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Rosie Cyberbombs Trump:

You're a Pimp

12/28/2006 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just when you thought the war between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump was over, Rosie dropped a stealth bomb on the Donald. Then, the Donald struck back, saying that Rosie wants to die.

In a free-form blog reverie at, Ro called Trump a pimp, in so many words, likening his situation with Miss USA to an episode of "Cagney & Lacey," in which a pimp lures a woman to New York and into a life of servitude and emotional torture. Then the pimp gets arrested, and the woman is set free.

She also takes a shot at Trump's blistering attack on her last week on "Larry King Live," calling him "the comb over" ... "so what happens/when us say the emperor has no clothes/the comb over goes ballistic/via phone to mr king."

Trump responded to Rosie this morning, telling the New York Post, "Rosie got mentally beaten up by me, because she's a mental midget, a lowlife. I think she's got a death wish. It's too bad a degenerate is able to get away with things like that."


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I almost forgot.. Rosie your looking more and more like Meat Loaf every year.

2766 days ago


My,my,my, these two darlings are showing their TRUE colors. Ms. Rosie is being a true women's liberator and Mr. Donald is showing his poor little rich boy side. How totally unprofessional on both their parts. Could it be that they both got together and decided to throw down publicly like high schoolers for publicity on both their parts...I mean the ratings must be low for them to act like little tykes!

HRH Elizabeth II

2766 days ago


I don't like Rosie or Donald. I think Rosie is the one who is wrong for attacking Donald in the first place. It's one thing to be honest & bring topics into the public eye for intelligent's another altogether to attack people personally when they haven't said or done anything warranting the attack. Seems to me Rosie has put her foot in her mouth in a big way 3 times in recent weeks. Kelly Ripa (who was right to be indignant about Aiken -- & I have no personal feelings for either of them either. I don't watch her show or him sing), then against Orientals -- anyone with the tiniest of brains would know her Ching Chong comment was racist & insulting (I'm white, by the way), & now with Trump. Trump would probably do well to keep his own mouth shut at this point & just sue her...but although the comments are juvenile, it's amusing nonetheless!

2766 days ago


Personally I find this quite humorous. Amusing. Life is really large, but yet two people are getting all this attention for mentally beating each other up for the good of all the 'rest of us'. I don't like Donald much, don't like that banker, money thing going on with him, and think that if he likes young wives, women, what! I don't much care. As for Rosie, she's always made life interesting, and is quite opinionated. Nothing wrong with that either, as many seem to like to watch her rant over her opinions. I just think this is all rather funny. Not a bad thing to have 'funny' join you in your day of life. Humor is what it's all about. I can 'do' this.

2766 days ago


Rosie is an obnoxious pig. How does she stay on the air?

2766 days ago


Rosie is a mental midget and a degenerate, not to mention an abomination to the Lord. I don't care that much for Mr. Trump either but Rosie needs to shut her big pie hole for good. She is nothing but a racist, troublemaker and a terrible influence...and she is not the least bit funny. She is as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside.

2766 days ago


Rosie, yer the best, c'mon let us know who to vote for, Hillary? or Obama? Give us the word, you are the one we wait for to give us guidance !!!

2766 days ago

Jay Hensen    

Trump is a pompous ego inflated jerk. Why would a person that has more money than god ,not get a hair transplant or at least a good looking toupe. And he has the gall to call Rosie ugly. Man....his house must be devoid of mirrors. Go back to counting your money and leave Rosie alone.

2766 days ago

Johnny (brown eye) Rotten    

Hmmmm , I just can't decide which "rug licker" is worse.

2766 days ago


That fat pig is at it again. She insults people,(chinese imitations) and can't even give a decent apology. How would she like dike,butch,or strapper. Not very nice is it Rosie you trash mouthed freakin pig.

2766 days ago


This is out of control. Its too bad that Donald isn't a little more professional in his rebuttals. He's not perfect ,but I choose him over the low life Rosie. What a slob! Lets get on with the real world, Donald making millions and screwing attractive women and Rosie making an ass out of herself on a daily basis. She's got talent in that area.

2766 days ago


I think the comments Rosie makes are funny. They are both doing this as a publicity stunt. Rosie has been doing well on the show bringing the TV rating high. That's her job and she get paid for that. When time comes to renew her contracts, the ratings is all that matters. donald Trump is a master at marketing. He is very good at branding and of course this is a tool he is using for publicity. All that he does brings in more sales and money for all of his business and merchandise he advertises and sells. This is free advertisement for both parties. Anyone in the business world would understand all of this.

2766 days ago


Rosie is the one who started this sh*t by attacking Trump publicly. Miss USA is Trump's pageant, therefore, he HAS a moral responsibility to make the best decisions that he can or NOBODY will take the pageant seriously, and the people who enjoy it (contestants and audience alike) will lose out. It's not about WHAT he did in his personal life, it's about maintaining the integrity of the pageant -- and that's what he did by canning Miss Nevada. He gave Miss USA ONE more chance and that's it. What's so awful about that? No matter what an individual may personally think of pageants, Trump is doing the right thing.

Rosie is a loud-mouthed crude hypocrite. Now that she's out, she is the self-proclaimed "gay police" and SHE DECIDES who should be out and when. It was okay for HER to stay in the closet when it was right for her to do so!

Then, she "outs" Clay Aiken under the guise of defending him against a remark that was NOT homophobic. What Kelly said was very controlled and polite considering what I'm sure she would have liked to do when that obnoxious Aiken stuck his germy hand over her mouth. Clay should go put his hand over Rosie's fat mouth!

So -- Rosie attacks Kelly on THE VIEW. Kelly defends herself (via phone) on THE VIEW. Rosie makes the comment that Kelly should have spoken to her in private! Can you say H Y P O C R I T E!!!! Rosie can dis you on air, but if you want to defend yourself on the air and it embarrasses Rosie, well, have the decency to do it privately!!

The ratings are up on THE VIEW b/c everyone likes watching a train wreck on the way. But once it crashes, Rosie will leave and it will likely be the demise of the show. (Which I never could stand, anyway!)

Rosie makes me sick. And if she can go on about Trump's physical appearance, well, why shouldn't he be able to do the same!

F that loud-mouthed bitch!

2766 days ago


Rosie is way too opinionated even for the view i'll bet Clay Akin doesn't like her either

2766 days ago


I love Rosie...I think she's so funny....but please give it up already...leave the Donald alone..don't give him the satisfaction of using this for ratings for whatever he's working on the way, DONALD shave that s*** off already. Stop walking around with a dead animal on your head.

2766 days ago
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