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Lindsay Lohan In Surgery

1/4/2007 4:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay lohanTMZ has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan has undergone an operation to remove her appendix.

Leslie Sloane Zelnik, Lindsay's rep, tells TMZ that Lindsay was not feeling well and went to the doctor yesterday. The doctor performed several tests and determined that Lindsay was suffering from appendicitis. Doctors asked her to return to the hospital today to remove her appendix as a precaution.

Zelnik says Lindsay is resting comfortably.

Lindsay Lohan gallery: Click to launch photosJust days ago, a healthy-looking Lohan was hanging out poolside in Miami, along with ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama.

Seems Lindsay suffers from a case of bad luck around New Year's Eve. Exactly one year ago, Lohan was posted up in a Miami hospital after suffering from an asthma attack.


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The spoiled little brat needs to be turned over someones knee and given a good spanking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2818 days ago


she got an abortion iaam sure those slut seem to forget totake that pill.

2818 days ago


You people are so mean! You say "who cares!" Well obviously you all do, or you wouldn't take the time to comment....

2818 days ago


1st of all what the hell do any of you care what the girl does. u dont like her? dont read the articles about her, dont want her movies, dont listen to her music...its simple your all just so pathetic. let the girl do what she damn well pleases and if it puts her in the hospital well thats on her.

2818 days ago


poor lindsay, I hope she feels good soon. She doesn't seem very healthy for such a young girl. She needs to slow down and stop partying so much. Maybe she won't end up in the hospital so often.

2818 days ago


hmmm...maybe a different kind of surgery :P

2818 days ago


Listen everyone I am planning on opening up my health food store in BH. Lohan is to young to be taking regular meds for her Asthma. GNC has something called "CLEAR LUNGS". My son was on a nebulizer for 5 years. I bought a JUICEMAN JUNIOR , they have a lung tonic in there that has helped my son . He has not have to use his nebulizer in five years. The Clear Lungs are an excellent alternative to Singular (which gives upper respitory infection) I know from personal experience. The " JUICEMAN JUNIOR" , has remedies for pimples, flouride, peptic ulcers and the like. I bet you didn't know that grapes and cherries are an excellent source of flouride. They also have a juice that has TEN TIMES MORE CALCIUM in it than milk , cheese and yogurt put together. Trust me Miss Lohan it's much better, and by juicing not only do you save your young body, by fruits and vegetables every month can save you about $80.00 on your food bill. Take care....................................Tara

2818 days ago


There is also something else I would like to say. The young people in Hollywood need direction. I drank for 25 years. Wasted my life. I could have had a singing career. Money is for protection. Get a hobby, take a cruise. Visit sick children. I miss the old days. When celebrities had to pay their dues. People had class, like John Travolta, Denziel Washington, Julia Roberts, Suzanne Somers, Queen Latifah, Will Smith, Bill Cosby, Oprah. They have class and style. The young people don't have good role models anymore. Stop believing that your job is your life. You guys have headaches, put on your draws the same way, the young girls have their periods too. We are the same, except you have money coming out of the walls. If I had that kind of money I would show these young celebs how to enjoy it instead of wasting it.

2818 days ago


Fort all you wanna be medical specialists.....Read and learn that appendicitis is NOT always an emergency situation.

And if her appendix is removed via Laparoscopy (which it most likely will be) there will not be much of a scar.

Stop the assumptions and KNOW that appendicitis and a perforated and or burst appendix are Two separate things.

2818 days ago


To #27 calling #12 a moron was unnecessary. Obviously, the appendix has its use or GOD would not have given us one. Modern science simply hasn't figured out its purpose as of yet.

2818 days ago


I've probably hated on Lindsey some in the past, But only when she assoiciating with whores and acting like a whore. I think she's got all the curves in all the right places, if she's had any cosmetic surgery I can't tell. If she likes to get f-cked up so what.I've seen parts of movies she played roles in and she has some talent,she will probably look beefy in all the right places 25 years from now as long as she stays away from the glass dick and the needle,cosmetic butchers,and parasite. She is definitely come-back material.I will give her alot of money if she will let me pull her tampon out by the the string using my teeth.Ha!

2818 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

"Appendix removal", or LIVER TRANSPLANT due excessive alcohol indulgements??????????? YOU be the judge!

2818 days ago


Relax guys and gals it's just a typical operation.... YAWN.... I think i'll just go back to sleep until there is something that is actually newsworthy on here.

2818 days ago

Mel Angel    

If it was her appendix then they would not be telling her to come back the next day, they would have kept her in and removed it asap.... Appendicitis is dangerous and can kill...

It is more likely that she has had her gall bladder removed (which incidentally gives the same pain and symptoms as Appendicitis) because of the amount of alcohol she has been drinking since she was 15 years old....

2818 days ago


Who cares what she has removed,she will still be twice as attractive as most of people that hate her even 20 years from now, even if she trashes her body.

2818 days ago
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