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Madonna's Latest Hair-Raising Stunt

1/9/2007 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now that she's adopted a Malawi baby, Madonna needs to adopt a hair emergency plan -- fast! Like a prayer!

The Material Girl's weave-like mane got a serious blow job as she exited a gym in London on Tuesday. Vogue.

While Madonna's damaged tresses will probably be repaired by a team of safety-suited technicians, it is unclear if her hair caused any damage to the vehicle.


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Who looks good when they leave the gym?

2788 days ago


Its obvious a windy at TMZ are a**holes sometimes amd make sh*t out of this pic of Madonnas hair blowing in the wind...whoever did this stupid story should get their pea brains fired...this is not news

2788 days ago


Does anyone else think this photo of Fried Madge is Madonna? Looks like the Papparazi needs to get eye exams in 2007.

2788 days ago


She looks like an Olsen twin. She's the missing triplet.

2788 days ago


Dang TMZ. Slow news day? It's called "the wind". Jeeeeepers.

2788 days ago

Mad Balls    

Its' obvious , she opened her mouth and a alot of hot air came out . Dickheads .

2788 days ago


The greasy, oily hair of Madonna. As I said on my discussion board, who would think that oily hair could fly around like that?

Madonna has always had bad hygiene. People who knew her back in the early 1980s said she had bad body odor.

Madonna doesn't look bad only when she leaves the gym - she looks bad almost all the time now. At least in the 1980s there were rare times when she could pass for presentable.

We need more media slamming Madonna, so way to go TMZ!

2788 days ago


ANything to sell papers or get attention to their gossip. Love your hair MADONNA!

2787 days ago


She didn't want to put up her 100-year-old veiny clawlike hand to hold back her hair in case it wound up in the papers again- she'd rather fall down a manhole- LOL

2787 days ago


still liikos like a 50 yr old hooker getting into a car with a 'john'

ha ha ha!

2786 days ago

Caroline Schmidt    

O.K. so Madonna CAN'T do anything about her hair blowin' in the wind!
But I WISH she'd do something about her roots!
When she appeared on Letterman recently plugging her latest project, her roots were in dire need of a bottle of Clairol!
I'm surprised that her BFF Rosie, didn't slam her for the dual color combo.... as ROSIE-O is the expert on everyone's hairstyle and character!!

2783 days ago


I don't even like madonna and it's so clear tht u guys at TMZ r such tw*ts! You sl*g every single celeb that u happen 2 not like off! Like u were cruel about tht pic of pink without make-up and now u're being completely insensitive and idiotic about Madonna's hair ON A WINDY DAY! Not all girls need to look perfect at every single minute of every single day you know!

2780 days ago


Does it really matter?
Her hair style in general is a little on the eh-side, but honestly it just looks a little worse because it's blowing in the wind. Whos hair doesn't?

I bet half the people dissing her on here don't even look half that good when they leave the gym!

2772 days ago

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