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Buy the Cheerleader, Save the World

12/15/2006 2:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Claire Bennet DollSure, we love the show "Heroes," but it takes a special fan to have created today's eBay item.

An eBay member by the curious name of "Halo Repaints" has created a Claire Bennet doll, the cheerleader from the hit show, with such realistic detail that it borders on downright creepy.

Halo removed all the original paint from the original 16" Tonner Rhapsody in Red Ashleigh doll -- and repainted the it to look incredibly realistic. The hair has highlights and lowlights rooted in, and is styled to resemble the regenerating cheerleader.

This is a one-off item and won't be recreated, so if you want to be the ultimate "Heroes" fan, and trigger concern among your friends, this is the item for you.


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Not sure why this is news. Did this guys World of Warcraft server site go down? Creepy.

2808 days ago


OK I love the show but $350.00 I don't think so. Nice girl. When she turned 18 watch out. She's one of the pretties girls around right now.

2808 days ago


Man, I want my hair to look that great. See this is why kids should not play with Barbies and get hope. Just Kidding. NOT!!

2808 days ago


For $430 bucks Claire's mother can buy it.
You'd have to be obsessed to buy a doll for that kind of money.

2808 days ago


I was looking at the other dolls that are/were up on eBay and that $510 is chump change in comparison. This person is wickedly talented and I hope they get a ton of money for it.

2808 days ago


I think everyone has to understand and appreciate what an artist this person is. She has taken a doll (in this case) and transformed it into a one of a kind piece of art. Although I do not paint dolls myself, I can acknowledge the time and patience it would have taken to create such a beautiful doll. I say “Good Luck to You” and I hope you get a fair price for your wonderful creation.

2808 days ago


I have seen Halo's auctions before. Only $510 ?- I've seen up to $1,100 for one of those dolls! At least it's a one of a kind. If this doll was mass produced, $500 would be nothing for a doll design. This is a fun doll.

2807 days ago


I don't see why this is "creepy". A lot of people in the geek community (of which I am proudly a part) make their own dolls/action figures if they want one that isn't currently being made or isn't available. They buy a doll or figure to use as a base, repaint, sometimes add new hair, new clothes, etc. It's simply a hobby, nothing more, and certainly not dangerous. The person who created this Claire doll, however, is an artist and obtained a level of detail that many doll- and figure-makers totally miss out on. I hope s/he gets a lot of money for this.

2807 days ago

Gimme a break    

Me thinks someone needs to get a life (and lay off the self tanner). ROTFL Why is this news?

2806 days ago

The Big Dog    

If anyone is interested in the Heroes collection then you should check out This is the artist that is doing the collection. She is one of the most amazing artists I know. So check it out!

2798 days ago

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