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Whacko Brit: You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

1/5/2007 10:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney's supposed to be cleaning up her act, but -- surprise, surprise -- she's not.

As a disheveled Brit left L.A.'s hip Italian eatery Dolce, she was overheard mumbling, "I love myself, I love myself," reports the New York Post. When a gawker told her she looked "beautiful," the party girl screeched, "I love you for saying that!"

She then celebrated the pat on the back by partying the night away at hotspot Le Deux.

Rosie O'DonnellRosie to Sherri Shepherd: You're My Girl

Apparently raucous Rosie is looking for a sidekick on "The View." The show is hoping to spice things up even more with the addition of on-again, off-again guest host Sherri Shepherd, reports Entertainment Weekly. This past week, Sherri held her own against mouthy Rosie by telling tales of attacking her husband after finding him in bed with another woman, and spending eight days in jail for unpaid parking tickets. If Sherri becomes a permanent fixture, it's likely Elizabeth Hasselbeck will never get the chance to open her mouth again.

Marilyn Manson on the Lam -- from Wife

Marilyn Manson's wife wants to serve the shock-rocker with divorce papers – but she can't find him! After a year of marriage, stripper Dita Von Teese has had enough of the pasty-faced singer's "demons," according to Page 6. It seems Manson has been avoiding his red-headed beauty since right before Christmas, which is when she filed for divorce, but Dita is sick of playing hide and seek and plans to corner her hubby asap.

Party Favors: Geraldo Gets Booted Back to Fox News ... Woman Sues Oprah Winfrey ... Celine Dion Ready to Leave Las Vegas

Geraldo Rivera's syndicated newsmagazine, "Geraldo at Large," has been canceled. He will resume his weekend show, "At Large with Geraldo Rivera" on the Fox News channel, and will also be a regular contributor to "The O'Reilly Factor" ... A woman is suing Oprah Winfrey's studio, claiming she was injured as people rushed to get a seat before a taping of the show. Tanya Milner alleges she was pushed down some stairs, and is seeking more than $50,000 in damages ... After five years, Celine Dion's Vegas show at Caesars Palace will close on Dec. 15. Before it ends, though, it will be filmed for a TV special and DVD.

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No Avatar

in the know    

#19 Craig,
I have no sympathy for a single woman with three children working herself to the bone either. College=education plus employment = success. Three children next.... Get it? Don't have kids you cannot support. Birth Control is readily available in 2007. At least Britney's kids while their mother is a nutcase will always have the necessities such as never worriying about the utilities being paid! To a child, poverty is a terrible cross to bear. If you married a decent man who pays child support and you have a good job yourself. your kids wouldn't have to worry about the lights being turned off. FYI, if you are working yourself to the bone working multiple jobs, how much quality time are you spending with your childen if any? My guess is, no more than Britney. Even if Britney crashes and burns, it will be in very very comfortable enviroment for her kids.

2812 days ago


Sometimes you need to give a lot of information, in order to get your point across.....LOL

I will refrain from giving TMI in the future.......

2812 days ago


Dee-SHUT UP. You sound like an idiot. And Cutie...sounds like you too need a life...take your own advice before giving it...

2812 days ago


I want to direct this comment to all the people who say things like "Your just jealous." I AM JEALOUS!!!!
I have one child of my own. That is all my husband and I felt we could afford and still have a comfortable life. My child is now 14 and quite independent. As of 15 months ago, I became and still am the legal guardian of a 6 year old and a 3 year old who are two of five children that were born to a woman who thought drinking, drugging and whoring were more important than her five children. 15 months ago, I just got my motorcycle license and a brand new motorcycle to go with it, returned to college and was begining to rekindle with my husband some of what we were missing by having to take care of a young child (babysitters...etc). I gave up my life for someone else's children and there is no end in sight. Im not a fat trailer trash non working welfare case, I have a good job and a clean house, which I attend to myself. I also work with a woman who would give anything to have a child of her own because she cannot. Of course Im jealous! I work my ass off!!! Im sick and tired of seeing the "poor little rich girl" that got everything handed to her be so irresponsible. If those kids were mine, they'd be in foster care right now, just like the kids that live in my house! You hit the nail on the head. I couldnt be any more jealous!

2812 days ago


#21: LOL Thanks. You made my day.

As your luck would have it, I'm are now to go commando while vacuuming, and buy carseats for irresponsible parents. Hahaha.

2812 days ago

J Doe    

KARMA to the 10th highest power is biting britney hard in the ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2812 days ago


Sherri Shepherd is an AWESOME choice for the view. I love her and hope they keep her!!!

2812 days ago

somebody's mama    

Hey, Very important, you have no clue. Some people can't afford college, and you don't know the single mom of three's life story so shut up. Also, birth control isn't always evective, some medications counteract with it, making it more likely to become pregnant. If you lived your life with out mistakes, congrats, but most of us on this planet haven't. And college doesn't always equal success, the job market out there is tough for everyone. Seriously, since when is hard work some thing to be shamed? Hard work should be held in higher regard then dumba@@s who can't get their act togther. If there wasn't any truckers, people wouldn't be able to get their big screen tvs.

2812 days ago


If Elisabeth Hasselbeck never opens her mouth again that would be fine with lots of people. She should leave the show now...

2812 days ago


Your a "saint" aren't you! You have not walked in this girl's shoes for one mintue! The girl is has had to carry alot of pressure on your shoulders for a very long time, at a very young age! Yes she is parting and yes being irresponsible if you want to call it that! But in all reality she is geniune a decent girl that needs to just slow downs and take a breather! Our world is exteremely judgemental and the girl cannot even go out of own house to take a walk, but I guess your going totell me that she asked for that to! The girl wanted to perform at a fvery young age, I don't take she has asked for all this publicity the last few years, give her some time! No matter what you feel or say about her she is a human being like the rest of us, and she deserves to live her life! You only know what the Media Outlets want to speculate! So let her breath for goodness sake!

2812 days ago


Once Dita von Teese is divorced from Marilyn "sick & strange" Manson, I would really like to see her and his other ex's get together and write a book about him, no holds barred. That's a book I would definitely read!

2812 days ago

Mad Balls    

yeah get rid of elizabeth , the only hetro on the show with any looks and that will be the last time this Nasty watches that lame show . My guess is that Rosie will soon replace everyone on the show with people she likes and it will become the Rosie Show and be cancelled . Dickheads . And i HAVE NEWS FOR YOU --THATS NOT MANSON -- THATS PARIS HILTON WITHOUT HER MAKE-UP !! Dickheads .

2812 days ago


On Rosie and The Donald.
I generally don't have a problem with either one. But Rosie is so boisterous and loud and inaccurate that she makes herself look like a foool. Eventhough The Donald doesn't understand that all overweight people are inaccurate loudmouth bullies as Rosie is. Rosie lost my respect on that when she ambushed poor Tom Selleck on her show just as Meredith Vierra did to The Donald on her show. Both should hush. Don't Rosie understand that ihe's part owner and I'm sure the decision wasn't totally his. But in any case, he would have gotten grief. Damned if u do and Damned if u don't.. And she surely can't be the moral compass either so why don't she just keep her nose out of His business. And people saying Donald did this for ratings....SHE STARTED IT NOT HIM. So I don't know how it was him looking for ratings. And Barbara dances around the issue.....she said she don't regret hiring her ... never said she's regreting keeping her. between the line.
Business is one thing personal is another.

On Britney......for shame on you messing up a promising life and making yourself a joke at such a young age.
Please don't take your sister down that road with you. This goes the same for Lindsey Lohan too.

2812 days ago


i like the new host Sherri Shepard on The View. She reminds me of what
Star Jones used to be when she started The View - fat, funny & likable.

Hope she sticks around long enough to see DIRRTY ROSIE get ousted.

2812 days ago


,,,for years, entire block-loads of parents smoked in closed quarters with infants and children in attendance, they drove around with children on their laps or lying down in the back of station-wagons. uncles, aunts parents etc., all drove home at least slightly loaded from family gatherings, before doing so was a huge no-no...give me a break people...20/20 hindsight and all...lucky you don't have a camera up your ass 24/7,,,not that I'm a big fan of brit-brit or anything, I'm just saying...

2812 days ago
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