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No Swimsuit Issues Here

12/12/2006 3:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Since Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue always sizzles, bikini-clad supermodel Yamila Diaz-Rahi gave us a glimpse of what we can expect when the magazine hits newsstands early next year. Yowzah!

The Argentine beauty, who graced the cover of SI's 2002 issue, struck a sexy pose on Monday during one of the mag's top secret shoots in Hawaii. Yummy, Yamila!


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Just a regular girl. I see girls that look like that at all kinds of places.

2871 days ago


Has anyone seen this girl talk? She looks and laughs like a horse. She should definitely only be in still photos. She's no Heidi Klum, that's for damn sure.

2871 days ago

Mad Balls    

I would say she looks like a transexual but she would have to try alot harder . Nothing really special about this chick with Prince Williams face . Sport Illustrated used to have hot chicks -- lately they either look like Cheri rejects or Men . Dickheads .

2871 days ago


Please girls, she's boner hot this one. So sorry that you girls can't seem to figure out when you post hateful messages regarding the truly hot girls you seem petty, ugly and did I mention fat?? Yes you seem like you must all be really fat ass ugly girls to put this girl down. Good luck ladies, maybe you can lose weight or something.

2871 days ago


AMY,SHERRY AND NASTY BOIL, I'd love to see what they hell you look like. She's hot as hell. You all sound really pathetic.

2871 days ago

billy jack    

I think she's stunningly hot in this one. Can't wait for SI's swimsuit issue to warm my frozen Midwestern, uh, heart.

2871 days ago


yes, the fugs are here trying to beat down the hotties. You can always count on it....

2871 days ago


One word...beautiful...or was it awesome...or was it gorgeous...or was it...

2871 days ago


#4 I agree with you 100%. It's true that the overweight and unattractive women love to put down the thin and pretty women. I may not be super model beautiful but I am thin (5'4" 105 lbs.). I know exactly how it feels to be glared at by others who obviously want what you have. These message boards are full of jealous hateful women. I'm glad that I'm not one of them!

2871 days ago

Patricia-Ann Melodie    

Sorry to say, not all of us are fat and ugly, who think that these models are avagage looking girls. You see, I do modeling and pageants and putting on make-up is lots of fun. I perfer the natural look. As this is who I am. Good skin care makes better then make-up. When you take care of your skin you don't have to worry about hiding behind the mask.

Last time I looked, there are dozens of girls and woman who can model. There are agencies for everyone. I was the June cover model for Palm Beach Swimwear in 2003. I use to weigh 180 pounds when I was a tween. So much for the fat girls. An speaking of "fat" girls. There are plenty of them who are plus size models, So guys - put that in your hat and smoke it!!!!!!!!

Ms. New York Woman American United States 1998

2871 days ago


She looks goods. But could anyone look at her picture for more than 15 seconds without getting bored? Beauty alone is nothing. There needs to be something else - something of substance.

2871 days ago

My two cents    

I have to side with the guys on this one in regards to some of the women on here. Yep, some of these women on here are simply jealous. Have to come up with horrible comments about this model because yes, some of the women on here are probably big fat ugly pig women with nothing better to do than to attack this beautiful model. Now, I said, "some" of the women on here...not all..but SOME. Let's see how far I can push this with the attacks on here. You all know the ones who attack me are probably the fat, ugly pig women. Let's see who you all are now...

2871 days ago


#8: The model featured here doesn't look like she has on much make-up. She looks natural to me! What the hell are you talking about!! You sound like another washed up, used to be pretty, jealous person...just like the rest of the women here, (with the exception of #7 tina). Get a life ladies and quit bad-mouthing everyone!

2871 days ago


To #8-Does this article mention anything about make-up and skin care???? Maybe you're confused sweetie. Better get back to practicing your talent for your pageants. Or is your talent applying make-up?

2871 days ago


Ms. New York Woman American United States: What kind of fake ass pageant is that?!!? The name sounds ridiculous!!! It must be for fat ugly girls!! ha!!!!

2871 days ago
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