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Courtney Gets a "Hole" Lotta Love in Court

12/11/2006 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love -- Click to WatchCourtney Love's legal slate was wiped clean in a Los Angeles courtroom today.

A judge agreed to terminate Love's probation and drop all pending charges after Love proved that she had successfully completed her drug rehab programs.

Love was in hot water over several drug cases and an assault charge but now it's officially behind her.

The judge told Love that he had followed her progress in the media and it was apparent she had made a choice to change her lifestyle.

After the hearing, Love's super-celebrity lawyer, Howard Weitzman, told TMZ, "Courtney stepped up to the plate, turned her life around and is on the road to releasing her new record and hopefully getting hired to act in films. I'm happy I could help."


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Travis Bickle    

it's too bad that this manipulative and opportunistic piece of sh*t is getting off. The k**t belongs behind bars or should be taken to AL SADR city and gang raped before being beheaded.

2852 days ago


i hope she really is turning her life around. everyone deserves a second (or third, or fourth!) chance, no matter how nuts or evil or opportunistic they are. being sober and a better mother can only be a good thing. frances deserves to have a parent that can be a parent to her, as it seems she's starting to come out in the media & needs some sort of guidance, or could go down the same wrong path that we see lindsay & britney & paris & etc, etc..... going down right now. cheers, courtney, i hope you continue to make these improvements to your life, your daughter needs you.

2852 days ago


So, you can pretty much get away with anything in Hollywood? What's up with that? Courtney Love should have gotten the book thrown at her nasty ass! Come on Law Enforcement! Let's set some EXAMPLES.....bad choices should'nt be "behind you" free and clear!

2852 days ago


I hope that Courtney gets clean and sober once and for all. She is a MESS!

2852 days ago

tmz is fat    

how many times has she done this already? it seems like shes always getting "clean"

2852 days ago


The Judge told her he had followed her progress in the MEDIA? What a Judge. Like everything the media reports is the absolute TRUTH? I know for a fact reporters don't always tell the truth, they exaggerate, and make up their own "angle." Not all reporters, but some. So, the media had a factor in determining the court ruling. Oh my. Is it ridiculous? Unethical? Judges usually look at the facts- not hype. I hope this doesn't set a precedence for other Judges in other cases.

2852 days ago


Courtney and her old wrinkled tw*t need to be locked behind bars. Don't tell me the judge got some of her nasty snatch! Yikes!

2852 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

The Judge stated that he followed Courtney's progress through the media but when a judge addresses the jury they are told to not follow the media because this could bias their decision making whether for the good or the bad of the person accused. What a freaking loser this judge turned out to be.

If the judge has followed the media regarding Courtney's progress I would think he would extend her sentence and ask for a little more counseling and drug & alcohol rehabilitation.

All I've seen Courtney do is get more plastic surgery , comment, judge and ridicule other celebrities and their plights.

I guess because Courtney has been sober for a few months she is turning into a know-it-all like Oprah...

2852 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Hey, isn't this the whore that killed me?

2852 days ago

The End    

You know why there is so much crap like this in the media. The goverment is working with the media to try and smoke screen other things. Why does it seem that you always hear about dumb crap like this but you never hear about the war and stupid things the president has done or said. Also why is it that we are the only country that has to drape everything in the flag to make oursevles seem patriotic. No other country does that. If she went clean good if she didn't whatever.

2852 days ago


In regard to some of the previous comments about this situation:

1. Courtney Love did not kill Kurt.....he was an addict who killed himself leaving his family, friends and fans behind to mourn him. Perhaps she is self-medicating out of her grief...perhaps it is from her own addiciton, which she cannot control as it is a disease. Admittedly, she seems a mess, but it is up to her to get herself together. She has the tools and can use them if she wishes or not. Really, which one of you who posted profane statements has any business judging her? You don't walk the miles in her shoes, you don't pay her bills and who says you are any better than her? Everyone reaps what they sew in the end. If you don't like her, don't listen to her music and don't watch or read anything about her. Really, if you thought Kurt was so great, ask his daughter years from now how she feels growing up without her dad. Period end.

2. It is true that the rich can afford better attorneys than the poor. Keep in mind though, this is America and SOME people are poor by choice or by poor choices they have made. I always find it amusing that people dispariage the wealthy for what they have, when most wealthy people are self made. Many wealthy people spend a lot of time and money supporting causes for poor people across the world. Ask yourself...what have YOU personally done to help the poor? Or do you just sit there in apathy and voice your opinions? Finger pointing does not help the part of the solution, not part of the problem. So, Courney has more money than you even being addicted to drugs. What does that say about you? Everyone has the capability to start their lives over at any given time. Hopefully, Courtney will get it together and perhaps contribute something back to others in the process. She is a person. She has problems just like many other people in the world. I am sure she is not happy being an addict...who would be? I feel sorry for her to have to live that way. I feel sorry for the kids of parents who are addicted. Who knows, perhaps she will get better and help the plethora of poor people across the nation who are addicted to drugs.

In regard to the comment about the judge following the media:
Believe me when I say that had Courtney messed up, it would have been all over the media. Given her issues, I highly doubt that the media would paint a better picture of her than there really was. The media gives the public what they want. Bad news about famous people sells. I can see why the judge followed her in the media, but I am not certain that this was appropriate...or at least to mention it. One may not like the judicial system in America....but I challange you to find a better one. If you don't like it, change it or leave. Life in general is not fair. If you think it is, then you are in for a rude awakening.

A note to Courtney if you perhaps read these silly blogs. I wish you the best in your endeavoures to get out of your addiction cycle. Perhaps this is what you were here on earth to do.....get better so that you can help others. Many people all over the world have drug and alcohol problems and could use your help. You would be a great mentor to others who have walked a mile in your shoes. I hope that you take this opportunity to do what you need to. We never know how many chances we are given in life. This might indeed be your last. You could do great things....or end up a corpse. I am sure that you are aware of that. I guess the options are yours. Best of wishes.

2852 days ago

Travis Bickle    

I hope courtney buys some bad heroin and ends up killing herself on it.

She's a f***ing c**t bitch whore slut. Where is Dexter when you need him?

2852 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Rozz I beg to differ, I could a rats ass about Courtney being wealthy/rich. I don't believe that Coutrtney was given chance after chance after chance because of her celebrity status, not because of her money. Truthfully Courtney didn' have that much money during this time in her life...

Secondly not everyone can be RICH for doing a whole bunch of nothing! Those of us who see the wealthy/rich as getting away with a lot of things the average salaried American does, doesn't mean that we are poor either.

Thirdly those of us who are not wealthy may not be able to afford to help take care of some poor family by giving money, we may donate clothes etc to charitable causes.

Lastly the images I've seen of Courtney in the media were not all positive one, and for a Judge to say he kept track of her progress in the media makes me wonder if he/she should have presided of Courtney case. We all have a right to voice our opinions on the matter just like you have. You nor I or anyone else posting on this board has to agree with one another, but please gives us the respect and allow us our say without you passing judgement on us... Ask the questions you posed to us of yourself, though I don't care to know your answers to those questions.

2852 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

I meant to say, "I can give a rats ass about Courtney Love being wealthy/rich, I don't believe this was the reason she was given chance after chance. I think Courtney got a slap on the wrist because of her celebrity status, because during the time of her court case she didn't have that much money, she almost was evicted out of her place....

2852 days ago


Courtney Love, what a piece of work. Feel sorry for her kid.

2852 days ago
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