Britney's Wild Ways Score Big Payday

1/8/2007 8:24 PM PST
Despite ending 2006 early and in dubious style at PURE nightclub in Las Vegas, Britney Spears will be getting her hefty paycheck from the club, despite rumors to the contrary.

Reports this morning suggested that Brit's woozy exit from Pure may have been precipitated by distinctly unflattering heckling from the crowd , and that because of her premature departure, she would not be getting her reported $400,000 appearance fee.

However, in a statement from PURE's publicist, by way of our friends at SpyOnVegas, the club's rep Kate Turner says, "The crowd LOVED Britney and they cheered her on everywhere she went. She had a great time and we were delighted with her appearance at the club and cannot wait to have her back. She is always welcome at PURE and we'd love to have Britney back next year for New Year's Eve."