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Trump: Tara NOT Fired, Will Enter Rehab

12/19/2006 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Donald the Forgiving?

In a move that shocked anyone who has ever seen "The Apprentice," including Tara Conner, Donald Trump announced Tuesday morning that he will not fire the embattled Miss USA, despite allegations of drug use, underage drinking and sexual misconduct.

"She's agreed to go into rehab. She knows that if she makes even the slightest mistake from here on, she will be immediately replaced," said Trump. The carefully coifed billionaire explained that he will use Conner as a role model. "I believe she can do a tremendous service to young people."

Fighting back tears, and with her voice shaking, Conner thanked Trump for the pardon saying, "In no way did I think it would be possible for a second chance to be given to me." She then went on to shower the Donald in compliments; "I've had a very big blessing bestowed on me. It truly takes someone with a wonderful heart, a heart of gold and a blessed soul."

Midway through the press conference, Conner briefly ran offstage and donned her Miss USA sash, proving that she's keeping her crown.


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The personalities on the television are not suppose to be our childrens' role models. You don't know them, they don't give a dam about you! Make sure you know the people in your childs life. Stop being Idol worshippers and teach the young that television is mostly Entertainment tonight, today and always.

2830 days ago


Iam a white blond woman who happens to be very attractive.
why are we makng this about race, why can't we live in peace and harmony I am trying to raise my children to see people as people not what race or religion they are.
This is not about race this is about prostitution and Donald Trump is the PIMP
Miss Tamika deserves the crown IF in was a real honor, she should be happy that she in not involved with the PIMP all he cares about is MONEY and hiring his PROSTITUTES that he calls wives.
So girls lets unite in this and boycott anything that deals with the PIMP aka Donald Trump and not call it race. I realize that there are racist people, but please don't lump me in with them!!!! THEY ARE IGNORANT AND UNEDUCATED ( and as I have explained to my children) and want to feel good at the expense of ANYONE because they are little people with NO self ESTEEM and DUMB!!!!
Thank You

2830 days ago


I take exception of that poll where 70% of the voters think that Tara Conner will screw up again and lose her Miss USA crown. I really think that she's going to fight this problem and will be successful in drug rehab. Because she was underage, I don't know why the chaperones didn't stay with Tara the night she was in those New York clubs. How did she even get in them? How dangerous the consequences that she would have faced in those places! I commend Donald Trump for listening to her and giving her this second chance. I feel that she will have a lot of support from loyal fans and strangers leading up to her reign ending in April. I will be praying for her to succeed.

2830 days ago


MARIA , You sound like a women proud to be white and looking for a date.
I think the rest was just an afterthought.

2830 days ago


416 I am a happily married woman and only described myself because I did not want anyone to think I was a disgruntled African American woman or a disgruntled unattractive woman
I dislike Donald Trump and I am against racism, that is all.
Have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday whatever you are peace.

2830 days ago


I don't believe that there should be a boycott against the Donald.
IT IS ONLY ENTERTAINMENT! Enjoy the show and get out of la-la land.
he does not give a damn about you !

2830 days ago

coco puff    

Your damn right girlfriend! This cracker ass, coke snortin, ho, should be long gone, for real! I cant believe the motherf***er racists on this site. How can they not see it's a racial issue? You know there just playing us and thinking were stupid. I got news for them. I will never, ever, stop my fight against the racists in this country. You'll better watch out for me, cause I'm gonna bring it to you strong, motherf***ers!!!

2830 days ago

To CosaMesaboy    

To everyone that has been saying that Trump is racist because of this. Number one it is not only his choice, I'm sure there are other people who discussed this and decided not to fire her. Also, I guess you have forgotten that there have been numerous black contestants on The Apprentice, who have gotten very far into the competition, and Randall, a black man, also won.

2830 days ago


#12 I really feel sorry for you and people who think like you. Not only can you not post and infomative, mature blog without all the profanity and disciminatory implications, but you feel you are right. You are one of the reasons I am so proud to be a mother. I have a chance to make sure my children never think or turn out like someone even remotely similar to you! Then again, your mother probably would die of embarrasment if she culd see how you speak and think.

2829 days ago


At least Rosie acts like a lesboâ%u20AC¦..NOT a P***Y like Donald!

2829 days ago


If any of you think she got to New York ans suddenly turned into an alcoholic, coke sniffing, bi/lesbian party girl, your crazy. This chick just didn't think she'd get caught. And the crocodile tears at the press conference were laughable. You could actually see her turn it on and off. Trump is a shrew businessman, The decision about this was made lllooooooooong before the press conference. If they'd dropped her it would have been bad press for a few days then nothing. By doing this the ratings for next year's pageant will be through the roof. Plus you have the added bonus of a possible reality show as they follow Miss USA through a catharsis laden rehab stint. Chick should have been removed. And yes America, Trump has a problem with black people that goes waaaaaay back. Anyone remember that full page ad he took out calling for the guys that were convicted in the Central Park Jogger case to be executed? Hmmm. Well it turned out they all had been tortured/coerced into confessions by the NYPD and that another person had committed the crime. Did Trump apologize? I think not.

2829 days ago


to U need a revelation:

Im gone for one day, and I come back to find your stunningly weak response. All you hard core literal bible lovers are the same - all conclusory statements, devoid of any reason or critical thought. Maybe if you type type "the bible is real, god is real" about 158 more times it will come true. AND perhaps even santa clause and the tooth fairy will make an appearance.

Believe all you want in a talking snake, the burning bush, and heaven and hell, my friend - pick your delusion. I was raised christian, Im quite familiar with the bible and all its contradictions/absurdities/fallacies. As woody allen once said, if god is real, based on his "creation " he is cleary an underachiever, (and dare I say, most lazy in his creation of your mental capacity).

I will not be the one swallowing my words in this debate. I have the army of reason, common sense, facts, evidence and the scientific community behind me on this one. What do you have. A "God" youve been taught existed? (yeah, i was taught that one too - and believed it, until I started thinking independently). A Book that has be revised and translated multiple times by multiple people with various agendas over the centuries? A book that has been used as the justifcation for murder, genocide, crusades, and imperialism throughout time?

Unfortunately, you, nor any other religion has a monopoly on GOD, nor the final say on whether or not he/she exists; NOR whether there is a heaven or hell, NOR whether I might burn in it. So dont you BARK at me sir, that the bible is real, or that god is real. Stripped of you're biblical rhetoric, you are left with NOTHING to support any of your claims.

Im so sorry my "big words" put you off. It would behoove you to perhaps learn a few of your own. You may find them useful on occasion to make what's called an "argument" to support claims.

2829 days ago


You all are so sad!! Admit the truth for once!! America is still prejudice and racist! Bottom line--plain and simple. Can we say Vanessa Williams!!!???? Exactly--So, don't talk about the race card---the TRUTH is the TRUTH!!!!

2829 days ago


ok the bitch that said "no black miss usa, this isnt africa", you are the dumbest bitch on the face of this planet. of course this isn't africa, because if it was the women would be naturally pretty, they wouldn't be snorting coke and going into rehab. your comment shows that you're probably an incest bred, ignorant, kkk, dumb, stupid red neck. GO F*** YOUR SISTER OR SOMETHING!!!

2829 days ago


TO ALICE, bitch i hope you burn in hell!!! yea science is what makes you breathe everyday. you f***ing stupid "independent" thinking idiots need to go shoot yourselves and perish in hell!!!!!!!!!!

2829 days ago
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