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Tara's Walk of Shame

12/19/2006 12:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Today could mark the end of Tara Conner's reign as Miss USA.

TMZ spotted the besieged beauty queen as she arrived at Trump Tower in New York City, where she is meeting with The Donald to discuss her fate. A press conference is expected later this morning where Conner's status as Miss USA will be announced.

Conner is under fire with allegations of drug use and excessive partying. New York Daily News reported that she failed a drug test for cocaine. Sources tell TMZ that the blonde Kentucky beauty will be officially replaced by Miss California, Tamiko Nash.

Miss USA 2001, Kandace Krueger, was standing outside of the Trump Tower this morning and told TMZ, "This is very disappointing to me if the allegations are true. Tara Conner should have the crown taken away. When you become Miss USA, you have to take the title seriously and you have to make good decisions and Tara obviously didn't."


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Jo Blo    

They just announced on CNN that she is officially being replaced by Tamiko.

2867 days ago


I am glad she got a second chance. People deserve second
chances, maybe even third chances.

2867 days ago


If I remember correctly Vanessa Williams was a Miss America, and in my eyes was wrongly dethroned.! In looking at the video of Tara coming out of the car and entering the building, I truly believe she already knew the outcome. Look at her face, she sure didn't look like someone who was losing her job to me. Just my opinion

2867 days ago


Ok, first of all, she needs to go to rehab but being able to keep her title is not right. She is supposed to be a role model. I don't think she is a role model and what kind of example is Donald or this girl making by letting her keep her title but she is going to rehab. i understand people get second chances but she was well aware of her do's and dont's and she was all grown up to make these choices so she should be grown enough to except responsibility. Is it ok for young girls to look up at her and say ok well if we get drunk (under age) well be forgiven becuase we will just have to go to rehab. Hell no, she needs to face her problems head on. Donald get yourself together and think this one over again.

Signed angry as hell mom.

2867 days ago

Vinnie Vin    

I believe a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying. Just trying to figure out why you fire someone for not showing for photo opts but keep someone who needs to go into rehab. Nevertheless let's hear it for a kinder gentler egomaniac.
Vinnie Vin

2867 days ago


MR. Trump was to gracious. I don't think she will be in the picture for long, this kind just keeps going on and they may think she will do something wrong in the future, so by forgiving her they will let her destroy herself and she will. I thought her apology was phony and strictly for the cameras. This is an insult to small town people lumping them into a catagory of not being very mature to handle themselves in the big city. This girl is bad and it will be shown in future

2867 days ago

lisa lisa    

I DO NOT think that the Miss USA should kee keep her title. She is a drug abuser. She wi will do it again. Besides Vanessa Williams l lost her title for posing nude. What is the diff difference? This one broke the law, isn't using drugs illegeal, and she was under ag age! She doesnt deserve to keep her c crown!!!!!! She can cry all she wants.

2867 days ago


This is wrong on so many levels; she should not have kept the title. What message does this send to aspiring contestants, and young women in general. Certainly everyone deserves a second chance, but not while making a mockery of a pagent/ribbon that purports to signify virtue, integrity and all things decent.

2867 days ago


Ok here we go again, what message does this send out to our youth. You prepare for a competition you know exaclty what the rules are, and you choose to break them, and still get to keep a title. I no longer have any repsect for the Miss USA. This just opened doors for others to have behavier problems and go into this competition with the thought in mind there will be no consequences.

2867 days ago

Kelly H    

231. With all do respect Mr. Trump, in the "real world" people don't get rewarded for screwing up on the job, i.e. testing positive for cocaine, breaking the law, or breaching a contract, they get fired. Only in "Hollywood" can someone screw up and become more famous from their mistakes. I only wish the best for Tara but she is clearly unable to perform her duties as Miss USA and surely not from rehab! Tara should have had the respect to relinguish the crown to save any more embarrassment to herself, the Miss USA organization, and this Country! Her "soap opera" press conference was equivalent to someone winning a grammy, ( in a b-movie crying scene voice) "I'd like to thank my Mom..., Mr. Trump...", and she never once apologized to the Country. Such a prestigious title as Miss USA should be protected, and in this case it is being made out to be a joke. It is very upsetting that Miss USA will become more popular due to her stretch in rehab than her service as an ambassador for the United States.

2866 days ago
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