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Knievel Sues 'Kanyevel' Over Jumpsuit

12/12/2006 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

World-famous daredevil Evel Knievel, 68, has sued rapper Kanye West -- over a cheesy jumpsuit and a rocket-propelled Skycycle.
Evel Kneivel, Kanye West
In a lawsuit filed Monday in Federal Court in Florida, the daredevil claims that Kanye infringed on his trademark name and likeness in West's video for "Touch the Sky." In the video, West portrays a character named "Evel Kanyevel" who attempts to jump a large canyon, not unlike Knievel's famous 1974 jump of Snake River Canyon in Idaho, which was not successful.

Knievel argues that the white jumpsuit he wore for the stunt and the "Skycycle" that he used are trademarked. Knievel also claims in the suit that "vulgar and offensive" images depicted in the video damage his reputation.

The lawsuit asks for damages and seeks to halt distribution of the video. West's reps couldn't be immediately reached for comment. No word on whether Knievel knows how many of Kanye West's fans were actually alive in 1974.


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#25 your history. Blacks did not come here on their own., they where brought here onships and sold. How ignorant can you be. and for those of you who state that whites do not sue over BET or The NAACP don't have to sue you have everything else in the world. Funny how the hatred for blacks and hispanics has been twisted by so many whites who do not read up on the past. All hispanics are not mexican, and there are many professional people in the black and hispanic community. Remember W H I T E S took this land America from the indians along with giving them diseases. Ever hear the term "the ugly American" it comes from Caucasians storming over everyone with out respect.

2839 days ago


I can not believe someone had the nerve to write the n-word!
I am not a Kanye West fan, but this is America, the land of the milk and honey.
We can say what we want and do what we want .
Everything is legal until being caught. Then it becomes illegal.
Someone needs a history lesson.
WHITE people, stole, abused, raped, killed, LYNCHED others to run AMERICA!
I agree African, Afro, Black Americans, Hispanics, Mexicans, are here to stay!
Miniorities, continues to have children, so that our population grows.
We will soon be the Majority and let STUPID WHITE people know we are here to stay.
Keep Making Music Kanye!
you are not a racsit until caught!


2839 days ago

Captain Caveman    

Well I am a caveman, my people roamed the earth before anyone elses.

All of our forefathers, be they Black, Hispanic, Asian, or one of the thousand races that call themselves white. We all stole this world from the other species that inhabited it. it's called evolution and society. The US has been "owned" by nearly every race on the planet at some point in time. until people learn to laugh at themselves and care for their friends and family and ignore these stupid prejudices, we all lose. this goes for all of those outside of the US that like to think the US is ignorant as well. All of our countries are flawed, they are ruled by humans, and humans in and of themselves are flawed. Just be happy you are not from the middle east living in a bombed out building or a shack, or a hole in the ground, and stop hating each other.

or don't, I don't really care that much, the world will eventually make us all the same or kill us off with disease, just give evolution a chance.

Anyway, Peace out yo.. Eval Rocks, show me any rocker/rapper/wanna be whatever with a bigger set of balls. he deserves the right to protect his image and name.

2839 days ago


Maybe Evel needs the money. It's been a while since he's jumped anything.
Everyone else sues so let him. If he has a copyright then he's entitled.

2839 days ago


Not every thing about any culture is written. No one will ever know everything (except you, of course...Oh holy one). They are discovering new things as research continues and among the new they discover inaccuracies about previous beliefs. You would think that someone who claims to study culture would know that... IDIOT. You are not the only one with a degree, some of us have more than one. As you have clearly proven having a degree doesn%u2019t prove intelligence. A classic education is suppose to open you up to the world not narrow your vision. You may know YOUR culture, great. But you are not honest. Influence is not creation. That is all the contributed, nothing more. If you would like references to more CURRENT research on the subject matter go to a Library or back to school and take a comparative studies course. And while you are there you might want to check that attitude. Because a much (or little) as you know about your culture don%u2019t be so quick to assume that you know a damn thing about mine.

Your racist, self -righteous piece of sh*t.

2839 days ago

do something about it    

Everyone who responded to my post are idiots! I am not even hispanic I just made up a name and response to see how much of a reaction I could off of words and just like clockwork you took the bait and got hooked! My My My people are so gullable. It saddens me how much hatred people harbor. So since we are on the subject: DOES HAVING WHITE SKIN MAKE YOU SUPERIOR? IF SO WHY DONT ASIANS GET THE SAME RESPECT,THEY ARE THE SAME COLOR? IS IT BECAUSE THEIR EYES ARE SLANTED? DO YOU HATE PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THEIR COLOR OR ETHNICITY BECAUSE THE COLOR OF MY SKIN IS BROWN BUT MY PARENTS ARE FROM PERU? DOES HAVING WHITE SKIN MAKE YOUR WOUNDS HEAL FASTER? DOES HAVING MAKE YOU STRONGER? SOME PLEASE ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS FOR ME I NEED TO KNOW AND FOR THE RECORD I AM PROUD TO LIVE IN AMERICA AND PROUD TO BE PERUVIAN

2839 days ago


Caucasions may NOT have found America but we made it the great, wonderful country it is today. And thats no thanks to black people either. Blacks make America an ugly place their the negativity about it.

2839 days ago

slicc rep 4 kanyae    

he's a million aire y should he care about any ove u all.i am posting this to ley all no that mr. west will fight & win so please stop the hate on his name. he is 1 man not the hole black race .

2839 days ago


Ha! Racism is funny!

2839 days ago


The video is a spoof like Saturday Night Live sketches you F@$KING idiots. So what your saying is that any and all forms of entertainment that my spoof or copy an actual event. Such as Law & Order "Ripped from the headines". Are ignorant no talents as well. It's good to see that racism is alive and well.

2839 days ago


kanye is such a wannabe..and the biggest diva ive ever seen... if hes a real man, he would stand up and explain himself.. has he?? nope. hes probably home right now throwing himself a pity party.

Kanye West, get a life

2839 days ago


to post #93.. by Deeva

really?? ur saying everyone has the right to say whatever in this country, yet ur offended about the 'N word'? grow up!! and u sound like the most uneducated, contradicting person ever!! us WHITE people?? calling us racist??
you know something?? uve got some nerve coming on here bad mouthing white ppl.. the ppl i see being more racist than ever is them Negros!!

oh and guess what?? for those you using what ur ancestors did as an excuse for everything.. BULL!
Using ur ancestors pain and suffering as ur own stupid excuse! shame ON YOU!!!

the poor Slaves back then suffered.. NOT YOU!!! so all of you on welfare and complaining that white ppl are racist against you because of ur ancestors... get off your HUGE lazy butts, and work!!

2839 days ago


Okay, I agree with the peps that say this started off as Kanye getting sued to a race thing. How did that happen????? First of all, Kanye and his people should have checked the copyright laws before doing the video--hello you are a professional arent you! If your going to use something, give the person with the original thought credit!! And hey, nearly every artist has "borrowed" ideas--no matter what race. Second, people need to remember that the US is a melting pot! There have been and will be more than one race here--Native Americans, whites, Asians, Hispanics, Blacks, etc. Reading through the comments, I have to admit I laughed. I knew people were ignorant but ya'll take the cake. Get over yourselves! No matter what, the US will always be a mixture. We have to live with each other. If you dont like it, then I suggest you start trying to find a piece of land in this world that is available and start your own country--yeah, not going to happen! As far as one race being over the other--duh, we're all human. People are talented in their own ways. Its sad to think that some of you are going to make babies because all you will do is teach that child to be as ignorant as yourself. Do the world a favor and DONT!!!! And for those that will comment on this--I teach my kids to accept others as they come, no matter how mean and cruel that other person is. There are some things you cant change, just accept and move on.

2839 days ago


and by the way..
they dont call them ghettos for nothing.. tell me... who are the majorities that live there?? and why are those neighborhoods so dangerous?? yeah, i made my point..


2839 days ago

do something about it    

Elistan what are you talking about? Ghettos began as jewish communites idiot. and ghettos contain all races or would you prefer to call white ghettos trailer parks This is why I HATE PEOPLE LIKE YOU, YOU IDIOT! There is just as many crimes in suburbia just different kinds. Im sure you hear about the rich neighbor killing his whole family or the dad that molest his kids , or the teacher that sleeps with her students. An its your white president that gives america such a bad rep. If it wasnt for all the other races there wouldnt even be an america you know white people cant function alone dont get it confused america is no japan. You use other ethnicties to get ahead and take all the credit. its like a show i was watching last night, AMERICA PLAYS TAG WITH WHO THEY WANT TO HATE! SORRY MIDDLE EAST BUT YOUR IT RIGHT NOW. DONT WORRY OTHER COUNTRY WILL BE NEXT! AN OH PLEASE NAME ONE THING THE "WHITE MAN" HAS DONE SOLEY ON HIS OWN PLEASSSE IM DIEING TO KNOW

2839 days ago
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