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What's Posh Gonna Do?

1/12/2007 2:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beckham is coming to L.A. to play soccer ... but what the hell is Posh going to do here?

The soccer stud was on "Good Morning America" today and revealed that the Mrs. probably won't be pounding the pavement for acting gigs when she arrives in Hollywood. "Spice World" pretty much put the Posh kibosh on that.

"Victoria's happy doing what she's doing at the moment," said Becks, "She's got her own fashion line... the perfume ... there will be plenty of other opportunities for her." Like getting turned away from Hyde!

The hunky footballer also said that when it comes to spending his colossal new paycheck, Posh has the spending power, saying, "My wife controls that side." Look for Victoria and pal Katie Holmes to be doing some damage on Rodeo Drive this summer.


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Posh makes me sick nasty nasty!!

2848 days ago


Brad Pitt's got nothing on this guy. He is hot.

2848 days ago


What? No pre-nup?

2848 days ago


I've been reading TMZ blog for a few days now. I don't know, I found the blogger trying to be so hard to be funny all the time. But I just can't laught for some reason. It's just doesn't have the sophistication of other blog sites that always make me laugh. Too bad because TMZ always have some amazing photos. They just don't have a good blogger that has a good sense of humor. :(

2848 days ago


I LOVE SOCCER ALREADY! You watch, he'll make soccer as big as football around here. . .

2848 days ago


Posh can kiss my ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

2848 days ago


He is a extremely attractive guy. He has a youthful look about him.

2848 days ago

Mad Balls    

1. Make sure to reserve a toilet at the best 5 star restaurants -it can get busy with all the heads in them .
2. Try to find the best fashion stores and ignore them
3. Nothing is more Fifties Sci-fi horror zombie than a woman who does'nt smile --keep it up !
4. Please "Flash the Beaver " as much as possible
5. Driving the Wrong way on freeways is a way of life in LA
6. Try driving on the wrong side of the road -- when stopped by police say-- I'M BRITISH !!
7. Nothin' better than ignoring your kids and falling down drunk !
8. Start a feud with Abe Vigoda -- Just for the hell of it !
9. Buy a book of skinny jokes -- then you can say " I heard that one " !
10 . Sing again ! Always more room for tone deaf , two note Superstars !!

2848 days ago

the wise old owl    

THAT'S JUST GREAT ! While Posh and Katie are out spending their husbands $$. They will be out " spending time with their significant others ". Tom will be with his boyfirend. And Beckam will be out getting laid by his choice of over zealous fans. Truly a match " made in heaven ".............Ha ha.......let the games begin.

2848 days ago


maybe she should be on the surreal life to make her famous from her own actions. Sorry spice girl, but that was ten years ago; when you "rocked" HAHA the stage.

Whatever she does don't care . . .

2848 days ago

no pervs allowed    

Once I kick her bony azz put of the bedroom after taking her money for services rendered that her husband does not give her, she can go back home to England. We have enough underweight, snobby, self-centered, wannbe pop stars, who do nothing but spend (waste) unearned money posing for the paparzzi here in the states. Bye Bye, don't let the Staue of Liberty hit you on the azz as you leave.

2848 days ago


LOL at kevinbgood621 you nailed it brother!!!

2848 days ago

diana toutjian    

I have never seen Posh crack a smile - no grace, no warmth, no giving back to the community,
her vibe seems to be "i am venus de milo come to life"
she seems to be a actual clothes hangar, of the wooden kind - too bad for all her "blessings" in life....she could use her platform to do good.

2848 days ago


I'm looking forward to celebrity gossips and scandal of 2007!
Thanx Posh & Becks for adding some spice to what's!

2848 days ago


How much money is he being paid? That's one pair of very expensive British rejects.

2848 days ago
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