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Laugh Factory "Ban" a Joke, Wayans to Perform

1/4/2007 7:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Damon WayansJust a month after he was banned for three months from the Laugh Factory for violating the club's ban on the N-word, Damon Wayans is set to return to the stage tonight, apparently getting a "Get Out of Ban Free" card from owner Jamie Masada.

The N-word embargo was imposed after the Michael Richards incident on November 17. In December, Wayans' publicist told TMZ about the ban after Damon used it 16 times on stage and was fined and banned.

Wayans is billed as part of an "All Star Week." No word on what material he has planned for the gig.

Calls to the Laugh Factory were not returned.


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I'm glad some of you are intelligent enough to understand my intentions in my original comment. However, since this is quickly becoming a white vs. every other race and creed issue I would like to clear something up. My point was that if you want people to stop using derogatory words, then simply put stop using them yourselves. I think a lot of you are of the mindset that if you use these words in excess, ultimately they will have less impact and realism. That's just not the case and although some of you seem to understand that most of you do not because you weren't even born yet when racism was an everyday part of America. Lastly, for all of you ignorant people who called me a honky and an inbred, F.Y.I I'm Persian and I live in northern VA right outside of D.C.

P.S. When's the last time you've seen a white person walk up to another white man/woman and call them a honky or cracker as a show of respect and love??
It just doesn't happen and if you want a derogatory word to cease to exist then stop being ignorant and choose a different way to greet each other. Something a little less controversial than nig***.

2849 days ago


I just want to know why a white person feels it is so important to call a black person Ni****? They are so upset because they can't use it. The reason blacks got upset for Micheal richards calling those guys the N word was because he use it with anger and disrespect. He was angry and that word spilled out of his mouth. And he most likely does when he is upset with a black person. I hate the word. I was raised up when I couldn't go to the same school with white children. I wasn't good enough to be one the cheerleading squad in school. They only picked were white girls. I was called a Nig*** and wasn't allowed to go to certain stores. I did march for equal rights. So using that word Black or White affends me very much. But I be damn if I want a White person call me one after what I have been thru!!!

2849 days ago


@ How Stupid Are you or # 9

You spewed forth::::::

::::::::9. To suckit....the day white people hung black men, women and children in the name of nigger was the day you people have no rights to make a joke about it or anything else for that matter.How on earth is that so hard to understand...The day your people went to every continent there is to kill, steal and spread your diseases is the day that the rest of us latino, blacks and everyone else outside the white race made it unacceptable for your so called jokes...NOTICE how blacks and latinos make fun of each other with no problems all the time. You inbreads notice everything but the obvious!!!! Oh and by the way I'm not black or latino nor am I married to one so save the stupid sh*t
It's actually kind of funny that I had to say this HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
For the record I'm Asian and proud bitches!!!!!!!!
Posted at 6:48PM on Jan 4th 2007 by How Stupid Are You:::::::::::::

Iâ%u20AC%u2122d like to ask how stupid are you?


You state you are not Latino or Black, but Asianâ%u20AC¦ yet you forget you label yourself Latino in this sentence YOU WROTE:

::::::::::â%u20AC%u0153The day your people went to every continent there is to kill, steal and spread your diseases is the day that the rest of us latino,â%u20ACâ%u20AC¦.::::::::::::::::::::::

LOL just how stupid are YOU?

Since you claim to be â%u20AC%u0153Asianâ%u20AC perhaps you should look up all the malevolent things Asians have done over the years and are still doing? If ya donâ%u20AC%u2122t know here is a good start:

Google :

Nanjing Massacre

Asian slaves

Child cotton slaves of an Asian tyranny

China Female Infanticide


Japanese War Crimes

Korean WWII sex slaves fight on

Jiang Regime's Atrocities

South Korea Racism & Xenophobia

Human Trafficking & Modern-day Slavery in Vietnam
In the World of Human Trafficking, Vietnam Remains a 'Supply Country'

A woman or Child is raped or killed on average every six seconds in Angeles City, Philippines.

Saving" Afghan Women


Reflections on Women and Violence in Bangladesh

Just google the same for


I donâ%u20AC%u2122t have time to list every Asian country but you get the gist Iâ%u20AC%u2122m sure (or I can only hope)

Get over the hate and STOP thinking youâ%u20AC%u2122re better than whites or any other race for that matter. Every race commits atrocities and some just like to ignore it or focus on another race than deal with its own.

2849 days ago


Damon's cool f*** the laugh factory they'll be lucky to ever get him back. He doesn't need them to help advance his career, he's already made it. He just does that sh*t to bring his comedic talent to the average person on a street level, and for fun. That place must be managed by a bunch of f***wads.

2849 days ago


um hello #23???? were you reading correctly..that's my point! you can't call certain groups or individuals certain names because you'll get in trouble, but it's ok for them to use whatever the term is amongst themselves. so what exactly are you getting at?

2849 days ago


For some reason TMZ is definately not the place to have an intelligent discussion on racial slurs and their uses.

2849 days ago


Natalie I'm calling you all kinds of names and I'm not in any trouble.Certain groups and certain individals you just do not cross the line with wasn't that pretty much what you said. I'm not a real big man and not into beating women but I bet I could knock the weave and or extentions along with your 4 front teeth down your throat with one pop. Go get in your hyundai elantra and go to work and while your at it shut the f-ck-up. You better thank your lucky stars that you don't live under muslim law or you would be wearing a vale over your ugly f-ckin face.

2849 days ago


Nuke please go out in the desert and Nuke yourself,becuase we don't wan't to experience any of the fall-out from the radiation.Your the one that cannot think of anything intelligent to say because you are a fu-kin dumbass. Go get in your car and go to work before you fall behind on your bills.

2849 days ago


Where is Al Sharpton now? Or is it only the negative comments/actions of whites that he focuses on?

2849 days ago


In reference to the comment about our need to use the "N" word......I don't think anyone NEEDS to use the word....but, I think for certain people it really does one thinks twice about calling Eminem or Brittany white trash......if it walks like a duck, if it talks like a duck....then it's a duck.......and I am not a racist, I have black friends- and MANY of them, get my point of view, my perspective about it......certain instances, it's okay to call someone what they are.....three kids, no child support payments......u r an "N" who beat their wives/gf's......u r an "N".....the drug dealer on the corner, selling rocks in front of a ae an "N".......and I would have a NASTY, comment to make if it were a white, a Hispanic, a Chinese, an Arab.......and I hear black people utilize those racist terms too......I listen to hip hop, and time and time again....your boy is referred to as your "N".......I think it is people like Al Sharpton, the Black Panthers etc......that make TRY daily to enhance the racial discord, try and focus on THAT as opposed to the other facts......the world can be an ugly place, and certain people make it uglier by either being a racist....or by making everything racial......but, I don't think using ONE word to charactorize someone as the lowest of low......I don't think that is a "black" term now......I think it is a nagative term, referrring to low lives in general......

2849 days ago


@Natalie. That is NOT what u said. Ur comment was that black people need to wake up and they can't complain about other races calling them the n-word b/c they use it amongst themselves and this makes black people "hypocrites" and "stupid jerks". I don't know if u have some sort of memory disorder or ur comprehension skills r so lacking u miss then meaning of ur own statements but ur comment and my comment were not in agreement.

2849 days ago

Some dude    

Heres one the major problems with the word.
It has taken on so many incarnations over the years.

Sure, for a long time it was just a terribly horrible derogatory slur.
Then all of a sudden, it became a word that blacks felt like they had taken back by using it (their) way.

The trouble with this is how is anyone to know what incarnation the stupid word has taken on?

For instance, what if you came from another country that has little in the way of TV or radio. Then you come to the US and listen for even 20 minutes to a rap song, or watch a movie w/ blacks, or catch a skit by Dave Shappell *sp.

You would immediately think it was okay to use the word.
Only, the second they did, and were white, it would be holy hell.

Many people feel like, well if someone acts like a N then they are a N.
NO!~ that person already has a dozen or so words to describe their actions...or lack of them, none of which is appropriately the N word.

A black man that doesn’t work but is in perfect health is lazy, just like a white person. A black person who chooses not to get an education is ignorant, just like a white person who chooses the same.

The word has got to get out of mainstream, and blacks are the ones who need to stop it first.

2849 days ago


I just think that their is too much emphasis placed on the word when it is used by anyone other then a fellow black person......and it is hypocritical and shameful for the people that are bop'n their heads to the latest Jay-z automatically FLIP out when someone else tries to utilize the word.....what Michael Richards did was unacceptable, because he was referring to the spear chuck'n blacks of old slave days.......but, if he were at laugh in, making a joke about black people and fried chicken......would it have had the save negative effect? and if so, how many times can you see Alfonso Ribiero do the Carlton dance???? People need to lighten up, and realize how far we have come as a "people"....we use the same bathroom, we ride the same bus, we are all allowed the same opportunities....some even more because of racial quotas, and educational grants etc......and it is the "N......" that blame all of their hardships on the color of their skin......not to say that racism is dead, but sometimes people have a negative response to you because you work too slow, you are too busy talking to your co-worker while I'm waiting on line waiting for assistance......maybe people treat you negativly because you are LAZY, RUDE & IGNORANT.......and maybe I would treat a LAZY, RUDE & IGNORANT white person the same way.......but, to the people that only see things in a racial fashion, they won't take the time to see what the "real" issues are......within themselves, they just use their color as a quick to pull the discrimination card.......

2849 days ago


I think ANY use of "that word" should be banned. Everyone should be treated the same for every offense.

2849 days ago


look #39 i know what i said first...and you know what you said ok so leave it at that.

2849 days ago
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