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Britney's Wild Ways Score Big Payday

1/8/2007 8:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Despite ending 2006 early and in dubious style at PURE nightclub in Las Vegas, Britney Spears will be getting her hefty paycheck from the club, despite rumors to the contrary.

Reports this morning suggested that Brit's woozy exit from Pure may have been precipitated by distinctly unflattering heckling from the crowd , and that because of her premature departure, she would not be getting her reported $400,000 appearance fee.

However, in a statement from PURE's publicist, by way of our friends at SpyOnVegas, the club's rep Kate Turner says, "The crowd LOVED Britney and they cheered her on everywhere she went. She had a great time and we were delighted with her appearance at the club and cannot wait to have her back. She is always welcome at PURE and we'd love to have Britney back next year for New Year's Eve."


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Paris Has A Penis Nose    

No one likes Britney anymore. The only thing she's known for is being a media whore. She has no talent and her nose is really wide and weird looking now. She'll ALWAYS be a slut in America's eyes. Always.

2814 days ago

Mad Balls    

WOW ! I can pass out drunk every weekend -- does that mean i'm worth at least $ 100,000 . What if Britney puked on someone -- would PURE have to pay her more for that ? And how about that perv who felt on her ass as she layed passed out on the floor -- maybe he should get a cut of that money ? God bless Holyweird ! Dickheads .

2814 days ago


Why not just spend 400,000 on European hookers...this way everyone in the crowd gets laid!

Britney is worth closer to 40 bucks.

2814 days ago


What is it about her lately and her hair? Is it falling out or what? Every time I see a photo of her, it looks like she has a receding hairline! Has she now colored it so much that it's falling out? Sometimes that can happen...happened to my sister in law.

2814 days ago

Peter Coffin    

So for the 45 minutes she spent conscious, she gets a check? Sounds like DATE RAPE TO ME! Except the deal is even SWEETER!

2814 days ago


Britney I'm tired of seeing your little doll face.Record an album or do something useful or please get f*** out of the limelight.I hope a real player gets ahold of you and breaks it off your ass the proper way,and since you like to get high he'll turn you on to a dose of the real sh*t. Then you'll turn tricks whether you want to or not,nevermind the 50 million.

2814 days ago

All American Girl    

Why is she so ugly? She should use her money on her face!

2814 days ago


are there any pictures anymore of Britney where she doesn't look like a dork?

2814 days ago


HEY LOOSER Did you forget you have 2 kids at home you should call Nicole Kidmen

2814 days ago


This is unbelievable; she is in serious need of professional help, as are the payors of that 400k check.

2814 days ago

J Doe    

The true history of Britney Spears, and to the Britney fans who have been posting on some websites lately that she is worth $300 million. She is NOT worth $300 million. The following is the true history of her career, money and downfall. The most she ever had was about $150 million which Forbes magazine and some other publications talked about, and they probably pushed it up a bit for PR reasons.

She has not put out a new CD in years and has not toured in some time. She has been spending a lot of it for the last few years, K-Fed (cars, recording his CD, crating his record company, Federline Records, etc), limos, houses, lawsuits, lawyers, managers etc.

She also lost the lawsuit that she filed against the ten insurance companies that she was trying to get payment from. She wanted them to pay her when she canceled in the middle of her last tour to cover the major losses. She ended up having to pay major amounts of money for damages, canceled arenas, promoters, investors etc. (in the millions). She was also loosing a lot of money on her last tour since about half of the arenas were about half full, a quarter about a quarter full, and only about a quarter of the shows were full. This compared to her first few tours where every arena was full at the height of her fame.

If you don't remember go back and take a look at the records (and not the PR her publicists put out). She was also, already becoming unstable at that time. She did not show for two of the shows when the fans were already in their seats for the onyx tour. No reason was given to the fans, and they were understandably upset. Then she came off stage crying at some of the European shows because they were less than half full.

Then she cancelled in the middle of the tour because of her knee. She also had her knee operated on in 1999. So that is two times her knee has been a problem for her tours. Since her shows are based on dancing and putting on a big show while she lip-synchs, that makes her knee a big problem to the record companies, promoters, and investors.

They are not willing to back her at this time since she is so erratic and unprofessional from her track history, and especially at present. She made one movie that she starred in, Crossroads, and has not been in one since as a lead. In fact she has been turned down many times by Hollywood and has not gotten a starring role in over five years now, and won’t.

She was already in decline by the third CD “Britney” which sold less then half of what “BOMT” did within the same amount of time from its release. Her first CD “BOMT” sold about 11.5 million US when it came out.

OIDIA sold about 7.5 million within the same amount of time from its release.

Her third CD “Britney” sold about 3.5 million in the same amount of time from its release. Her fourth CD “ITZ” sold slightly above 2 million in the same amount of time from its release. Her “Best Hits CD” although not a studio CD, sold about 1 million in the same amount of time from its release.

Not once did her statistics go up, it was a straight downward trend. If you look at it, she did her best when she had a clean and sweet image, on stage, on her CD’s, The more she pushes the sex/slut image, and now the trailer trash image, instead of the sweet girl image of the beginning of her career, the less CD’s she sells.

She does not seem to understand this. She has now gone down to crotch shots, and a real dirty image in order to get attention and try to revive her career. That is a real shame since all she had to do at the beginning of her career is show up and be sweet. She sold millions, and millions loved her back then, she had integrity, or at least it looked like it back then.

From a business point of view she should have not gone the way she did. It does not work and has ruined her career. She now has only a few fans that are left that are interested in her for skanky reasons, tabloid fodder, and partying, and not for the beautiful Pop Star image that she had some years ago that so many loved. In actuality, the Britney we are now seeing IS the real Britney. The industry is not there to put her together like they used to since she does not sell like she used too (not even close).

She is now falling apart at the seams, and has been for some time: 55 hour marriages, marriage to K-Fed, child accidents, erratic behavior, canceled tours, child neglect, law suits, constant bad decisions, crazy partying, crotch shots on purpose (three different times), disrespecting her fans and the industry she is supposed to work in, psychiatric drugs while drinking alcohol, and drinking and driving (which can kill someone, including her) etc.

Her perfume is not doing well now because of her image. Check the latest figures. Even Elizabeth Arden made comments in one of their recent bulletins. They have been

2814 days ago


I am SO bored with this loser. Someone call me when she gets the divorce and the kids go to someone other than her or Fex-lax.

2814 days ago

We, are not amused.    

This is proof of the old adage that there is no such thing as "bad" publicity.

2814 days ago


It takes the average fortunate American family 4-5 years to make that kind of cash. To pay it to a passed out panty challenged ex-mouseketeer is absurd. Wealth is a true sin.

2814 days ago


i don't bear her lying pinoccio face anymore. if she at least would admit she's trashy... but no, she talks about her clean image but is slutty and dumb.

2814 days ago
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