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Lindsay Lohan In Surgery

1/4/2007 4:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay lohanTMZ has confirmed that Lindsay Lohan has undergone an operation to remove her appendix.

Leslie Sloane Zelnik, Lindsay's rep, tells TMZ that Lindsay was not feeling well and went to the doctor yesterday. The doctor performed several tests and determined that Lindsay was suffering from appendicitis. Doctors asked her to return to the hospital today to remove her appendix as a precaution.

Zelnik says Lindsay is resting comfortably.

Lindsay Lohan gallery: Click to launch photosJust days ago, a healthy-looking Lohan was hanging out poolside in Miami, along with ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama.

Seems Lindsay suffers from a case of bad luck around New Year's Eve. Exactly one year ago, Lohan was posted up in a Miami hospital after suffering from an asthma attack.


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They had her return to take her appendix out "as a precaution?" WTF is that? A LIE! They don't take our your appendix as a precaution...not if you are a real doctor that is! If you have appendicitis, you just "don't feel well," either. You are super sick...Oh God...when will this poor girl get the real help she needs...most importantly...can these blogs just quit covering her for a while??

2819 days ago


You couldn't make her ugly if you tried and "pretty is as pretty does" keep up the good work Lindsay........get well soon.......stay sweet

2818 days ago


No appendix - a little further over - obviously an abortion. She's been so fat lately.

2818 days ago

cute face    

i dont believe that she had appendectomy.. i just couldnt believe it and its a rubbish thing..BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2818 days ago


#136: Honestly, I really think some of you people are on hallucinogens...or you're sooooooooooo screwed up in the head. Keep up the good work? What good work? All she does is party and get in trouble, with an occasional bad acting job thrown in. Stay sweet? Are you signing her high school yearbook? Next thing you know, I'll be seeing xoxoxo, Judy.

Hello? The broad's outta control. You don't see that?

2818 days ago


Someone please explain this to me. I know some surguries are the same day, in and out, but not for an appendix. She went to the doctor on the 3rd of January, went to the hospital on the 4th to have surgery and on the 5th, she is out of the hospital walking around. Something stinks here.

Does this mean she will be hitting the hot spots tonight? I think Lindsey, her mother and her publicist are all full of sh*t and covering up something else about Lindsey. Maybe her liver is going bad.

2818 days ago


hope you get better lindsey good luck and dont listen to these other idiots

2817 days ago


lindsay dont u see? these are signs that u dont deserve to freakin liveee!! hello??...

die already!!!.......daaamn.

2817 days ago


lindsay dont u see? these are signs that u dont deserve to freakin liveee!! hello??...

die already!!!.......daaamn.

2817 days ago


86. For people who don't seem to care about Lindsay, they are sure quick to post something negative or just plain evil. As a medical practitioner, I can tell you that often an appendicitis is not always a matter of fact with the usual testing. Symptoms can very often be vague. I have removed a number of appendixs' for precautionary measures with symptoms usually resolving following surgery. This may have been Lindsay's case. People, don't be so quick to judge. Lindsay is very young and will eventually grow up. In the meantime, find something productive to do with your life. Try medical school, you llearn about the body and the mind. You might just find out what makes you tick. Have a nice day.

Posted at 5:55PM on Jan 4th 2007 by ArchAngel///

Wow, you must have a busy practice if you can come on a gossip board and lecture people about their own habits. Thanks for telling me to find something productive to do with my life, doctor who seems to be doing the same thing I am with YOUR spare time. ::::can you believe this person?:::::

2816 days ago


The more they lie about this idiot's constant overdosing the more she looks like a stoopid icehole. Send the child to rehab before it's too late!

2815 days ago

White Rabbit    

On today's episode of HOSPITAL HIGHJINKS we have a close race - a trifecta, if you will!:

But first, tied for their Lifelong Outstanding contributions is a tie: Wacko Jacko and Liz Taylor. Mystery illnesses abound, and seem to keep cropping up very conveniently whenever they feel their fanbases wavering.

Show (Third place) = Wacko Jacko again, back into the hospital for the 4th time in as many days, then showing up for any media events in his jammy-whammys. Boo-f*cking-hoo!

Place (2nd): Anna Nicole Smith: Kills one kid (he knew too much) whilst simultaneously popping out a new one (sympathy vote getter). Out with the old, in with the new. Just like she did w/her gastric bypass--- er, sorry, Slimfast diet.

Our FIRST PLACE Champeeen, the winner is, DRUMROLL please, Monty.... Lindsay Lohan, Queen of all the lying muthers that refuse to restrain themselves and then hide behind publicity and risk management, eliciting only cryptic and extremely implausible reasons for their client's hospital visits. And so young. Go figure. Live and learn folks, live and learn!

2811 days ago

not a hater but a realist    

All these hospitalizations and rehabs... she's either on crack or heroin or both. Each 'stay' is her pitiful attempts to detox but over and over again... shes pathetic, a loser and anyone who wastes their money on anything she does or is in should have their heads examined. She does have a hell of a publicist tho

2806 days ago
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