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Britney's $3,000 Hot Dog, $300 Surprise

1/12/2007 10:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As though she needed any more little ones to look after, Britney Spears just got a new (very little) dog.

Spears went pooch-hunting Wednesday at L.A.'s Pets of Bel Air, and, reports Us Weekly, picked up a miniscule "tea-cup apple head Chihuahua" (not making that up) for $3,200. Of course, as Us points out, she's had three other Chihuahuas before – Lucky, Lacy, and Bit-Bit – but they've all either bit-bitten the dust -- or K-Fed shoved them in his pockets on the way out the door. The latest yap-dog's name? Snow White, at least for now.

Meanwhile, Brit surprised a homeless man at La Cienega Boulevard and Third Street the other day, says Us, when she rolled down her window and handed him $300 in cash. "Good luck and happy new year," she cried, magnanimously.

Katie Spurns "Girls Gone Wild," Courts Playboy

Former Miss Nevada Katie Rees isn't done giving it up for the cameras – and this time she might be baring it all for Playboy. Page Six reports that Rees turned down "Girls Gone Wild's" Joe Francis, who had offered her $25,000 (and $2 per video sold) to host a special and shoot a video. Now she's in talks with Playboy to do a spread (though the mag's people had no comment). Rees is definitely cashing in on her 15 minutes – TMZ showed you her shoot with a Las Vegas magazine yesterday, and she also agreed to host a gig at the Hard Rock Hotel in Sin City for $10,000 for one night. Wonder if Tara Conner's wishing she'd got canned after all?

Rosie and Trump May Love Each Other Yet

Way back before her nuclear conflict with Donald Trump, Rosie O'Donnell had another, arguably fiercer enemy – Howard Stern. The pair jousted lustily all through the Nineties, but Rosie has talked on "The View" about making up with Stern and now, on her blog at, she shows her admiration for the shock jock, and, in particular, his recent $83 million bonus. In her minimalist style, Ro shouts out to Howard – "a business man/artist/leader, impressive ... mr stern/ bravo."

Party Favors: TomKat Terrifed of Abduction ... Heather Locklear Loves (Yes) Rockers ... Michael Wolf Ousted as MTV Prez

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes fear that their daughter Suri is a target for kidnappers, says Star. At their wedding, the couple were spotted in Rome with no less than eight bodyguards around them and 200 at the ceremony. No word on whether that feared abduction would be by humans or extraterrestrials ... Bad news for David Spade: Heather Locklear has professed her love for rockers. The former wife of Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora admitted, says People, that she likes the bad boys. What's more, she's officially "single." ... MTV President and Chief Operating Officer Michael Wolf, a former McKinsey consultant who was brought in by former chairman Tom Freston, is out of a job after just 15 months.

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No Avatar


WOW, I'm impressed with Brit....Nice thing to do, wish I was that homeless person, but being homeless is definitly not something for anyone to wish on.

Good going Brit's....I'm actually impressed with your good nature.

2808 days ago


Humans or extraterrestrials LMAO!

2808 days ago


...brit brit should have given that $300 to a soup-kitchen. magnanimous, indeed...

2808 days ago


Very, very kind of Britney. You don't see that often. Homeless people go to soup kitchens on a daily basis, or there are food lines (but for one meal only) so this was a way for this person to get some clothes or get another meal.
Britney still has Lacey (i believe) and Kevin made her give Bit Bit to a good home. Leave the girl alone. Can't she live her life?! Your sarcastic tone is old and hey TMZ when was the last time you helped the homeless?

2808 days ago


Britney is getting another dog to neglect? Not the sharpest knife in the drawer that Brit. They shouldn't let her buy anymore pets or breed. Not only is child services been at her house but she'll have PETA at her door as well.

2808 days ago


Snow White?? This chick lives in LA LA land. She is prolly gonna go koo koo like M. J.

2808 days ago


Number #1 it is not THAT impressive. 300 dollars to Britney is like 25 cents. Nice of her Yes! Impressive NO.

2808 days ago


have you seen her website with all the uncensored pics? check out and dig deep... the pics are there! this girl is such a freak!

2808 days ago


And I bet she'll be seen spending more time with that dog than she spends with her kids. Personally I think Brit should focus on caring for the human children she already has instead of a puppy. But that's just me.

2808 days ago


i just cannot read any more of these comments you all make from your computers about Britney. It's a free for all.
You all have your high and might opinion - you all know exactly how she should spend her money, live her life, what she should wear ... no wonder she rebels and does what she wants to. She couldn't live her life otherwise.
Her Mother and sister are in town, the children are not alone, and if she's not performing (which is open for any judgement) then she should be able to live her life without everyone getting on her back.

2808 days ago


I bet k-fag will be upset that he has been replaced with another guy that Britney can throw bread crumbs to!

2808 days ago


Britney can't take take care of herself let alone 2 children,
God help them, and the animals. Her HELP takes care of the kids and
the pets.

2808 days ago


She got the dog to watch after her kids.

2808 days ago

Peter Coffin    

It's like sometimes she has a brain but it doesn't work. The other times, it's like she doesnt' have one.

2808 days ago


Brittany looks tired in that pic-her eyes are all red.

2808 days ago
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