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Mike Tyson Popped for DUI, Cocaine

12/29/2006 11:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike TysonFormer heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson was arrested for driving under the influence, and possession of cocaine in Scottsdale, Arizona early Friday morning. And TMZ has learned Tyson told cops he had been using illegal substances in the past few days.

Cops say they stopped Iron Mike after he ran a stop sign and almost almost crashed into a sheriff's vehicle around 1:45 AM. The arresting officer was part of a special holiday DUI task force.

Police say Tyson was coopertive and acted like a gentleman.

Tyson was booked at a Maricopa County sheriff's jail, and is expected to have an initial appearance before a judge later today to determine bail.

Mike Tyson: Click to watchThis isn't Tyson's first brush in the law in Arizona. In 2004, the embattled boxer was arrested and charged with suspicion of criminal damage after cops say he left a nightclub and jumped on the hood of a stranger's car, causing about $1400 in damage.


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In the words of George Costanza: That's a shame

2857 days ago


A coked up Tyson is a scary thought.

2857 days ago


He wouldn't have been pulled over if he wasn't black. Tarnishing the image of an American superstar, just because of his color. It's pathetic.

2857 days ago


I think Mike Tyson should just become the 3rd tiger for Sigfried and Roy. Everyone would be safer. Except for the tigers. Bad idea. Nevermind.

2857 days ago


You mean drunk coked up white people who almost hit cop cars don't get pulled over???!!!!! Dumbass

2857 days ago


I think I would sh*t myself if I was a cop pulling over a car and then finding Mike Tyson. It would almost scare me as much as pulling over Chuck Norris...

2857 days ago


Almost crashing your car into something is the reason he was pulled over #3. I'm so sick of everyone pulling the race card just so they don't have to be responsible for something. You don't know that the arresting officer wasn't black. You're the f***ing racist #3.

2857 days ago


Wait, how'd mike get $$ for coke? Must be 'delivery' man. Also, to "Prince" who said "He wouldn't have been pulled over if he wasn't black. Tarnishing the image of an American superstar, just because of his color. It's pathetic. "
What a load of crap.....I suppose Biting ones ear off is NOT pathetic? Eye roll.

2857 days ago


to #3 are you smoking crack................those are some studip statements

2857 days ago


also#3-youre pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2857 days ago


Once Wreckless and Dangerous in the Ring, and now on the Road. The man is a danger to all. I know. have him make the talk show circuits again and let the couch Doctors all try to get into his head and what makes him tick shtick...what hasnt been said but what is obvious is: he's a simple,uneducated, woman abusing, addictive personality, no caring, bully.

Do society a favour, lock his ass up and keep him there, he's in his element there, not among civilized people.

2857 days ago


American Superstar? The man is a fu^king joke who is now a nobody.

2857 days ago

Jim Thomas    

To be honest, I feel sorry for the guy. I mean the guy just somehow seems out of his depth in life itself.


2857 days ago


Don't these idiots Tyson, Hilton, Ritchie, Gibson, etc. have the bucks to pay for a cab? How about a limo? Party all nite, but have the brains to have someone else haul your a$$ home!!!!

2857 days ago


his color has nothing to do with him being pulled over thats bs if it was based on color, paris hilton and mel gibson would of never been pulled over & jennifer garner woudnt have gotten a parking ticket. race has nothing to do with this.

2857 days ago
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