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Another Beauty Queen

Bites the Dust

1/15/2007 2:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ashley HarderIt has not been a good year for beauty queens. First, reigning Miss USA Tara Conner got called to The Donald's office and sent to rehab for a few "indiscretions," then Miss Nevada Katie Rees' crown was yanked after steamy photos of her surfaced on TMZ. Now Miss New Jersey Ashley Harder has resigned from her throne -- because she went and got herself knocked up!

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that the 20-year-old Harder has voluntarily stepped down, because it's against pageant rules to compete while pregnant. Not to mention how much tougher it is in heels. Harder, who was crowned in October, told the newspaper she's expecting her child in "late summer" and plans to marry her live-in boyfriend. As for Trump, a rep tells TMZ that he wishes the now former Miss New Jersey well.

The next Miss USA will be crowned on March 23 in Los Angeles. The winner of that competition goes on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. Both pageants are owned by Donald Trump and NBC.


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she should have known better but at least she's not fucked in the head like those other two bitches.

2787 days ago


Pageant Princess,

You know SHIT! Miss America has sagging breasts and is a mediocre ballet dancer. The pageant is seen on CMT, a station no one will be watching. The pageant USED to be big. Now it's just a BIG NOTHING.

2787 days ago



U just said that Jennifer Berry was beautiful now she has no talent has sagging breast and Miss America Pageant Suck cuz its on CMT?


What are you talking about really sweetie.

You are a 100% first class idiot!

This conversation is over cuz you are confusing your self.

Bye Jackass.


2787 days ago

Mary Worth    

I can envision some girl who has no intention of honoring her title, going for a Miss Something or Other, because she will get so much free publicity. It's worked for Miss Nevada, who probably wouldn't even be a blip on the pageant radar, otherwise!

Jennifer Berry is a very intelligent young lady! She has to be, because of the many tight situations in which a Miss America finds herself . She meets with the elites, as well as the working class. She has to handle herself well, and know exactly what to say. No wonder these young women need a lot of pageant experience. It's all training for their larger goals in life!

2786 days ago


Pageant Princess,

Who the hell cares how you spell her name? She's Miss America for 13 more days. Nobody cares. Her talent was mediocre, her boobs practically hit the floor, and she looked bored to tears the last few months of her reign. Miss America is not what it once was. Don't be an idiot. JENNIFER BERRY is not half as pretty at Tara Connor.

2786 days ago

Mad Balls    

With all these skank-O-magical chicks ready to polish . the Don 's , knob one wonders why he even dates his daughter . OH i heard that wrong ? Dickheads . Sleeping your way to the top is so important in things like cheerleading , pagents and dog shows ...get over it ! You want Fame or a skank or a college degree ?Dickheads .

2786 days ago

Hello Kitty    

I wonder how many of the runner ups are pulling their hair out, because there seems to be so many crack pots that made it through.

All that work and she can't buy a box of condoms.

2786 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Dear Ms Nevada:
You got the female version of Gene Simmons tongue.
You could lick me from under my hairy balsack to my itchy starfish!

2786 days ago



You are completely stupid.

GOD wasted a life on you Jackass!

2786 days ago


Pageant Princess,

I doubt the only title you ever won was MISS FART FACE 2006. You ugly piece of slub meat. Now go fart some more once you get your wide ass out the front door to buy some milk for your ugly cat.

2786 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

This photo of Miss Nevada looks like Satan's minion. Nasty.
She needs Bible camp or something, and I"M Shallow Hal...
Kiddies, be careful what you commit to celluloid before you're, say, 30 yrs old...

2786 days ago


Pageant princess,

what titles have you held, and DO NOT LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2786 days ago


You guys can't be serious, a slut? From what I can tell, she's been with her boyfriend (now fiancee) for a long time, and really at least she's stepping down gracefully instead of kicking and screaming as the crown is dragged away from her.

2784 days ago
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