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Beach Boys Booted Out of Court

12/27/2006 5:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Beach BoysWouldn't it be nice if you could wake up ... and find out that a crazy judge didn't pull the rug out from under you?

The Beach Boys just learned a hard lesson about the American justice system. TMZ has learned that on December 11, Danny Morin, the lawyer from Brother Records Inc. (The Beach Boys' company), showed up 13 minutes late for a court hearing in Los Angeles Federal Court. Judge Manuel Real, legendary for his explosive tirades, sent some seriously bad vibrations through the courtoom by dismissing The Beach Boys' case.

Brother Records Inc. filed the lawsuit last January, seeking $20 million in damages from two men who allegedly stole a treasure trove of band memorabilia from a North Hollywood warehouse. The band claimed that Allan Gaba, owner of the warehouse, and his friend Roy Sciacca, pilfered such items as Brian Wilson and Mike Love's contract for the song, "Do It Again," photos of the band with George Harrison, and original music compositions.

The hearing on December 11 was a final pre-trial conference, the last stage before trial. Even though Attorney Morin's office made several calls to the clerk advising that the mouthpiece would be a bit late, it didn't sit well with Judge Real. We're told The Beach Boys are none too pleased, and Morin is asking the judge to reconsider. Don't count on it.


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The attorney should have showed up on time.I don't blame the judge one bit. F--k all bitch-ass attorneys. 90% of them are scumbags.

2854 days ago

Lenn K    

Well I guess you'll set your watches and clocks and get your ass to court on time. Lawyers are scumbags anyway!

2854 days ago


Well at least they can sue their attorney for malpractice.

2854 days ago

Cali Kokopelli    

I get REALLY tired of some judges having SUCH a damn power trip! For whatever reason the lawyer, Danny Morin, was late -- at least his office DID call to advise that he was going to be late. That judge reminds me of Judge Judy. Rude and inconsiderate. How are the American people supposed to be guided by such intolorant, supposedly wiser, people? And since the lawsuit was for more than just chump-change, that really sucks for the Beach Boys. I think that judge needs to change his name from Judge Real to Judge Real-A$$hole. I know a few lawyers who really try and do the best they can. Unfortunately, the majority of lawyers give ALL lawyers a very bad reputation. Good Luck to the Beach Boys. They deserve to get back everything that was allegedly taken from them.

2854 days ago

LA roller    

Sounds like somebody in frisco needs a little anger management training. This case will end up back in court and probably with a new judge. Judge Real (who is a lawyer himself - obvious to everyone other than some nut job in SF) is one of the most hated judges on the bench in California. He is a bully and a tyrant in his court and he does whatever he damn well pleases with little regard to the law. He is also the most reversed judge in the Ninth Circuit. My guess is the Beach Boys attorney arrived late hoping Real would pull a stupid stunt like he did. This will give him grounds to move for Real to be recused so that the case can be heard by a judge that isn't such a head case.

2854 days ago


I think this sucks for the Beach Boys however if you have ever sat in courtroom waiting for a trial or any other proceeding to start you would be shocked how often these attorneys are late. The rest of us have to perform our jobs on time nd so should they.

2854 days ago


If the judge doesn't reconsider, and more than likely he won't, the Beach Boys should sue the attorney and the record company for breach of contract. Perhaps this attorney has a history of arriving late, and the judge reacted accordingly; still, judges shouldn't punish clients just because of an attorney showing up late for a case. Instead, the judge should've cited the attorney with contempt of court.


2854 days ago


The thing is many of these attorneys are dealing with clients either at the jail house or are in court. They can't speed up another court hearing in order to get to another one. On the other hand given these facts, they should have an assistant lawyer who could have taken over for them.

2854 days ago


simpson wont have problems dating me anytime, why 1 aint interested in having sex with her or any most beautiful women in the world or marrying them.

2854 days ago


Judge Real is an a-1 a**hole - I've been a juror in his court. I can't believe he is still on the bench.

2854 days ago

Carlos Oxholm    

Even though I have been late numerous times to court I can understand how the judge would dismiss the case. If the judge was known for being explosive the attorney should not have been late. I have a relative that is a judge and I understand she is also known for being tough but extremely fair. I have gotten calls from people that knew she was my cousin telling me that even though they lost before her they admired how she ran a tight court room. She is on time (as many judge are not) gives respect and expects it in return. This situation may suck for the Beach Boys but I would imagine it was dismissed without prejudice and the attorney will be able to file the case over again. It will most likely be costly the second time around but he had a duty to be on time. Let's see if the reason he was late comes out.

2854 days ago

Tony J.    

Sounds to me like LA Roller (#5) definitely has the 4-1-1 on the judge and the SF courts. And even if he doesn't, we have to give the attorney the benefit of the doubt. He's not a "scumbag" criminal defense attorney. And this is a civil action. Somebody above lumped virtually all attorneys together in the usual denigration associated with ignorance.

I hope the Beach Boys get their day in court.

Just my two cents.

2854 days ago

My two cents    

What SHOULD have happened is the Attorney should have been fined and the hearing should have gone on OR re-scheduled. The Beach Boys should not be penalized for this. Obviously this judge is looking for his 14 minutes of fame.

2854 days ago


Oh if Judge Real could only be assigned the recent Michael Jackson case where he is suing his acountants----and Michael pulls his own fashionably late and chimp act in and outside his courtroom, justice would be served.

2854 days ago


Civil courts are a joke. They hand down the judgement and award some ridiculuos sum of money and the plaintiff never see's a dime. Just look at the O.J. and Robert Blake case's. Anna Nicoles dumb-ass ain't getting sh*t either.

2854 days ago
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