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Brown's Widow Barred from Home

12/26/2006 10:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just hours after losing her legendary husband, the widow of James Brown said that the Godfather of Soul's lawyer and accountant stopped her from entering the Atlanta home she shared with him.

Tomi Rae Brown, who was a backup singer for Brown, told the Associated Press that she was away at a retreat when James died in an Atlanta hospital early Christmas morning. But when she returned to their home, said Brown, her late husband's lawyer and accountant wouldn't let her in. She said she didn't own the deed to the home but claimed a legal right to live there. "I don't have any money," said Brown. "I don't have anywhere to go." It was unclear whether Mrs. Brown was actually living at the home at the time of James' death.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that James Brown had been in ill health in the weeks preceding his death, and that a dentist had told him earlier last week that he needed medical attention. The cause of death, according to a Brown rep, was congestive heart failure.

Jordan Actually Plays Wingman, for Once

It looks like Michael Jordan might be playing one role in retirement that he never did on the court – wingman. Last week, as Page Six reports, the basketball legend rang up a $1,000 tab at ever-popular Manhattan eatery, Tao, with former combatants Patrick Ewing and Charles Oakley. As they left, Jordan tried to sweet-talk some women into hanging with the trio at Pink Elephant, where he was on his way to meet that ultimate athlete-Lothario, Derek Jeter. "Jordan was really trying to get this girl to leave with him," says a Post source. "And the girl responded, 'Aren't you married?'" But the full-court press was, apparently, all for the benefit of Jeter and other single pals.

Martha Can't Keep Her Pants Up

Perhaps it's all that baggy prison wear she got used to, or just a spate of waist-expanding holiday partying, but Martha Stewart is having trouble with her trousers. Stewart was in an elevator at a screening the other night, reports Page Six, and said to a friend, "My pants keep coming undone! It's scandalous. I can't seem to keep the top button up." Perhaps realizing the faux pas of admitting such a thing, she quickly changed the subject to – what else – her friend's shoes, and revealed Imelda Marcos-esque proclivities. "You should come over to my place sometime. We are talking thousands of shoes. I have thousands of shoes! It's crazy," she blabbed.

Party Favors: Angelina Visits Refugees for Xmas ... Is Mel's Native American Star Really So? ... Governator Has Surgery on Broken Leg

Has this woman ever heard of, like, egg nog, a roaring fire, and some Nat King Cole? Angelina Jolie continued her efforts to make the rest of us feel like overindulged urchins by spending her Christmas Day with Colombian refugee children in Costa Rica. ... Mel Gibson has touted the Native American heritage of the star of his new film "Apocalypto," Rudy Youngblood, but, as Rush and Molloy report, some Native Americans are skeptical of his ethnic cred. Youngblood's manager, Michelle R. Shining Elk, admits that the actor once used his stepfather's surname Gonzalez. But Shining Elk also says that Youngblood is the son of a prominent Comanche. ... Calif. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is scheduled to have surgery today on his right leg, which he broke in a skiing accident. While he's under anesthesia for a few hours, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante will take over for the Governator.

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No Avatar


Angelina Jolie is a publicity whore. Read this article on how she adops kids:

2857 days ago


Columbian or Colombian...when will Americans learn to write "Colombia" right.

2857 days ago


uh, Michael didnt you just finish up some nasty court sessions with your former Mistress? What are you doing partying in New York when you have your own sons playing high school basketball back in Chicago? Real Family man huh? were selfish on the court and are in life too....even if claims of it all being in jest, I suspect that became a cover for you getting caught again. Your daddy had a habit of just dissapearing for days and weeks at a time, and a habit which eventually cost him his life....Stay home Sir

2857 days ago


Mrs Brown---who goes to a "retreat" over Christmas without their spouse? And than isnt around when her husband hasnt been feeling well for weeks?

2857 days ago


Holie is such an attention whore that it's unreal. Is there nothing she can't do without notifying the press first? You give from the heart, not for attention. She's got it all wrong and she's not giving half of what she claims. The kids are nothing but tokens for her or else she'd been with them on Christmas of all days. She's such a user and Pitts a total idiot who will tire of it and soon I hope.

2857 days ago


This is horrible! Why would J.B.'s lawyers and accountant keep his wife from the home she shared with J.B. and their five years old son? This lady and poor kid just lost not just a legend, but someone they call, a father and a husband. What are these people thinking? Is there any humanities and common sense left in this world? This is holiday seasons, and time for families to be together. It's tragic enough to loose a loved one at this particular time of the year. But, to add more pain to the poor woman and her chid's agony? Common, people? Where's your sense of humanity? Have we all lost it this bad?

2857 days ago


it's Colombian not, columbian

2857 days ago


What do you do for the betterment of society, Dianne? Post to message boards? Give me Angelina anyday over jealous whiners like you.

2857 days ago

We, are not amused.    

This is what I love about TMZ, they only do a half ass reporting about a genuine NEWS story. According to an AP story, James and this woman were NOT legally married, she was still married when she hooked up with James Brown and later got divorced BUT THEY NEVER BOTHERED TO GET REMARRIED!
Mr. Brown's attorney is doing the right thing by protecting his estate which he has left for his children. Sounds like the Anna Nicole Smith situtation. See for yourselfs:

2857 days ago

We, are not amused.    

I bet that Marth Stewert wears panties...nice cotton "grandma" ones, with the reenforced cotton crotch. I'm still thinking of her, on her back on her K-mart sheets working that $1200.00 buzzer in her box!
I wonder, does she do like so many of the young girls today and shave that clam?

2857 days ago

US/STAR Lies    

Brad and Angelina spent Christmas morning with their
three kids. They are great parents. Then they visited
Costa Rica in the true spirit of Christmas.Try it sometime.,,20005360,00.html

2857 days ago


How can she be a publicity whore when she has been doing this since 2001, waaay before anyone really cared what she did?
And it's the organizations themselves that take pictures, to draw attention to the various situations that these celebrities are giving to.
hmm...i will BET that half of you people (at least!) that criticize angelina didnt even KNOW the situation regarding Colombian refugees.
i love her; she's awesome :)

2857 days ago


envy is ugly and so is ignorance. you prove yourself both with this "holie" crap.

2857 days ago


I heard that she and James Brown were not legally married, they only have a 5yr old son together. I am just curious as the why she didn't leave the retreat when she learned that he was hospitalized?

2857 days ago


She's awesome! I love hearing what her Bono and Borgen are up to.

2857 days ago
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