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Angelina Shoots Down Stork Rumors

12/14/2006 9:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jolie wants the world to know she's not pregnant, but it doesn't mean the Brangelina family is complete.

Though speculation has been swirling that Angelina Jolie has another gorgeous bun in the oven, the stunning actress joked with Diane Sawyer that if it were true, "I shouldn't have been drinking wine last night." She added, "No, we're not. I'm on the pill." Probably a little TMI, Angelina.

She adds that the globetrotting supercouple will probably adopt a third child before having a second biological one.

Jolie also gushed over Brad saying, "He's just a really great partner, a great man." Yeah, easy on the eyes too.


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She finally admits to the world what a skank she is, I've known it all along, I really wish she would disappear off the map for a while, Im so sick of her and her puppet BP...

2840 days ago


who's wears the penis in this family?

Who's watching the kids while mom's throwing back booze and globetrotting?

2840 days ago


Does anyone care how "I" am doing today?? :)

2840 days ago


love her! I think she was joking when she said "i'm on hte pill" but even if she wasn't at least that will stop the Bun in the oven rumors. LOVE HER!

2840 days ago


her voice and mannerisms are manly..she's not the most femminine girl in the world is she?

2840 days ago


So what number 6. She is hot and rich. She is not getting into trouble, she is helping the world. Is that all you have??

2840 days ago


Okay not helping the world but she helps with somethings. haha

2840 days ago


While I think it's great that she and Brad are doing so much humanitarian work and are helping to save poor little orphans, I have to say that I found it odd in the clip of the article posted yesterday when the interviewer for the magazine asked about the kids and she mentioned Maddox & Zahara, saying basically that Z is Brad's fave, but she failed to even mention Shiloh. I know I am reading way too much into it, but I just find it odd that they parade the two adopted kids around like there's no tomorrow, but are hardly ever seen with their own flesh and blood child. I believe that adopted or biological, all the kids should be treated equal. When Mad & Z were babies we saw lots of pics with Angelina toting them around, but with all the paparazzi attention that this family draws, we've only seen a couple pics with Shiloh. It's just weird, IMO. But whatever, I know the media only shows us what they want us to see, and I'm sure they are equal with all the kids.

2840 days ago


Yeah like braking up homes #8...haha

2840 days ago


Yeah #8 like breaking up homes, looking for married men to be her babies baby daddy!!! haha

2840 days ago


#9. Maybe they are more protected or they are purposeing priasing the other two because they are adopted. I don't know. Yes, all children should be treated equal.

#10, Will we ever know the truth of that? Will someone, Brad, Angie or Jen speak out?

I am so ready for either Jennifer Anniston to say, "Yea, I wanted his nasty ass out" or Angie saying, "Yea, I wanted him and I did everything in my power to get him."


2840 days ago

blah blah blah    

yada yada yada

And her point of the interview was????
What? To promote an upcoming movie? To promote breast cancer? To promote an album?
Hell NO! Just another way to snuff jennifer Annisten with her baby daddy sh*t
And to think she said she didn't want to do what her own dad did-get involved with one that is married-HUH

2840 days ago


Oh my gosh! when are people going to finally come to grips she is no miralce or Saint! please she stole another woman's husband! isn't the the same whore that doesn't talk to her father because of what he did to her mother! someone slap the hell out of her!

2840 days ago

miss praises    

listen personally she can do whatever she likes..I mean am happy that she finally calmed down and stop running around and embarassing herself..she made some mistakes that only makes her who are any of you to sit there and judge her??? have any of you made mistakes??

as far as the her breaking up jennifer and brad am happy..I couldn't stand that girl anyways..she can't even hold on to there's must be something wrong with jennifer in my takes two to tango..brad wanted kids jennifer wanted her he left and found someone who wanted the same things he wanted..his that wrong??

2840 days ago

Jo Blo    

Jennifer Anniston is a stupid, ugly, ham-looking p***y BITCH. No wonder Brad wanted to get away from her. Go Angelina.

2840 days ago
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