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Tongues for the Memories

12/30/2006 12:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Spit-swappin' celebs were caught mid-slobber throughout the year. A kiss is just a kiss, until it's caught by the paparazzi and brought to you in all its lip-smackin' glory here on TMZ.

Here's a lingering look at some of the loving liplocks of 2006.


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tmz has really gone down the tubes with all these stupid non-news posts.

who cares about this crap? give us celeb news. not OLD photos.

2852 days ago


im first-never happened before!!! Anyway all that were kissings are nothing of interest to me. We all know miss America, Miss State of Whatever , some singers and ho's that walk off with their BFF , and I also think men who do this are even worse - the women he cheted with was his wifes BFF!!! Come on , there are men out there that would make fun people for an almost divorced chick to f*ck, you really dont need to skip off with your homegirls husband- and make sure every paper in the USA runs it. And the , well what shall we call them cause, b*tch,,ho, and such dont really fit, these are the women who wanted Flaver Flav , but thats another story. People go home and kiss indoors. Thank you. Peace and Love :)

2852 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    


2852 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Once again:
Girls making out with other girls is HOT.
Guys, remember what we use to say in the Navy:
Suck one dick, and you're a c**ksucker for life!

2852 days ago

the wise old owl    

EWWW !! I am sorry . There is nothing more grotesque than that picture of Dave Navaro with his mouth wide open giving HEPATITiS mouth (tommy lee ) a BIG wet kiss. YUCK. The germs they are spreading could cause a global epidemic.

Nothing is " off limits " to either one of those potty mouths. Can you imagine where their tongues have been ? Yee Gades they both need to go gargle with BLEACH and a large dose of PEROXIDE.

I'd put on pair of gloves before I shook either one of their "hands ". Forget about even going near the tongue area. I wonder if they have tested for AIDS and various strains of STD. Talk about a major turn-off. P.U. If I wanted to view that I would of logged onto. " picturesUneverWant 2see .com

2852 days ago


Paris Hilton has probably caused a pandemic already with her kissing in every city she goes....

2852 days ago

Did I see that right    

Is it me or does Denise Richards look like she has a vagina AND a camel toe in her armpit?

2852 days ago


trying too hard.

2852 days ago


Thery have to do this, because the only other news is that Grandpa Harry Ford is making a new "Indiana Jones" movie, and, god, that is more than we can take!

Harry Ford better stick to sucking his young bulimic while he still has her, and forget about making movies... the guy is older and uglier than Creosus!


2852 days ago


These pictures make me want to stick my finger down my throat to puke.I guess the 1000 year reighn of satan has finally begun.No-one wants to look at you ugly freaks slurpin each others jiz, keep it behind closed doors like every other decent human does. Go away freaks!

2852 days ago

Stephanie Terry    

Please tell me that Tommy Lee is not frickin Bisexual. I was already suspicious of Lukas Rossi, but come on!!! He must of slipped Tommy a mickey in his drink. Eeww..

2851 days ago

george vieto    

Love to Love You Baby City. Gross kissing.

2851 days ago


These pics are graphic, but you can't catch Hep C from kissing, or a hand shake.

2851 days ago

Mad Balls    

The picture that is not shown is from several years ago and Tommy with this green bilge on his toungue .After much debate it was decided by Bolg decry and Tommy himself to be a granola bar that Tommy boy had been eating during the interview . In a Recent interview with one of the "girls" there to meet tommy she stated that he had a green bubbly slime on his tongue --she saw this up close . She also said that he was drinking and not eating anything . Next time you fantasize about doing Pamela A. Lee Rock just keep the image of that green bubbly slime in mind . Reverse willy time . Dickhead .

2851 days ago


The really ODD thing is that you really care if they are bisexual, gay, or straight. How about it's none of you damn business?

2851 days ago
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