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Trump: "Barbara Cannot Stand Rosie"

12/21/2006 2:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This is celebrity mudslinging at its finest!
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Donald Trump continued his vicious attack on Rosie O'Donnell on Thursday by calling into local morning show "Good Day L.A.," and proclaiming that Barbara Walters hates Rosie as much as he does!

The Donald fired off a litany of insults, personally attacking the "View" co-host by calling her a "bully," "a loser," "stupid," and even compared her to a "clam."

Some of the Trump lowlights were:

Regarding "The View's" surge in ratings this year: "I bring it up because they talk about me. Ultimately, that show will fail because of Rosie," adding, "Barbara (Walters) made a mistake. She cannot stand Rosie O'Donnell."

On Rosie's intelligence: "She's not very smart. I think Rosie is stupid."

On Rosie's appearance: "If you can look as ugly as she looks ... I give her credit for having succeeding moderately."

On Rosie's sexuality: "I think she's very attracted to Miss USA. She probably wanted to put the crown on her head herself."

On, er, well, you figure it out: "She was like a little clam. A disgusting thought isn't it, when you compare Rosie to a clam?"

TMZ spoke to Walters' rep (who also reps Rosie), who says that Barbara had no comment and added that she is on vacation "in the middle of nowhere."

The blowup, which seems to have been brewing for years, exploded yesterday after Rosie attacked Trump on "The View," chastising him for acting as America's "moral authority" in his public pardon of Miss USA Tara Conner.

After the on-air rant, Rosie told "EXTRA" that Donald really didn't care about Conner's drug addiction, calling the whole thing a publicity stunt. "I just think he's a hot bag of wind," said O'Donnell.

This is war!


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I have to agree with Donald Trump Rosie is a loud mouth pig!!!!!!!

2701 days ago


Rosie needs to mind her business before she loses the View gig.

2759 days ago


Shut the f*** up Trump!!!!

2759 days ago



at fist I didnt care for Rosies big mouth, but...I have changed my mind at least she is honest and open with her opinion. Sorry to say......

Donald DESERVED IT!!!!!! he should have FIRED THOSE TWO BITCHES!


2759 days ago


Rosie must have really gotten to him. This kind of brings Donald Trump down a few notches to hear him bickering like this with a woman.

If he were REALLY a gentleman, he would just shrug it off and move on, and not stoop to childishness like name-calling. I would think that type of behavior would be beneath someone like him.

2759 days ago


Not a fan of Rosie per se but she can be awfully funny. And I would stand on her side over a pig like Trump. He shows how little class he has by his word choice. If he had any class at all, he would not say such awful things against someone in public. Just look at his sour puss face, and his mean pig eyes..what a hateful soul on his way to hell.

2759 days ago


Have we come to the point where Donald Trumps fortune entitles him to shove his opinion down everyone's throats? Obviously, he does not find it necessary to abide by the social rules of decency that the rest of the world does.

He, who has had 2 or 3 failed marriages makes moral judgments on others, giving the Miss USA his blessing to continue her reign as long as she does as he says.

Now, he passes his judgment on Rosie! Regardless of how one feels about either of these people, it isn't quite fair for one man to make these proclomations and expect the world to listen and respect him. And, he makes the comments about Rosie's appearance. Geez, guess we know whjat he thinks of at least half of American's ordinary middle aged women! And, he should talk. He is definitely no "looker", and would never attract women if he did not have the money that he does.

Time to shut up, Donald!!

2759 days ago

Tmz is lame    

Yikes. This is going to get even uglier than it already is.

2759 days ago



2759 days ago


I have to say Donald has made some super honest points about Rosie. I personally know no one that likes this lady and often wonder how she acquired a career in the spotlight, much less become a household name. I cannot find quality in this person at all; therefore, cannot understand the appeal??

2759 days ago


Rosie O'Donnell embodies the word "ugly" in every single way it can apply - Her appearance is ugly, her personality is ugly, and she has ugly political views.

I'm no Trump fan, but the fat pig started this one, and she deserves all the abuse she gets for it.

2759 days ago


I am for anything that will remove the image of O'donnell anywhere and everywhere. Just the sight of her makes my skin crawl and as long as this cow is on TV, "it" will some how make it onto any news show I watch. Excuse me, I have to go puke again.

2759 days ago

Jay Haws    

Trump is a Chump!

2759 days ago


Boys, boys; calm down!

2759 days ago


Not only is Donald Trump making himself look bad. But he is now trying to bring Barbara Walters into this, which is no fair. This is between him and Rosie.

This is like third grade!

2759 days ago
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