even today they would easily beat a Ford Lightning and they can be easily modified to run under 10sec 1/4 miles. There are not many around and the ones that are, draw a pretty penny for a 10 year old vehicle. And what is wrong with the Pontiac Firebird?? It's a nice car and if it's a 98 or newer with an LS1 v8, it's a fun ride. Matter of fact they were putting out power back in 98 that was more then what the new retro Mustang GT's put out now. Yes I know this is all from an enthusiats point of view, but perhaps they drive them because they like special cars, not just cars adorned as jewely for the BlingBling factor.
You guys should get a clue before you start signing checks your ass can cash. You obviously know nothing about the matter you choose to speak about and that is bad journalism right there. Get your facts.

2837 days ago


uh, since when has a pontiac firebird become a piece of crap?

2837 days ago


I just want to say that Clint Eastwood is more bad-ass than the rest of the known world. Just wanted to put that out there, thanks.

2836 days ago


where's conan's taurus?

that's one sweet ride.

2836 days ago


Wow, TMZ, what do you drive anyways? An escalade that has 10 tv screens, and everything else that is riddiculous in most celebrity's vehicles? This is the most riddiculous article I have ever read, I took one look at the picture and searched straight to where I could comment on this garbage. It's people in the media like you, TMZ, that promote the riddiculous things that americans buy. Why don't you start writting on something meaningful, maybe global warming, or the economy, or spending habits instead of ripping on celebrities that aren't full of themselves. It's sad that in today's culture we elevate these stars and worship them for what they own and how much money they have instead of their talent and skill.

2836 days ago

SS on Spray    

I seriously credit these celebrities for driving these cars. PROPS TO VINCE ON THE TRANS AM (I think it may be a WS.6). Who says the Firebird is a crappy car? With a 5.7L OHV V8 with the capability to run a 9 second 1/4 mile for the price of a Mercedes V8 Kompressor that runs 3-4 seconds slower than that.

The Camaro (which I own and LOVE) and Firebird that Vaughn is rolling around in has history and class. Since 1967 GM has built these cars solid and I credit these celebrities for showing America that celebrities can drive cars that everyone else drives.

2836 days ago
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