What's Posh Gonna Do?

1/12/2007 2:35 PM PST

What's Posh Gonna Do?

Beckham is coming to L.A. to play soccer ... but what the hell is Posh going to do here?

The soccer stud was on "Good Morning America" today and revealed that the Mrs. probably won't be pounding the pavement for acting gigs when she arrives in Hollywood. "Spice World" pretty much put the Posh kibosh on that.

"Victoria's happy doing what she's doing at the moment," said Becks, "She's got her own fashion line... the perfume ... there will be plenty of other opportunities for her." Like getting turned away from Hyde!

The hunky footballer also said that when it comes to spending his colossal new paycheck, Posh has the spending power, saying, "My wife controls that side." Look for Victoria and pal Katie Holmes to be doing some damage on Rodeo Drive this summer.