Justin Enlists Scarlett Johansson for Video

1/5/2007 12:22 PM PST

Justin Timberlake is proving over and over that he's no dummy. He's put out a brilliant record, managed a high profile romance and brought the house down on all his recent live performances. But, even the big names like Timberlake can use some additional juice to take their game a little higher. For his upcoming video for "What Comes Around...Goes Around" the new King of Pop managed have Ms. Golden Globes herself, Scarlett Johansson cast as the leading lady.

Bob Dylan learned first hand that young Scarlett spruces up a video. Dylan utilized Johansson's smoldering sex appeal to bring even more visual depth to the haunting "When the Deal Goes Down." It is a wise move on Justin's part to feature Scarlett in the video. There's no question that her appearance will draw extra attention to the already intriguing song. And, even if not true, there's bound to be some speculation on a JT-Johansson hook-up. Nothing better for a guy's rep as a player than that kind of story floating around!

Meanwhile, You-tubers continue to insist on making their own videos for this song, with most of the submissions featuring Britney Spears. While some of the home made versions aren't too bad, I'm thinking the real thing with Ms. Scarlett is going to come out quite nice. Now, if he can just get her to come on out on the road with him. I'm already looking forward to seeing JT on tour, particularly if he brings this band he played with on Ellen. But, I'd pay double if Scarlett was rolling around on stage!