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Dave Says Van Halen's Hot for Combat

12/28/2006 1:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ caught up with David Lee Roth in Manhattan last night, and he warned that a potential Van Halen reunion could result in a NASCAR-style wreck. Or a "Jerry Springer"-like brawl. Or even a "Knots Landing"-esque bitchfight!

Diamond Dave, looking dapper and well-coifed outside of Marquee, said that he's excited that Van Halen was nominated for a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but wondered whether the band would spontaneously combust if they reunited. For months, the band has hinted at a reunion, but Roth admitted in May that he hasn't spoken to guitarist Eddie Van Halen for almost two years.

"A Van Halen reunion is a lot like NASCAR -- are you there to see the winner or the crash?" mused Dave. "In this aspect, we're a lot closer to "Jerry Springer" meets "Knots Landing, which, to me, sells T-shirts." And probably tickets too.


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We, are not amused.    

JT #13
Thanks, I thought so but living out here in the hitherlands its hard to keep up with what goes on in the cultural center(s) of this great nation!

2802 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Is it just me that finds it diffcult to post items in a timely manner? Sometimes it takes HOURS before I get the email link...F****ing TMZ!

2802 days ago


I have to agree with #2. I love Roth back in the day he was the man with all those high kicks, splits and rubbing the gutiar on his firm ass. oh man the 80's totally rocked!!!

2802 days ago

My two cents    

Poster #5

I am certain (VERY) if Roth was HIV positive, it would be OLD news. I'd be careful if I were you about statements made like that. You could set yourself up for a rather LARGE lawsuit if it were not true.

2802 days ago

Some dude    

This guy is the classic example of how terribly wrong things can go when the only people you keep around you are people whose only job is to help bolster your over inflated self image.

Dave, you WERE a great singer.
Dave, you DID put out some great songs.
Dave, you have always been an a**hole.
And you will likely always be one.

I remember what this rift was all about.

Last time they tried a reunion Dave went up to Eddie and said, â%u20AC%u0153Tonight is all about meâ%u20AC
And was all belligerent about it. Shockerâ%u20AC¦Eddie wasnâ%u20AC%u2122t taking it. Like he used to when Dave would act all sanctimonious.

I guess somewhere along the road Eddie realized he was the guitar god that he is, and decided that no matter what, he didnâ%u20AC%u2122t need to put up with Daveâ%u20AC%u2122s sh*t.

Good for you Eddie!!!

Dave, do us all a favor okay?
Get some professional help for your ego issues, lay off the booze, lay off the drugs, and try to become a (real) person again.

Maybe a bit of humility would get you further then your current attitude has.
Clearly any progress would be an improvement.

2802 days ago


Van Halen are NOTHING without Diamond David Lee Roth. Let them tour with some imposter (i.e. Sammy Hagar) ...and watch VH self-destruct. Sorry, would you pay to see ...and the Pips, or...and the Doors, or...and Guys who used to back-up Jimi Hendrix, or...Tony Orlando (he qualifys by default)....? Suck it up VH...he may be crazy...but without blow chunks.

2801 days ago


Van Halen was great with DLR when he could sing I have seen him 3 times since he has left the band the first time the 1st time was great he had Steve Vai on guitar outstanding.

2nd time Sam @ Dave tour Sammy kicked his but off the stage Dave forgot words to songs he was not singing he talked his way through alot of songs was very dissapointed.

3rd time was down to a fest in Naperville IL. I just thank God I only paid 5.00 dollars for the tickets because it was worse than the 2nd time lucky for him his band was not to bad.

As far as what has been said about Sammy VH like I said they were great with DLR but they were even better Sammy, I know I will get slammed for this but o-well at least they did not write covers on there albums, and also Eddie was able to explore his musical talents, that DLR would always be upset about if Eddie would think about trying. Plus Sammy saved Mikey from the brothers more than one time. It has been said that when Sammy was with VH that between Sammy and Eddie there music writing was compared to that of Led Zepplin.

So yea if this does happen I know we will all be going to get tickets and paying top dollar to sit as close to the front as we can or going to E-bay to buy tickets or doing what is humanly possible to get these to relive or tennage years to see the all mighty VAN HALEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2799 days ago


Roth can't sing any more. this reunion is about 12 years too late and without Michael Anthony, it's not a Van Halen reunion. Eddie is an idiot. it's not about the fans, it's about the money. if it was about the fans, Michael would be part of the reunion. Eddie is a baby, just because Michael hangs out with Sammy and chose to do something with his life, like tour, instead of sitting on his ass like the brothers Van Halen, Eddie has a problem with him.

2795 days ago

sandy toce    

It would great to go to val halen concert with dave lee roth my sister love him.

2789 days ago


...and it will snow in the tropics, I will believe this when standing in the auditorium and actually see it with my eyes, and even then have to pinch myself to prove that I'm not hallucinating. It would be interesting to hear and see Wolfie, but at his age, his voice is changing, makes for bad vocals, he'll probably be super-eclectrifying in a few short years, and this just might be the practice he needs.

2765 days ago


Sadly David Lee Roth is indeed HIV positive. Even Slash admits it in his autobiography and said it totally changed how he approached his, er, dalliances.

1457 days ago
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