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Screech Eats His Words on Sex Tape

1/12/2007 1:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comThe release of the Screech sex tape was no accident.

Dustin Diamond previously shot down TMZ's report that he was involved in the release of his infamous sex tape, but now admits to Details magazine that he was in on it from it the start.

He explains in the interview that someone was threatening to let the tape loose, so he called up Red Light District and struck up a deal with them to beat the "sleaze guy" to the punch and make some money. "We backdoored them," he says ... bringing back all those icky "Dirty Sanchez" memories. Thanks a lot.

So much for Screech's public war of words with David Hans Schmidt.

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Jared from Subway    

What a douchebag. Goodbye forever, Screech.

2841 days ago


No Surprise about that one. Who wants to see his weak Azzzzzzzz anyway???

2841 days ago


What's a dirty sanchez?

2841 days ago

West Ham    

Public war of PR.

Anyway, don't spend all your money this time.

2841 days ago


Jenn: Trust me, you don't want to know what a dirty sanchez is. If you really insist, just Google it. Have a barf bag handy when you do.

As for my Screech.....your career is forever in the crapper. (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

2841 days ago


2841 days ago

Dr Gruv    

yes... screech is not the same nerd he use to protray on save by the bell
he has now become a disgusting wacko who decides to publish a flick that he starred in only to beat another wacko to the punch & make alittle $??

what a slimeball... why would he do that when he could have sued that wacko for what he was about to do and made even more $...jackass

2841 days ago


I am dismayed that this sex taping business is a forum for people (those totally nobody celebs that are so far down the list of celebrity that they do not even deserve a letter status like d-list) to make money. OBVIOUSLY he was in on it. This is from a loser who was asking other people to pay his mortgage. This uber-loser needs to find a job and pay his own way, hey, my car needs washing Screech.... He is a sick sick megalomaniac who deserves his own donkey punch. I hope he makes not a dime. He should wake up one day to the realization that we all know even geek celebs get laid, it does not redeem them, they are just lucky geek celebs and we see right through it. I admit to viewing the Tommy/Pam video, but who wants to see screech ever again, much less getting it on with skanks they would even kick out of the off-off-vegas strip? I am so hoping this boy ends up serving me my Grand Slam someday soon so I can undertip and laugh my @$$ off.

2841 days ago



2839 days ago

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