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Brangelina Gets Physical

12/12/2006 3:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina and BradEven though Angelina Jolie has made it clear that she's no fan of PDA, her actions tell another story. TMZ cameras caught Brangelina arriving hand-in-hand at the after party for "The Good Shepherd," and it looked like neither one wanted to let go. Also showing up for the all-star event were Matt Damon and Robert De Niro.

Later that night at Butter were rap mogul Jay-Z, Heiress Paris Hilton, Elisha Cuthbert, Val Kilmer and Tyson Beckford -- who looked pretty badass on his bike.

Meanwhile, on the left coast, Janice Dickinson and Orlando Jones showed some TMZ love at a Hollywood party for a new Ed Hardy clothing line. Also seen: John Salley and Eric Mabius of "Ugly Betty." Tony Rock (Chris' brother) saw our cameras at the party and said he knew it was time to go! The nerve!

Check it out in this bi-coastal edition of Star Catcher: New York and L.A.!


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Ms. Jolie is a wonderful role model. She's beautiful, smart, intelligent,talented, classy and confident.

2849 days ago


Ok guys lets cool down a bit. I think there are so many team Aniston's and team Jolie's and neutrals
Well we are all entitled to our opinions but let?s not pass bad comments about each other.

This is what I personally feel:
I used to like Jolie when she was the tomb raider and thought she was great and after adopting Maddox I felt proud of her.
I though she was very courageous and bold and was setting an example
But sometimes I feel why the hell she is publicising it so much? There is no need.

I adored Brad and Jen and I thought they were the golden couple. I was and am really sad by the abrupt end for their marriage and I can't help myself but point fingers at Brangelina. I feel it was immoral to create all the fuss that was created and please be sensitive to fellow humans. Take some time to heal and then move on.

Brad lost his mind? I mean he lost his sensitivity? you can?t just love someone, be married for 4 yrs then not love them anymore and then get someone pregnant before your legally divorced. That was kinda cheap. As for Ange I don't feel she is a role model anymore. I used to like you girl but I don't like your betrayal?

I am sure it is impossible to happen but I would like Brad and Jen back together and be the golden couple they used to be
And I love the idea of Angelina Jolie with Colin Farrell
Somehow I like the bad boy and bad girl image and its perfectly hot

As for Aniston if he has moved on so should you? And get a guy to suit your personality. I knew Vince and Jen were doomed at their start?.

Probably Daniel Craig, Their height matches as well. He won't look like a giant next to her


2849 days ago


I think Tiny Hiney brings up a great point. What *did* Angelina change exactly? Has she ever really admitted her wrongs or asked Jennifer for her forgiveness? Has she ever entered a relationship where the guy was single? Is there no such thing as the word "restraint" in her vocabulary? Come on.. even Charles Manson said it "just happened", but does that make it okay? I believe people who choose to be in the public spotlight *will be* and have a certain responsibility that goes with it; otherwise just do something else. But I can tell you one thing, if this chick lived around the corner from me, famous or not, beautiful or ugly, rich or poor - I'd still feel just as less of her. I have to say, I never really cared for her one way or the other before she got involved with a married man and I know that happens from time to time in life and we all just have to get over it; HOWEVER, her agreeing to do that photo shoot right after the announcement came out (you know the one with Brad and the fake family) was just so horrible and insensitive. You know if anyone really needed the money or attention that badly (because they *did* profit $ substantially from this) why couldn't they have waited a little until Jen had a chance to digest this horrible nightmare? Is this really the work of charitable and selfless people who want to make the word a better place? Angelina & Brad don't have to drag their children all over the world for photo opportunities pretending they really give a crap about other people - why don't they start with their exisitng relationships first. E hem - maybe a little compassion for John Voight or clearing things up with Jennifer Anniston? Seems these two don't like to stay in one place very long because their conscious (or lack there of) is catching up with them.

As for Jennifer, I can't think of a stronger or more dignified woman who handled all of these careless and hurtful actions better than she has. She's a champ and deserves much better than a guy who is lead by his loins. Let Angie suck the life out of him and move on to her next prey. I'd say it's going to be George Clooney next, but I forgot..he's *not* married.

2849 days ago


Is *that* what this discussion has to come to in order to get the focus off the actions of Angie and Brad's reckless behavior? You now want to make up stories that Jen has a coke problem? Just who are your credible resources on this one? If she's really good at covering it up - then how would anyone know she has a problem? How do *you* know she has a problem and Billy Bush doesn't? Where are the articles, interviews, photos, etc..

Before you start turning this blog into something from Fantasy Island - stick with the facts.

2849 days ago


I agree with Wendy JS, but don't think this site should be used to attack eachother.

Jen, by far, does not look like she's on coke at all. She looks extremely healthy, calm, athletic and stable. She just doesn't look like she's very happy. I knew that her and Vince wouldn't work out either - they just didn't have that "couple spark". She hasn't looked happy in a long, long time and it's a shame. I think she'll get there though if she is patient. I'm also sad that she and Brad are no longer the Golden Couple. I still have a copy of the PEOPLE magazine with their wedding picture on it. She and Brad looked so very happy and complete. Oh well life goes on.. Is anyone going to watch the GMA interviews Thursday and Friday morning? Angelina's Diane Sawyer interview will be aired Friday night too. Stay tuned..

2849 days ago


Well while reading the yoko ono extorttion story, it just clicked..Yoko at one point was the worlds hated woman for breaking the lenon family..

I see some parallels with the jolie pitt story, however its quite a good thing Anniston and Pitt had no chidlren ..since sean lenon's sons from the two women dont have much of a relationship going.

I guess these days a few drops of cash in a needy ocean makes you a saint...................Bad Karma just follows one around ..............Liz Taylor is another example...

2849 days ago


#129, You can't tell if someone is on coke by looking at them silly.

2849 days ago


Cindy..please once again please stop atacking othet it too hard to make a ocmment without throwing out insults at the other bloggers..

A coke habit over a period of time is easy to discern form ones appearence and bahavior..Noami Campbell during her time ..even alcholics appear drunk how much mroe heavey pharmaceutical users...Pete dougherty etc Dwoney jr

A light user or social user will probably not be easily called out..but comtinous use and you become an addict anyway..If JA is a user it will be plastered all over the enquires..its a made up story form teh Black Mamba camp thats all it is ...with camera phones these days , she would have been on TMZ already..Kate Moss got caught...

I will wait till I see her snorting on TMZ to beleive that one...Besides Black Mamba is the one who has tried all kinds of drugs why call out JA even if she used once or twice...............

2849 days ago


#132, (Angelina) has no problems telling what she has done in her past. She's admitted to doing that in her past, She's very honest, (which is why most people like her). If you have a question for her, she's going to tell you what you want to know. Chennifer on the other hand, we don't know much about, most people just know her as being Rachel, a TV character, so being on coke is a possibility.

2849 days ago

Team Aniston    

What is wrong here people? Why is it that you can't comment or make a statement without being attacked as a person?? Come on folks? How old are most of these people on here? Are you people not mature enough to agree to disagree without attacking??? Just b/c you feel you're right in your statements doesn't make the other person wrong!!! It just means you don't you need to get off into name calling or attack one's character?? Dayum people.... we all won't agree and that's something we should ALL know. And for the people who feel the need to be-little, name call or give their opinion about someones character based on one statement please...... grow up!! Think before you speak. Don't go and attack or advise someone of something when you know nothing about them!! THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE...that way... you don't look dumb when it's to late!!

2848 days ago


the golden globe nominations were announced this morning and BRAD PITT was nominated!!!!!!! yeah, you go baby.

2848 days ago

Susan Easley    

Serious Question !

Why does this Hollyweird couple not talk about Shiloh ? You hardly ever see pics. of their own flesh & blood ? and she appears to be the cutest ( People magazine has TWO pics. on their web site ) Sorry ~ but it strikes me as odd ! that these two are so connected to their adopted kids but distant from their own ????

Maybe someone needs to rescue poor Shiloh !

2848 days ago


#21 Thanks for pointing out the obvious to people...I'm sure none of us know either of these 2 people. It does not matter who is or isn't at fault for a marriage breaking up. I just know I dont like even hearing about ex's. I cant imagine what it feels like to have this thrown in your face on a daily basis.

2848 days ago


brad's career is going great, he is with a beautiful giving woman, and he has children he adores. everyone talking about karma, i wonder if you have lived perfect lives? we are all flawed human beings, if we all got what we deserved no one would be in very good shape. stop being so jealous.

2848 days ago

FED UP    

Orlando Jones + White Woman = NOTHING NEW!

What a freakin' sell out he is. It must be nice carrying around all of that self loathing.

2848 days ago
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