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Rosie Doesn't Take The Donald's Bait

12/21/2006 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell shot back at Donald Trump this morning on "The View" -- with nothing more than a piggy-ish face.
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Fitting, perhaps, since "pig-faced" was just one of the adjectives Trump used to describe Rosie yesterday after their public slapfight exploded. Against expectations, Rosie chose not to get in the ring with the Infamously-Coifed One, making only passing reference to The Donald.

Pointing out the presence of her partner Kelli in the studio audience, Rosie said, "I was afraid to leave her home in case someone with a combover [ahem] came and stole her from me."

And that was that. Meanwhile, Donald vented on "Good Morning L.A." Is Rosie now taking the high road, or has she been silenced? Her rep says she's has no additional comment.

A rep for "The View" provided this comment from Barbara Walters, who is out of the country, to TMZ: "Donald Trump is a personal friend of mine and has been a good friend to 'The View' for many years. I'm sorry there is friction between Donald and Rosie. That said, I do not regret for one moment my choice to hire Rosie O'Donnell as the moderator of 'The View'. I certainly hope and expect that this tempest will pass quickly."


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ManBearPig Huntress    

Barbara hit her with the cattle prod and told her to SHUT THE F*CK UP! You can bet she didn't close her mouth on her own!

Fat, nasty ass beyotch...

2801 days ago

Brit Ate Paris    

Rosie doesn't take bait, she IS BAIT. YOU FAT STUPID F***ING DIKE! Don't mess with Trump. The reason you kept your upper Clam Hole shut today is because Barbara told you too!

2801 days ago


Rosie may have been temporarily silenced about Donald Trump but chances are she'll wait a few days and then attack someone else. That is just her style, the way she gets attention, she is not intelligent enough or even well educated to discuss things that matter in the world. She likes to bicker....

2801 days ago


I highly doubt Rosie is taking the high road. I'm sure the people at the view are telling her to keep her mouth shut on this one from now on, on their show at least.

2801 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

I think they should get married,then they could have kids and have a bunch of kids running around saying your "FIRED" she can teach all the little girl be a egocentric and he can teach the boys how to be the most arrogant person on the face of the earth, Barbra loves this sh*t,great ratings

2801 days ago


So the donald acted like a 5 year old when he heard the comments. Who wants to hear rude public comments made about them. Rosie always has some negative comment to make about someone anyone. She is the most judgemental person on TV. She's making her career on attacking a new person every week and making a bigger *** of herself with each comment

2801 days ago


Yah, he's got something on her. HE said he'd sue her. Now she's quiet.
HA the big scandle.. she's NOT gay... it's a publicity stunt!
She's the REAL wife of her beloved Tom Curise!

2801 days ago


Rosie is such an hypocrit; if Miss USA had been a lesbo, she would have fallen all over about how Donald Trump did the right thing.

2801 days ago

2 Legit 2 Quit    

I did not have a lot of respect for Donald before this, but have ZERO respect now.
Donald really stepped low with call her pig faced and talking about how fat she is, HE HAS NO CLASS!


2801 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

Rosie has not obviously taken the "HIGH ROAD" because she made that remark about somone with a "COMB-OVER" possibly taken her "wife" Kelly away from her. Rosie is such the hypocrite, she needs to stop acting like she is the moral police, and stop thinking that she is judge and jury of all things in this world. I can't believe I used to be a fan of Rosie's...

2801 days ago


I thought she wasn't afraid to say what's on her mind? Probably knows her "wife" will leave her if she loses her job. Ass.

2801 days ago


Rosie should NEVER scrunch up your face...NEVER EVER EVER!!

It's wasn't pretty to begin with...don't make it worse...hard on the eyes of the viewer.

2801 days ago


Donald Trump is clearly insane, and he's done this before, if you recall the whole Martha Stewart feud. He's completely narcissistic, and there wasn't much for Rosie to respond to, other than exactly what she did. And she was right about him, he's a hypocrite and a cretin. I'm now a fan of hers.

2801 days ago


Oh please! This whole "feud" is nothing but PR for both of them. I can't believe people are taking this serious.

Ratings for "The View" have been up since Rosie joined and Trump would do anything for publicity.

Are y'all that easy to fool?

2801 days ago


Hey "Donna" we heard you the first time, sweets.

2801 days ago
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