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Guns N' Roses Fans Go On Strike

12/13/2006 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reports that a new Guns N' Roses studio record titled "Chinese Democracy" was in the works first began to surface way back in 1997. In the years that rolled past since then, Axl and crew performed new songs and tracks have been leaked on the net, but no new record found its way into stores. Earlier this year, Rolling Stone reported a possible November release date. Despite the long wait, Guns fans, who've been snapping up concert tickets on the current Guns tour, seemed ready for the stocking stuffer. Now, here we are, just two weeks before St. Nick makes his rounds, and there is still no record from Axl and crew.

Grinch 'n RosesGuns fans in Italy, who say they've manned the site for six years have had enough. They've posted a message on their fan forum saying they are stopping all posting and forum moderation on the site until they get some "clear" communication from the Guns camp on when the new record is coming out, and if they're not satisfied, they may soon stop the site altogether. A message on the site indicates that the fans who run the site seem quite unappreciated by a "band that does nothing to recognize the[ir] efforts."

Not a peep from Axl or anything on their official site, except to say tonight's show in Fresno is canceled. Guns' guitarist "Bumblefoot" reportedly issued a statement thanking fans for their support, but also seemingly chastised them for complaining about the record not being out yet, saying, "Life's too damn short to be upset about what you don't have - enjoy what you do have."

Easy for him to say, since he hasn't been waiting as long as the diehard "gunners" - but hey, at least he didn't tell them all they "need is just a little patience."


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Big surprise! - Axl postponed the March release date of the album. Now he is just and oldies act - so freaking sad. Ego always destroys special bands, but at least they were great once. But at least he can still sing. Axl should just give all his time and attention to his niece Victoria Mazze, her band will be the next big thing - she freakin looks just like him for gods sake.

2761 days ago


If they actually have new material it wouldnt take 6 years or longer to get it recorded. If it isnt legal kind of issues holding things up, I would venture to guess Mr Rose hasnt had an original idea or lyric since this band was in fact mainstream popular. The fact people still go to their shows is probably more along the lines of their most die hard fans are the ones attending. Beyond those fans there isnt much interest in this band, which doesnt have its original members, original songs, or original approaches to music they once did a very long time ago. Rose is out of ideas is my guess. Otherwise what celebrity in their right mind would leave their most passionate fans left hanging like they have. Unless its plain arrogance

2834 days ago


I work for a Sports and Entertainment complex that was to hold a GNR concert last month - the DAY of the show, they cancelled citing that Axl had strep throat. But the next night, they performed their concert in another state. We had almost sold out the show - and from now on, I will not promote their tour or their "ghost" of a record. They have proven to everyone that they can do one show - live with that money and if they dont need money come their next show, it is cancelled. What is the excuse they gave Fresno?

Plain and simple - dont plan a tour if your drug habit doesnt cover it!!!!!!!!!!!!

2834 days ago


To answer the question posted, Fresno was given no explanation, except for us to drive up to Oakland to see their show on Friday night. Unprofessional and cowardly are the only "PG" explanations I can think of as to why we can't even get a reason he ditched us the day before the show.

Those who can do, those who can't string people along for 10 years and still don't produce anything new.

2834 days ago



2834 days ago


These guys are jerks. They were supposed to give a concert in Calgary at 7p.m. and they didnt show up until 1am. what a bunch of self centered fools...

2834 days ago

howie aint had any in 10 yrs!    

damn Axl not again............who do you think you are?? I am one of those "die hard" GNR fans (and yes I get alot of sh*t for it) and have been strung along. NO MORE! I surrender, hope you just go on and enjoy life being a total prick!!!!!!

2834 days ago


I have a theory about "Chinese Democracy". It isn't going to happen people, that is why they choose that name. It's on big huge'll happen whenever there is actual democracy in China. Axl keeps stringing on fans, and dropping bits and pieces of things here and there to keep G'NR in the news and to get publicity. Face it people, it is never going to happen.

2834 days ago

howie aint had any in 10 yrs!    

gavin, LMAO seems kind of obvious when you put it that way.
Chinese are right, that is an oxymoron.

2834 days ago


i concur with Gavin... i had just finished writing a blog on the subject and had the same conclusion/theory.

2834 days ago


What is it with you people? Especially you, Amanda. Why would you hate Axl (or nearly anyone) so much that you "pray for [their] death" every day and post on TMZ about it?
Damn you people are just mean.

Look, the guy has issues. Those who care have heard the leaked tracks and seen some really excellent performances by the new group. Honestly, their only flaw is that they're not the old group. And that's not actually a flaw, just reality.

The album will come probably sometime next year. Trying to put a timetable on it is stupid. It will show up when it does, and the people who liked the band and enjoy the new bootlegs will buy it. There's enough promising material on youtube to suggest that the new band could hit it pretty big if they stay together and keep touring and creating new music.

2834 days ago


What an ungrateful bunch of no-talent dickheads. They could care LESS about their fans as long as the money keeps rolling in.

2834 days ago


Amanda you need help. Seriously. Go now.

2834 days ago


Axl who? GNR who? I'm sorry they lost my respect sooo long ago....tour with Metallica in '92 ring a bell? Why won't he just go crawl under a rock or something? There is no GNR without the real talent...Izzy, Slash, Duff.....

2834 days ago


Damn! I thought by now they would've all died in a freak bus crash/ hairspray fire accident. Axl Rose looks like death warmed over. He needs to give it up already since the THE ENTIRE ORIGINAL BAND isn't with him anymore. Chinese Democracy. He probably can't even point out China on a map, the old drunk.

2834 days ago
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