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Rosie Spars with Babwa, Pulls a Star on "The View"

12/13/2006 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comBarbara Walters and Rosie O'Donnell got into a whole fight about whether Barbara was richer than Rosie, and Rosie said she was not coming back to "The View" ... and Rosie hates all Asian people.

That was what Babwa and Rosie said we'd write today about a particularly raucous Hot Topics on "The View," and if they're going to write our copy for us, well, thanks, ladies!

The hullabaloo started when Rosie and her boss Barbara began an absurdist quarrel about who was less rich, whereupon Rosie ruthlessly mocked Star Jones' famous on-air eff-you to the show, saying, "After much prayer and counsel, I have decided that I won't be coming back to 'The View.'" She quickly rescinded, but the psychic damage was done.

But we were more than a little miffed when Joy said that such antics were what got "The View" almost nightly coverage on the syndicated showbiz news programs. Yo, Joy, how 'bout a little love for TMZ?


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Why are all your videos out of focus?

2838 days ago


I enjoy the View. I watch it every day. I think it has improved since Rosie has come aboard. I find it very entertaining.

2838 days ago


If Barbara had any brains or sense she would kick big mouth Rosie off the show. Let her go do her thing on that other stupid show NIP/TUCK. THats where she belows with dumb people.

2838 days ago


I love Rosie! I never used to watch The View, but now I really enjoy the show since Rosie arrived. I used to hate Elisabeth, but now I can tolerate her because she's opened her mind up a bit more since Rosie joined the show.

To all of you Rosie haters, if you don't like her then don't watch her. She seems like a good person and a loving mother. She supports many charities and good causes. Not everyone in America is a right wing Republican. I am not gay, but I support equal rights for everyone, including gay people. Some people are just so ignorant and believe whatever their government or religion tells them to believe. Think for yourself, people, and stop being haters.

2838 days ago

Team Aniston    

Who are these people??

2838 days ago


I love Rosie, but I think she has offended a lot of Asians and should acknowledge that.

2838 days ago


Hey number 30: Let us know when you lose both of your legs AND arms!!!! I'd love to stop by your place of employment and watch you work!!!! It's called KARMA! You'll get what's coming to you!!

2838 days ago

Rory M.    

What's the difference between Rosie O'Donnell and the Panama Canal?
The Panama Canal is a BUSY DITCH!

2838 days ago

I've tuned into the view pre rosie and now why I bothered to give it a second chance I will never know, or any show like it, even regis and kelly, all talk shows on the boob tube are crap. Doesn't anyone listen to NPR?

2838 days ago


i was one of the people who were skeptical about rosie replacing meredith and i wouldnt say it was fair/unfair but it is different in a goodway because rosie really isnt like meredith at all.

But I have to admit the View has gotten better, I laugh a whole lot more since shes been on.

I do not why you guys say such hateful things to a person who hasn't done anything. hell even if she does something, u guys comments are way over the line, calling he ra fat bitch, or a dyke...I mean that is really unneccesary and it needs to stop.

2838 days ago

Obama in '08    

Did anyone happen to see "The View" today? During a histarical exchange between Barbara and Rosie over "Rich Folks" dinner ettiquette the verbal punches came out. Then, a conversation ensued between both ladies in which they tried to articulate how "Poor & Common" they are in comparison to other "Rich Folks."

In essence, they were two rich women arguing over the appearance of being two rich women. Ms. Walters appeared to get very defensive by Rosie's comments. She was obviously annoyed. As a viewer, I got what Rosie was initially trying to say then, Barbara's defenses went up and things got more than weird - yet entertaining. I was laughing so hard that I almost fell out of my chair.

Let's face it; people choose to entertain in different ways - even "Rich folks." You are who you are. Personally, I don't think Rosie intended to offend Ms. Walters. Having said this, for the record both admitted to being "rich" - which can be a beautiful thing.

Barbara Walters, was obviously offended by Rosie's comments that innocently insinuated that Barbara and her friends are at a different 'class-level' than her.

Rosie, on the other hand (bless her little sensitive heart) went into hyper-mainia overdrive trying to explain her remarks. Then, she jokingly followed with the world famous last words of former co-host 'Star Jones Reynolds' stating the following: After much prayer, councel and consideration; I will be leaving 'The View.' You should have seen Ms. Walters'face during the whole exchange especially, after Rosie reiterated Mrs. Jones-Reynolds infamous words.

WOW!! The ridiculous exchange made great television in the most caddiest way!!You have to love this show (especially, with the addition of Mrs. O'Donell) because, one never knows how "HOT" the "HOT TOPICS" segment will be. However, you can almost guarantee it will be immensely entertaining at some level.

Lastly, I would just like to add that if I had a choice of who's dinner party to attend between Rosie O'Donell and Barbara Walters; I would attend Rosie's because, she has a more approachable and down-to-earth demeanor in comparison to other wealthy celebs. As a faithful viewer of "The View," Rosie O'Donell really makes it worth watching now. She is fantastic!! It was getting a little dull before she came aboard. (No offense to the other hosts on the panel.)

Much love to "The View"..

P.S. I am confident this exchange will make the highlight reels of the entertainment/gossip shows and columns. It was grrrreat!! :-)

2838 days ago


Can't stand that big mean pushy dyke

2838 days ago


#2 If you really believe watching the View is like going to a party, then YOU REALLY NEED TO GET LAID--or atleast make an attempt to enter CLUB HYDE.

2838 days ago


#35 I'm assuming by liberal communists you are referring to Elizabeth and Joy. Your post was't quite clear

2838 days ago


I like watching "The View" and I understand that it's all a point of view. However, I think it's irresponsible to share a view when it offends people. As an Asian-American, I was very offended by Rosie's comments. By her doing that, and not offering a true apology, it allows the public to think it's ok to say things like that. If you are on national TV, you cannot feign ignorance. You need to be responsible and think about your actions before expressing them.

2836 days ago
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