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Tim Burton's Ex Alleges Massive Conspiracy

12/27/2006 10:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tim Burton, Lisa MarieLisa Marie, a model and Tim Burton's ex live-in girlfriend, has filed a lawsuit alleging that Burton, her lawyer and her friends conspired to fraudulently strip her of her right to palimony.

TMZ obtained a copy of the lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Lisa Marie claims that she and Burton, whose directing credits include "Batman" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," began their romantic relationship in 1991. She claims that a year later, Burton agreed to provide her with "financial support and needs for the rest of her life." They also agreed, she alleges, to combine all their worldly assets.

Lisa Marie, who describes herself as a model, actress, artist, writer and photographer, claims that in August 2001, Burton ended their relationship. She says in the suit, "This sudden, totally unexpected news devastated Plaintiff, who became extremely depressed and emotionally unstable for months thereafter."

That's when Lisa Marie says the conspiracy went into high gear. She alleges that her financial advisors, her lawyer and her friend, Cherry Vanilla, all worked with Burton to make her feel as if she didn't have a case against Burton for lifetime support. According to her suit, "They unconscionably played upon Plaintiff's emotional weakness by continually telling her that she was facing poverty unless she entered into a settlement with Burton on terms acceptable to Burton."

Under the settlement, Burton paid Lisa Marie fair market value for their New York apartment. According to the documents, she received $2.7 million for the unit, and nothing else.

Lisa Marie is suing to rescind the settlement agreement based on fraud. She's also asking for damages in excess of $25,000.


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Lady go find yourself a job, and make sure the next rich man you snagg put a ring on your finger so that you can get your fair share. Now move on and deal with it.

2794 days ago

The Daredevil    

Say what you want to about Tim Burton, but I like his taste in women

2794 days ago

Shannon in Texas    

She's a model? For who....Noses R Us? Puh-leez.

2794 days ago


so let me get this right..she dated him for a few months in 2.7 mil in real estate but still wants more 16 years later??

2794 days ago


You signed and agreement, now deal with it and move on for crying out loud!!

2794 days ago


$270,000 per year? That is a heck of a lot more omoney than most wives can ever hope to get in a divorce. Face it lady, nothing is forever. And, you shre as heck can never count on any man to be forever! Any more than a man can count on a woman for forever.

As said before, invest your money and have a life, and/or get a job!

2794 days ago

the wise old owl    

Am I reading something wrong or does it say she is asking for ONLY $25,000 in damages. ?? That seems like nothing if she has been committed to him since 1991. It ended in 2001. ..... 10 years is a long time. That doesn't seem excessive to me.

She can get a job now. But what about all those years she didn't because she was fullfilling HIS needs ? I don't know the whole story but it sounds like BURTON is making out pretty good here. After all it's not like he can't afford it and a promiise is a promise. He isn't going to miss the $$ and I am sure she has earned it. Anna NIcole would have asked for lot more than that ....ha ha LOL.

2794 days ago


#5 - She's asking for damages "in excess of $25,000"... that's a jurisdictional allegation necessary for the court in which the action was brought. It is not limiting her damages to $25k. She could conceivably ask for $25mil...

2794 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Today, nothing is ever over and done when it comes to "palimony"

2794 days ago


She dated him for ten years, have you SEEN what he looks like? She DESERVES palimony and Helena Bonham Carter is a home wrecker who had to had a love scene even though she was one of the flippin' APES!!! You KNOW why that happened? The casting couch people. The casting couch.

2794 days ago


5: She's suing to get the agreement thrown out, so she can go after half of his entire assets.

2794 days ago


Just curious.. does anyone know why whore woman always refer to themselves or the media refers to woman as supermodels or models - not they used to be in the modeling industry etc? I'm not sure why that is... I don't say I am a lawn mowing expert - something I did many years ago.. I say what I am now and if I'm retired from that position or job I simply don't say I'm ex such and such.. why do whores and media always refer to the word model when they used to be many years ago? I don't get it....

2794 days ago


I'm sorry.... Cherry Vanilla?

2794 days ago

george vieto    

Another crazy story from the land of entertainment relationships gone wild. Show me the money Tim.

2794 days ago


#13: I'm not sure how Cherry Vanilla comes into play in this whole saga, but when I was a teen in the early 70s, she was part of the glam rock groupie crowd at Max's Kansas City and used to be photographed a lot with David Bowie. I remember picking up Creem magazine, the paean to that crowd LOL...and she was featured every single month...her, and Miss Pamela of the GTOs and the New York Dolls and...(boy, am I dating myself here!)

2794 days ago
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